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*2023* 12 exact outfits for broad shoulders *All about illusion!*

*2023* 12 exact outfits for broad shoulders *All about illusion!*

Looking for outfits that are ACTUALLY flattering with broad shoulders? You’ve come to the right place!

First thing first, broad shoulders aren’t that bad…at all. 

In “THE Pretty woman” from Julia Robert to the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor to Miss World Halle Berry, all these ladies just prove your broad shoulder can look oh-so-beautiful!

That said, I get it sis. 

While we all know fact that we are all perfectly imperfect, there’s nothing wrong to figure out some ways here and there. 

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with trying to contour the shoulder for a dose of confidence shot!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 12 outfit tips from head to toe (and even hairstyle)! Trust me, all these stupid easy tips DO make a big difference.


1. Low V necklines for broad shoulders

Low V necklines for broad shoulders
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Let’s start with the basics, shall we? If you can only do one thing to make your shoulder appear to be narrower, I’d say pick the right neckline.

Instead of picking a high neckline like a turtleneck and mock neckline that cover everything, the key here is to showcase more of the neck and chest area. 

As a result, the shoulder will appear to be proportionally narrower.

Go experiment with the big V-neck, scoop neck, or any kind of low-neckline top. Believe me, it’s like a whole new world.

2. How to dress with broad shoulders and big arms

How to dress broad shoulders and big arms
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So here’s the biggest myth: I have a broad shoulders so I should stay away from the off-shoulder top.

Well, definitely not ALL the off-shoulder tops!

To look good in this neckline, gravitate towards the baggy, slouchy type instead of the super body-hugging cuts. 

Just like when you are wearing an oversized shirt, you just look petite instantly and the same goes with the shoulder!

After all, the off-shoulder top is so feminine and it can perfectly tone down the masculinity of the broad shoulder!


The off-shoulder top with a puffy sleeve can create the best illusion. Unbeatable.

3. Styling tip to make broad shoulder look smaller

how to make to make broad shoulder look smaller
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For all my broad-shoulder gals, outerwear is your secret weapon. (For real)

Again, don’t go for the one with the thin, drapey fabric that showcases your shoulder explicitly. As the perfect alternative, a structured jacket will serve the best.

To maximize the effect, I’d say drape the jacket over the shoulder. 

Not only does it look effortlessly chic, it just cleverly draws attention away from the shoulder line. 

4. How to feminize broad shoulders?

Winter outfit tips for broad shoulder ladies
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So does that mean I can’t wear my favorite cardigan? Not at all!

Another nice way is to wrap a long sleeve sweater or cardigan over the shoulder. 

This broad-shoulder-approved styling somehow just makes every outfit instantly more thoughtful!

As for my other picks, any kind of poncho or wrap coat works wonders as it naturally creates a big V-line and weighs down your upper body. 

5. When in doubt, add a necklace

wear necklace with broad shoulder
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Speaking of shifting the focus, your accessories help *A LOT*. Think of a classy long-line pearl necklace that spices up any get-up with a dash of elegance.

As a chubby face girl, these types of long necklaces make my face appear to be smaller as well! LOVE.


Not all necklaces work the same way. A dainty short chain or a chocker isn’t really helping here.

6. Asymmetrical neckline dress for broad shoulder

Whether you have broad shoulders or not, a one-shoulder dress is just universally flattering.

Not only the asymmetrical shoulder line looks so high fashion and classy, it just draws eyes vertically and balances out the boldness of the broad shoulder.

Looking for a timeless dress on a budget? Check out my handpick down below!

how to dress broad shoulder

Get this Asymmetrical Bodycon Dress on Amazon

7. Wear patterns to balance out the figure

how to dress up for broad shoulders
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Whether you’re a fashionista or not, patterns are here for you. 

From summery floral to classic plaid, all these prints draw attention and promote a slightly exaggerated effect.

With this in mind, pick patterned pants or dresses that can contour your shoulder in an indirect yet insanely useful way.


8. Add a hat to shift the focus

broad shoulder outfit ideas
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Of course, hats work the same way.

Adding a hat just elongates your body frame as a whole and makes your shoulder look less prominent by comparison.

To boost the effect, bigger hats like a statement straw hat or one with a wider beam work best.

9. Best sleeves for broad shoulders

Fashion comes and goes but oversized fashion is here to stay.

The best part is people just can’t tell you actually have a broad shoulder at all!

It’s all hidden under the structured fabric and cuts.

The same goes for the puffy sleeve tops. If you pick the right design (avoid the super extra one), they can actually work wonders for you. 

10. Best women’s T-shirt for broad shoulder

If you are looking for a failproof, the standard big V-neck or scoop neck tee works.

But for the ladies who want to add an extra style, this one below is such a must-have!

best tshirt for broad shoulder

11. Structured fabric to camouflage wide shoulder

Some good example of thick texture includes tweed, woven, poplin, or any kind of textured fabric.

The last thing you want is wearing a tight thin cotton tee – you have nowhere to hide gal.

12. Hairstyle for broad shoulders

how to feminize broad shoulders
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Last but not least, the ultimate beauty enhancer – is hairstyle. Is that just me but a good hair day makes someone feel Oh-so-fancy even on a blue Monday?

Instead of doing a sleek low bun that put your shoulder in the spotlight, a feminine side-swept wave just softens your upper body.

Again, make your shoulder looks narrower by proportion.


So there you go ladies, the 12 outfit and styling tips for broad shoulders. At the end of the day, it’s all about the right type of clothes and creating smaller shoulder illusions!

I hope these looks get you inspired and now it’s time for you to implement these tips to feel THE BEST!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out my popular articles below. See you there loves!

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