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For eyebrows:

  • Benefit High Brow Glow Pencil ( Many girls are using this brand so I’m not gonna introduce it, but really, I LOVE the darling champagne-pink shade)
  • Eyebrow / Facial Razor ( I’ve tried a few pricy brands but I just think the $4.99 one already works wonders for me)

For eyes:

  • Dark brown mascara is always better than black ( For girls who wanna look good but without looking trying too hard)
  • White eyeliner for the corner for the lower lid (For girls who wanna look slightly innocent)

For lips:

  • Natural Lips Enhancer ($9) (You’ll be pleasantly surprised with this little tool, but as a disclaimer, I don’t use it every day, I will use it before the first date lmao)

For skins:

Sorry, not gonna recommend anything like the products that work for me may not work for you. But if you have super dry skin like me, I’d say give this product a go.

For sexual attraction:

  • Pheromone perfume – for magnificent sexual scent (Don’t judge ladies, I just wanna share what ACTUALLY works. Tried out a few brands but this one works best)