[2022] How to fix a muffin top in jeans? 🤯Tip#4 is a wild one indeed!

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Wondering how to fix a muffin top in jeans? You’ve come to the right place!

As an apple shape girl, a muffin top is probably one of the most mildly annoying things ever. While I can hide my belly in an A-line dress effortlessly, wearing jeans is a nightmare: My muffin top just has nowhere to hide!

After countless outfit experiences, I’ve finally concluded 6 Practical tips on how to fix a muffin top in jeans, enjoy!


While it’s brutal but for most of us, we just don’t look the best in our low-rise jeans. Trust me, I’ve tried countless low-rise jeans in my life but every time I look in the mirror…

No, just no.

As the lower belly is usually bigger than the upper belly, the low-rise design is too easy to spill over our love handles.

And guess what, even if you have a flat belly, the low-rise cutting just “creates” a muffin top when you sit down. So always opt for high-rise jeans that safely cover your tummy.


How to fix a muffin top in jeans?

This tip is nothing fancy but you know what, many people still failed to buy the fitted jeans, especially ladies!

Most of the time, while we logically know Size M jeans will make us feel much more comfortable around the hips and thigh area, we just “somehow” buy the size S jeans and confidently hold the faith that we will shed the extra pounds away.

Yes I know it sounds crazy but some of the ladies (aka me) do think in this way.

Sometimes we are so rigid that we limit ourselves to a certain size and refuse to size up even the jeans are obviously too tight. As a result, of course, that will make your muffin top more obvious!

This is nothing classy to wear a jean that will squeeze your belly all the time. So ladies, I know it’s hard but now it’s time to wear fitted jeans!


Texture and fabrics matter. Always avoid thin, elastic fabric like stretch cotton and milliskin.

These clingy fabrics tend to stretch across our belly area and make your muffin top appear to look even bigger.

As a perfect alternative, think high quality thick, non-stretchy fabric like twill and thick cotton.

Instead of forming shape around your belly and squeezing the love handle out, they are thick enough to “suppress” our belly fat and help us contour our waistline. If I have to describe, the thick fabric is like a jean version of shapewear!

Compare the traditional denim jeans, the texture of legging jeans tends to be thinner so you may want to avoid that.

But of course, there are some really good pairs out there as well, so always try the jeans out instead of buying them online!


If you have an apple shape body figure like me, you will realize how hard to buy fitted jeans. When it fits your waist, the trouser legs are too wide and vice versa.

So most of the time, we end up buying a pair of jeans that flatter our leg but suffocates our belly.

If you are experiencing this, you should consider replacing a jeans waistband with an elastic waistband. To my surprise, it’s actually not that hard to do if you have a sewing machine.

But I do suggest leaving this to the tailor, that won’t cause you that much! It’s not the easiest thing to do but waistband replacing can literally avoid all the daunting experiences when you put your jeans on!

Consider how often we wear a pair of jean and how long we wear it, I am confident to say this is the best investment that makes your life easier!

Alternative way:

If you are too lazy to replace your waistband, you can buy maternity jeans. I know it sounds wild but the fact is no one actually notices about that if you wear a long top!

I’ve come across a lady who isn’t pregnant but wearing maternity jeans and I thought these are normal chic jeans. Well, sometimes we do have to think out of the box!


Despite choosing the nice jeans, let’s not forget our tops play a major role in covering our muffin top as well. But the question is, which top should we choose?

My all-time favorite is always the peplum top, not only it’s classy and elegant to wear, with its design, it can completely hide the whole love handle area and even create a high waistline on top of that.

I don’t know about you but whenever I want to fake a hot body, a peplum top is my ultimate mood booster!


how to fix a muffin top in jeans

Sorry to disappoint you girls, I am definitely the Amazon girl more than the Net-a-porter girl so I always prefer cute but affordable pieces. After searching hours for good reviews, the above three is the one I recommended!

