✨How to look more feminine in the face? 6 clever tips you wish you knew!

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Ladies, let’s talk about how to look more feminine in the face! Yup, not just looking pretty but look womanly with facial features! This topic is quite intriguing to me and I’ve done some research regarding this topic. It’s surprising to know there are countless factors that determine how feminine our face is going to look. Despite the bone structures that we can’t change, we can always look more womanly with our faces with some makeup tips and tricks! If you are ready, here are 6 tips on how to look more feminine in the face. Enjoy loves!


How to look more feminine in the face with fixing eyebrows

While guys have thicker and straight eyebrows with a brow ridge that creates deeper shadows, women tend to have thinner and arched eyebrows. So, here are some of the simple ways to achieve a pair of feminine eyebrows.

  • Trim your eyebrows regularly
  • Use a white eyeliner pencil or any highlighter to highlight the arches of your eyebrows
  • Create softer eyebrows look by using more eyebrow powder instead of the eyebrow pencils so as to avoid sharp lines
  • Dye your eyebrows for a more gentle look

These are the rules in general but always work according to your own face! If you have a prominent nose or black hair, dark eyebrows will suit you more as this can give the whole face a more united look. So ladies, feel free to explore yourself and find the sweet spot!


If I can only do makeup on just one feature, doubtlessly I will do my eyes! When it comes to eye makeup products, have you realized that they all trying to exaggerate your eyes feature like cartoon eyes? The eyeliner, the eyelashes curler, the glittering eyeshadows, they all help you to draw people’s attention to eyes. So yes, eye makeup is really effective to make your face look feminine instantly! Here are some basic ways to do it:

  • Draw winged eyeliner
  • Curl your eyelashes and apply an appropriate amount of mascara (Please don’t overdo it)
  • Apply a small amount of mascara on lower eyelashes to achieve a more innocent look (optional)
  • Opt for dark brown mascara instead (I feel like no one talks about it…)
  • Apply natural eyeshadow to make your eyes look more pop up
How to look more feminine in the face with applying eyeliners

While drawing eyeliner is a great hack, I don’t recommend drawing the inner eyeliners as this makes eyes appear to look smaller. Added to this, if you want to attain a cute look, the simple eyeliner like the left photo above is more than enough. However, if you want to look more feminine, winged eyeliner is always the best choice! It creates almost an almond eye shape, which is the opposite of most men’s eyes.

In fact, the power of eye makeup is not just by highlighting your eyes. If you have a more masculine jawline, it can help to shift people’s attention from the face lining to the eyes. With the bigger eyes, it makes your face looks smaller by proportion as well. If you are asking me how to make your face more feminine naturally without makeup, simply just curl your eyelashes!


While men have a longer, squarer chin, women usually have a round jawline. While we can’t change our jawline (unless you want to go through surgery), we can always use easy easy contouring to soften our face lines and get a more feminine jawline!

How to look more feminine in the face with contouring

In the picture above, you can see we always apply bronze to the hair line and jawline so as the minimise the squareness of cheeks and face overall. In the meantime, we also want to shift people’s attention to jawline to the areas like forehead and chin!

If you want to level up your contouring game, you can always use an eyebrow pencil to fill and smoothen the hairline. As a girl with thin hair, this hack work wonders for me and I feel like my face line looks smoother. Try it!


Well, you don’t need a lip injection to achieve a plumper lip. No matter how big or small your lip is, it has its beauty already. By still, if you want to enhance the femininity, here are some stupid easy tricks.

  • Draw the lip liner for a more divine and plumper lip shape
  • Apply naturally red/ pink lipstick
  • Add a little bit of highlight on the center of the lips
  • Coat your lips with a thin layer of lip gloss

I know there are countless DIY ways to make your lips look plumper on youtube. So some tips actually can hurt if you aren’t doing it in the right way so I rather not recommend them here. To me, I do think drawing a slightly bigger lip shape is more than enough to highlight the feature! After all, less is more.


Ladies, your hairstyle MATTERS.

If you have feminine face features but somehow don’t look feminine, probably your hair is too masculine and this balances out the femininity in your face. While technically you can look feminine in both short and long hair, if you have a more square jawline, long hair can really hide the lining a lot!

