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*2023*How to fix a muffin top in jeans? đŸ€Ż Tip#10 is a wild one indeed!

*2023*How to fix a muffin top in jeans? 🤯 Tip#10 is a wild one indeed!

Wondering how to fix a muffin top in jeans? You’ve come to the right place!

As an apple-shaped girl, a muffin top is probably one of the most mildly annoying things ever.

While I can hide my belly in an A-line dress effortlessly, wearing jeans is a nightmare: My muffin top just has nowhere to hide!

After countless wild experiences, I’ve finally concluded 11 Practical tips on how to fix a muffin top in jeans, enjoy!

The last one is stupidly easy & with video illustration – stay tuned!


The truth is, we are all perfect imperfections.

You want to learn these outfit hacks ONLY if you feel like it but are not pressured by others. Remember, we never have the need to “fix” our bodies!

And ladies, before reading the tips, please help to pin the pin below ♥

Believe it or not, the spread of this muffin top picture can truly normalize women’s bodies – especially in the world where those Instagram models are looking like an hourglass doll 24/7.

You don’t have to be pretty like HER, you can be pretty like YOU.

how to hide muffin top with jeans
THANK YOU for taking part in this body positivity little act!


While it’s brutal, for most of us, we just don’t look the best in our low-rise jeans.

Trust me, I’ve tried countless low-rise jeans in my life but every time I look in the mirror…

No, just no.

high rise jeans show muffin top
Source: Pinterest

As the lower belly is usually bigger than the upper belly, the low-rise design is too easy to spill over our love handles.

And guess what, even if you have a flat belly, the low-rise cutting just “creates” a muffin top when you sit down.

So always opt for high-rise jeans that safely cover your tummy.

how to fix a muffin top in jeans
Get these gorgeous high-waist bootcuts on Amazon (two different shades)


This tip is nothing fancy but you know what, many people still fail to buy fitted jeans, especially us ladies!

Most of the time, while we logically know Size M jeans will make us feel much more comfortable around the hips and thigh area, we just “somehow” buy size S jeans

… and confidently hold the faith that we will shed the extra pounds away.

Yes I know it sounds crazy but some of the ladies (aka me) do think in this way.

Sometimes we are so rigid that we limit ourselves to a certain size and refuse to size up even though the jeans are obviously too tight.

At the end of the day, that will make your muffin top way more obvious!

This is nothing classy to wear a pair of jeans that will squeeze your belly all the time.

So ladies, I know it’s hard but this year, SURRENDER to the right size.

3. How to tell if the jeans REALLY fit

I actually added this new point as I received a few emails asking me how to tell whether the jeans really fit or not.

A lady said to me – that it’s not that she intentionally wants to size down, but she simply doesn’t know how tight is “too tight”.

I get it, the confusion can be real especially when you are trying on skinny jeans. Sometimes it even feels like it is normal to be that tight.

But hey girls, here’s the indicator:

If you are seeing the “smiling line”, those jeans are probably TOO tight and you have to size up.

Below is an example:

how to tell if jeans fit
Source: Pinterest

If you are seeing these major draglines across the front crotch area, guess what, they are probably those evil jeans squeezing your muffin top as well.

Don’t buy it.

According to Revelle Blog, there are other useful ways to test the jeans!

A. Finger test

If you can fit two fingers between the front waistline and your belly area, that’s a good sign!

  • More than two fingers = too big
  • One finger = too tight

B. Take a seat to test the crotch area

If that’s uncomfortable, think again.

This is so random… BUT

hey ladies, why not quickly do an affirmation and feel instantly better?

This new year, I’m trying not only to share fashion tips but come up with ways to instill body positivity in all women who are reading my articles – aka YOU!

Instead of just reading it, say it loud or murmur the quotes (if you are in public) to maximize the effect.

Ready? Here we go.

I love my body. She is my forever home and sanctuary.

Sassy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude.

Work out because I love my body – not because I hate it.

I can love myself and change my body at the same time. No guilt about that.

It is completely normal to have tummy rolls. I come to realize that social media isn’t showing the reality… at all.

My happiest moments in life had nothing to do with the way my body looked.

I don’t have to be pretty like her, I can be pretty like …ME.

I AM perfect imperfection.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that makes you feel better (as you deserved).

Please help me pass the body positivity message in your community. #womenhelpwomen

Alright, now keep on reading!


Texture and fabrics matter.

Always avoid thin, elastic fabric like cotton and milliskin.

These clingy fabrics tend to stretch across our belly area and make your muffin top appear to look even bigger.

This stretchy legging above is so comfy and flexible to wear, but you better pair it with a long tunic top!

And no sis, even dark blue leggings can still show the lower belly pouch.

Source: VERY

As a perfect alternative, think of high-quality quality thick, non-stretchy fabric like twill and thick cotton.

Instead of forming shape around your belly and squeezing the love handle out, they are thick enough to “suppress” our belly fat and help us contour our waistline.

Compared the traditional denim jeans, the texture of legging jeans tends to be thinner so you may want to avoid that.

Trust me, the thick jeans just hug and flatter your midsection in a much better way.

thick jeans hide muffin top
Source: The mom edit

How to identify how stretchy the jeans are?