1. Mesh Long Sleeve Slim Fit Peplum Blouse

Amazon review rating: 4.2/5

One of the reviews from K.Lawson:

“This shirt is FABULOUS! I love this vendor as the clothing never disappoints. I am 5’9 and 150lbs, small bust, and ordered a small it fits beautifully. Definitely looks like a high-quality shirt, has beautiful stitching, and is very well made. Peplums are my jam and this one looks like a million bucks! Get it!”

I bought this one too and now it’s one of my dating outfits! It’s kinda sexy in a classy way. And the best part is I don’t have to suck my tummy for dinner!

2. Womens Button Down Blouses

Amazon review rating: 4.2/ 5

One of the reviews from Louise Lane:

“I bought this in black and loved it so much I ordered red and royal blue! It’s a great blouse for work, the tie is adjustable, not prone to wrinkles and I don’t need to wear an undershirt at all! Will be cute in fall too layered with a cardigan!

I’m 5’4” and ordered larges but I think I could also do a medium because the shirt is very wide and you tie it to fit your waist!”

Who says working blouses can’t be body flattering? Well, definitely not this one.

3. Floral Belt Tie Wrap Peplum top (For plus size bae only!)

Amazon review rating: 4.9/ 5

Reviews from Abby M:

“I cannot express how much I adore this shirt. I have a squishy mom tummy and this is still so flattering on my body. Instant confidence boost, and super comfortable. I am 5’6”, 228lb, and 38C cup. The 1X fits perfectly in every area. I will definitely be buying more colors!.

Me: When I see “Big V-neck” and “Peplum design”, I know that will serve my body right!

Update: Someone just told me some of the sizes are sold out now. But I guess that’s a good sign that this top is well made! Save it for wishlist perhaps!

Other tops that cover the muffin top:

  • Belted top
  • Tunic top
  • Any tops that are not clingy to the body

Tops to avoid:

  • Shirred ruffled (That will be a complete disaster if you have belly)
  • Any tight tops
  • Tops with too much ruffles (That will draw people eyes horizontally)


Last but not least, shapewear is our magic tool. While some people may think that shapewear is not comfy to wear (I used to think in that way too), clearly time has changed.

There are different types of shapewear in the market with different lengths and styles so you can always find that one which flatters your curve.

I do think shapewear is a must-have for every women’s wardrobe, it’s surprisingly useful and versatile! I do wear my high-rise shapewear when I wear white jeans, not only this can hide my belly seamlessly, it also corrects and posture and uplifts my hipline a little bit.

It may sound weird but I always feel confident and good to wear shapewear in jeans or other tight dresses!

Again, always opt for the high-waisted one so we don’t show our muffin tops on. I’ve tried a few of the shapewear and so far this one from SPANX is the best!


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The fact is, you don’t know what you don’t know.


I hope I’ve covered all the possible ways to hide our belly fat in jeans! You can tell I am really serious about this topic when I even mention maternity jeans.

So now, you don’t have any excuses to feel bad about yourselves in jeans anymore! Let’s have a quick recap on how to fix the muffin top in jeans.

  • Wear high rise jeans to alleviate the muffin top
  • Wear fitted jeans that hugs your curves
  • Wear jeans with a thick, non-stretchy fabric
  • Replace a jean’s waistband
  • Wear Peplum Top to cover your muffin top
  • Wear shapewear to contour the belly fat

As a pear-shaped girl, muffin top has bothered me for a really long time and I’ve tried to avoid pants during my teenage time. I just don’t feel secure and confident about the belly fat and I feel like I am only limited to a certain type of clothing like an A-line long dress.

But once, I saw my friend sit down and she has the muffin top too! I can’t remember how shocked am I cause my friend is really slim.

It takes me a while to realize muffin top is not much of a big deal and it’s just a natural thing that we can try to embrace! With or without these tips, I hope you can still wear your jeans with confidence and love.

By the way, if you are interested in jean styling and classy outfit tips, you may also be interested in these articles! See you there!

Enjoy my loves!

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