Here are some hairstyle suggestions for different face shape:

  • Oval Shape: Basically everything!
  • Square Shape: Long waves hair and avoid jaw-length bob
  • Round Shape: Long hair with side parts and avoid bangs
  • Long Shape: Long voluminous curls with bangs and avoid sleek ponytail
  • Heart Shape: Curly/straight long hair and avoid Pixie cuts

With the right hairstyle, it can smoothen your face line and make your face looks more womanly! Like a round face girl, I feel like I am a totally different person when I don’t do the bangs anymore – I feel alive!

By the way, if you are interested in how to look classy in short hair, you will love this article!


Instead of hide both sides of the jaw with long hair, magically, it looks better when you show one side of your neckline! By tucking one side of the hair behind the ears, your face looks naturally smaller visually as the neckline draw people’s attention. This also explain why we always looks slimmer when we wear off shoulder dress than a round neck top.

On top of that, the neckline is one of the most feminine spots among our body curves so it’s also flattering to show our neckline. It’s a bit sexy but in a very modest and classy way, love it!


Last but not least, let’s not forget our canva – the skin!

Men tend to have a rougher and drier skin with less trimming, that’s why a smooth moisturising skin is always feminine to look at. Face skincare is a board topic, without diving too deep, here are some basic simple tricks!

  • Wear sunscreen every day (Even it’s a rainy or a cloudy day) to prevent wrinkles and more skin problems
  • Clean and moisturize your skin daily
  • Do deep cleaning once or twice a month
  • Eat less junk food and oily food to prevent acne (You are what you eat)

A good skin condition not only shows our femininity but also reflects how healthy we are, trust me, people can really tell are you putting your life together just by how you take care of your appearance and body!


For eyebrows:

  • Benefit High Brow Glow Pencil ( Many girls are using this brand so I’m not gonna introduce it, but really, I LOVE the darling champagne-pink shade)
  • Eyebrow / Facial Razor ( I’ve tried few pricy brands but I just think the $4.99 one already work wonders for me)

For eyes:

  • Dark brown mascara always better than black ( For girls who wanna look good but without looking trying too hard)
  • White eyeliner for the corner for the lower lid (For girls who wanna look slightly innocent)

For lips:

  • Natural Lips Enhancer ($9) (You’ll pleasantly surprised with this little tool, but as a disclaimer, I don’t use it every day, I will use it before the first date lmao)

For skins:

Sorry, not gonna recommend anything as the products that work for me may not work for you. But in general, I’ll always prefer organic products x

For sexual attraction:

  • Pheromone perfume – for magnificent sexual scent (Don’t judge ladies, I just wanna share what ACTUALLY works. Tried out few brands but this one works best)

I hope you girls will appreciate my brutally honest tool list! Feel free to save this article or pin for later read.


So here are the 6 main ways when it comes to how to look more feminine in the face naturally! Let’s have a quick recap:

  • Opt for thinner arched eyebrows
  • Exaggerating the features of eyes
  • Contour your face to soften the lining of your face
  • Do a plumper, rounder lip
  • Always show your neckline
  • Maintain a smooth and moisturizing skin

What do you think about these tips? I hope you find these helpful! When I was young, I always wondering why women looks “prettier” after makeup but now I finally understand, all these makeup and beauty hacks are helping us to enhance our feminine face structure! It’s really intriguing to me and I hope so do you!

But anyways, ladies, whether you have a square face or round face, small eyes, or big eyes, we are all perfect imperfections. Of course, there’s nothing wrong to keep bettering ourselves. But we always have to realize: We are all beautiful in our own ways! (Virtual Hug)

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Q&A Time!

How to get a feminine jawline?

While you can’t change your bone structure of your jawline, here are some natural ways to minimize the squareness of the jawline to attain a round feminine jawline.

1. Practice face yoga to prevent saggy face and firm your skin, this can make your jawline looks more defined.
2. Contour the jawline
3. Do Facial Guasha to get rid of the extra fluid in the face
4. Do face brushing to keep your jawline firm
5. Wear a V neck shirt instead of a round neck shirt for a smaller jaw and lower face by visual
6. Tuck one side of your hair behind the ears to show your neckline, this helps attract the squareness of the jawline
7. Change your hairstyles to flatters your face line

Can you look feminine with short hair?

Yes, absolutely! Here are some simple ways to enhance your femininity with short hair.

1. Make sure your hair is healthy and glowy
2. Get your hair trimming every month to look polished
3. Style it with womanly accessories and hairstyles
4. Wear dainty jewelry
5. Wear clothes that flatters your short hair cut
6. Wear clothes with low saturation colors
7. Level up your femininity with different textures of clothes


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