If you are doing online shopping, make sure you check the product description and check the material.

For stretchy jeans/jeggings, the material content should be something like this:

 47% Cotton, 39% Polyester, 15% Elastane

For sturdy jeans (Take this Levis’s jeans as an example), the material content is:

69% Cotton, 23% Polyester, 7% Viscose, 1% Elastane


The lower percent of polyester and elastane, the more structured the jeans are.


The classic straight-leg sturdy jean is the go-to in every French women’s closet. If you are aware, they seldom wear jeggings!


If you have an apple-shaped shape body figure like me, you will realize how hard to buy fitted jeans.

When it fits your waist, the trouser legs are too wide, and vice versa.

So most of the time, we end up buying a pair of jeans that flatter our legs but suffocate our bellies.

If you are experiencing this, you should consider replacing a jeans waistband with an elastic waistband.

To my surprise, it’s so easy to do!

But I do suggest leaving this to the tailor, that won’t cause you that much!

It’s not the easiest thing to do but waistband replace literally avoids all the daunting experiences when you put your jeans on!

Considering how often we wear a pair of jeans and how long we wear it, I am confident to say this is the best investment that makes your life easier!

6. Create your one-of-a-kind jeans!

how to hide muffin top in jeans

Need I say more?! This idea is dope.

Seriously, whether I have a muffin top or not, I will certainly DIY the jeans like this!!!

Don’t let the waistband define you, re-create your waistband.

*Feeling empowered!*

7. Try Pull on high rise jeans

If you don’t know pull-on jeans, girl you are missing out HUGE.

Instead of doing the annoying zip or buttons, pull-on jeans feature the hidden elastic comfort band to smoothen your curves in the best possible way. 

Need I say more? Shut up and get one pair down below! (Sorry for the tough love sis, seriously, pulling on the high rise is the *life-changer*)

I’m obsessed with their super thick waistband REALLY compress my belly during the festive season. YESS

A MUST READ: *Tip 4 is wild!* How to hide love handles in a tight dress? (The secret why everyone seems so effortless)

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ MY OCT PICKS !! ʕ•̬͡•ʔ

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ysl clutch
This YSL clutch screams the IT girl vibes. The best part? The price is *so forgiving*
pheromone perfume
Obviously, this pheromone perfume (Amazon bestseller) is for the ladies who wanna spice things up (Got you gal!)
black girl dark skin makeup
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ysl mini shoulder bag
Get this YSL mini shoulder bag on Net-A-porter


Despite choosing nice jeans, let’s not forget our tops play a major role in covering our muffin tops as well.

But the question is, which top should we choose?

My all-time favorite is always the peplum top.

Not only it’s classy and elegant to wear, but the design can also completely hide the whole love handle area and even create a high waistline on top of that.

I don’t know about you but whenever I want to fake a hot body, a peplum top is my ultimate mood booster!

Sorry to disappoint you girls, but I am definitely the Amazon girl more than the Net-a-porter girl when it comes to the casual top.

After searching for hours for good reviews, these three are the ones I recommended. Not the average peplum top!

My other favorite combo – wearing a corset top with jeans. I see them as shapewear with aesthetic design.

how to fix muffin top jeans plus size
Source: Pinterest

Yes girl, feminine and sassy without trying too hard. Seriously try this look!


If you are looking for my slimming picks from tops, pants, and dresses (both regular & plus size babes), check out my budget picks page here! (I am pretty you will enjoy my GODDESS ESSENTIALS picks!)

9. Stylish way to hide the muffin top

If you are here, you probably looking for some stylish way to cover a muffin top besides wearing a tunic shirt right?


stylish way to hide muffin top
Source: Pinterest

Trust me, this tube top and oversized shirt combo are too stylish that no one will ever think your intention is to hide the muffin top.

Not a chance.

Source: Pinterest

For casual days, definitely do a half-tuck rather than a full tuck with the shirt.

Not only does it look effortlessly chic, but it also draws eyes vertically and breaks the horizontal tucking line.

As a result, the muffin top is easily distracted!

Source: Pinterest

More of a “looking taller” tip:

If you want to wear a belt, matching the color of the belt and top in similar shades definitely helps to elongate your figure and look more put together.

10. Hide muffin top in jeans in winter

I mean it, wear the sheer tights under the jeans when the days are chilling out.

Seriously, I do think that’s my secret hack as I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone talking about it!

Alright, so here’s my thinking process:

Not gonna lie, wearing shapewear definitely helps control the muffin top.

But hey, when I am wearing jeans, high chance I don’t have to look super put-together that day.

If I just want a little boost and make extra secure, wearing sheer tights underneath works!

Most of them have a tummy compression design these days – The effect is not as aggressive as shapewear but they do the job!

I still love my not-so-sturdy jeans, so layer them with tights is definitely the best way to go.

11. Fashion hacks for bigger jean waist

No explanation is needed, just watch this short video NOW.

No more squeezing in jeans!


So there you go ladies! The 8 stupid easy yet creative outfit tips if you are wondering how to fix a muffin top in jeans

What are your thoughts on that?

I hope these ideas level up your styling game and now it’s time to implement these tips and FEEL THE BEST!

If you are looking for more slimming tricks, check out my most popular post down below.

See you there loves!


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