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How to dress if you have a big head? 10 ways to hide a big head instantly - Lady Refines

How to dress if you have a big head? 10 ways to hide a big head instantly

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“I wish I had a small head.” As a girl with a massive head, I just don’t feel pretty in my teenage years because of my head size. It’s not crazy big but compares to my body, it’s proportionally big. This thing has been mildly annoying to me for a long period of time. But luckily, I learn many outfit styling tips and tricks and I realize actually it’s not that hard to hide my big head at all! I am so confident to say no one thinks my head is big except they see me naked. So ladies, here are 10 practical ways on how to dress if you have a big head, enjoy!

1. Wear a light color outfit to adjust your head proportion

As we all know, black and other dark colors make us look slimmer visually. However, wearing a black top will make your head look even bigger by proportion as black will make our upper body look smaller. I can truly tell there’s a difference when I wear a black V neck top and a white V neck top. If white is a bit too bold for you, other light and warm colors like beige, pastel pink, lavender, light yellow can all give you a slight exaggerating effect for your body figure!

Some ladies may be worried about the light color outfit will make them look bulky. Not gonna lie, everyone looks the slimmest in black. However, with the right styling like wearing V neck or choosing the structured thick fabric, light color can be really feminine, flattering, and refreshing too! But of course, this really depends on body figure so you with your heart ladies!

For me, this tips work wonders to my head and I always feel so secure in wearing a nice beige top!

2. Embrace puff sleeve and oversize clothes

How to dress if you have a big head - wear puff sleeve and oversize
Source: NA-KD

When I saw a big head girl like me wearing a super tight black bodycon dress, all I want to do is scream to her “NO!!!”. Okay maybe I am a little bit dramatic but all I want to say is, wearing tight doesn’t serve us at all. Instead, we can embrace puff sleeve and oversize clothes to make our body figure looks slightly bigger to balance things out.

By the way, if you are a girl with a round face, don’t go for the puff sleeve that looks too bulky as it will make your face looks rounder. Instead, wearing the puff sleeve top like the model above is more than enough to improve head size proportion!

3. Opt for V neck and off-shoulder instead of round neck shirt

Another useful heck is wearing a V neck and off-shoulder top instead of the round neck top. In my wardrobe, I just have literally one round neck T-shirt as they just don’t look flattering on me. With the round lining, it makes my neck looks shorter and thus my face appears chubbier. Instead, a V neck shirt helps elongate my neckline and help to shift the attention from the head to neck. And of course, by proportion, the border chest makes my face looks smaller.

If you want to level up your game, off shoulder is a great choice in the summer time. By showing your neckline, not only it looks feminine but it also greatly improves your proportion size of the head. The off-shoulder dress is my ultimate dress as I can look slim and most importantly, with a smaller head in it! If off-shoulder is too bold for some of you, the boat neck top is a classy elegant alternative!

4. Say no to turtleneck or any high neck top

A genuine advise, don’t wear turtleneck or any high neck tops, they are just brutal. With a massive head, it’s so easy for you to get stuck in trying a turtleneck. I am not kidding here as I have some dreadful experience before. Despite that, these tops covering your neck and make your head looks even bigger. Every-time when I wear a turtleneck, instead of looking cool and put together, I feel like I look like a suffocating lady that need immediate rescue.

So ladies, if you don’t have a particular long neck, it’s not a wise choice to wear turtleneck.

5. Wear flared jeans to balance the proportion size of your head

Make my head looks smaller is all about changing our body proportion by illusion. Besides adding some volume to the upper body, another nice way is adding some height so our heads so look smaller visually. Wearing high waisted jean is a good way but an even better way is wearing a high waisted flared jeans. With the design of flared jeans, it makes our legs look slimmer and taller. We can always wear heels, comfy pumps, or ankle boots to add some height under the flared jeans to add few more inches.

Despite flared jeans, any high waisted dress or trousers can improve the proportion of our body too! But of all, flared jeans can really maximize the effect!

6. Wear V line necklaces instead of the chunky one

Now let’s talk about accessories. As we already have a big head, we should always keep our accessories simple to avoid unwanted attention.

When it comes to earrings, large hoop earrings is a big Nono. Instead, simple long line earrings is flattering to us as the straight line can balance the round lining of our head. Let alone it’s really a classy and elegant choice.

For necklaces, always wear the V shape to give your neck a little bit of extension. Chunky round necklaces and choker can look really horrible on us. I do find the long Y necklace flattering and it’s versatile – you can look good in both a plain T-shirt and a little black dress!

7. Wear V neck flats and heels

When it comes to shoes, you guessed it, wearing pointed heels are the most flattering to us. But if you have a thick ankle, you may want to avoid the strap heels as it will make the calves look bigger. Another way is wearing nude heels so the stripes aren’t that obvious.

However, if you aren’t a heel person, flats are also fine. Again, wearing pointed flats instead of the round flats to make your leg looks slimmer and taller.

8. Wear big hats with a brim

How to dress if you have a big head - wear hat with brim

I enjoy wearing big flattering hats a lot as I feel like I have the tiniest head in the world.

Instead of wearing baseball cap and beret, I always opt for the hats with a big brim so it can makes our face looks proportionally smaller. Hats like panama hat, wool floppy hat always look so harmonious with big head and they can easily elevate my whole look with a feminine touch!

For the ladies who really into beret or cap, always size up or consider buying the male’s hat! Wear an unfitted hat can look really ridiculous and people can tell. I have some male caps and I do think they look nicer than the small caps so don’t be shy!

9. Style your hair with highlights and lowlights

These are the tips that I wish I knew sooner and I hope you find it useful too! Instead of dying your hair with just one color, it looks more flattering to add some highlights and lowlights. With a similar shade of the same color, it adds some volume to your hair and creates some shadow and depth naturally. This tip is especially useful for the thin hair girl with a big head, by adding some layer to your hair, it can balance the hugeness of your head!

10. Carry a hairstyle that flatters your big head

Hairstyle matters a lot and here are some tips that you may want to pay attention to:

  • Don’t trim your hair ends too much as this will make people pay more attention to head
  • Long hair always looks better than short hair as it improves the proportion of the head
  • You can always tuck one side of the hair behind the ears to balance things out
  • Small wave hair can always cover our head perfectly
  • Avoid neck length haircut as it will make our head looks bigger like a lollipop
  • Wear V line necklaces instead of the chunky one

There are still countless way hide our big head with hairstyle, feel free to explore and get creative!


So ladies, here are the 10 ways on how to dress if you have a big head!

  • Wear a light color outfit to adjust your head proportion
  • Embrace puff sleeve and oversize clothes
  • Opt for V neck and off-shoulder instead of round neck shirt
  • Say no to turtleneck or any high neck top
  • Wear flared jeans to balance the proportion size of your head
  • Wear V neck flats and heels
  • Wear big hats with a brim
  • Style your hair with highlights and lowlights
  • Carry a hairstyle that flatters your big head

I really hope after reading this, you can feel more hopeful as there are indeed countless ways for us to hide our big head! As ladies, we are lucky enough to have all the outfit hacks, accessories and hairstyles tips available to make our head appears smaller so try your best to utilize it!

For a long period of time, the big head has been one of my biggest insecurity and I just don’t feel feminine and pretty when I look at the mirror. But as I age and now in my mid-20s, I realized basically everyone has their insecurities to deal with and most of them are more serious issues than having a big head! It takes me so much time to realize it’s okay to have flaws, after all, we are all perfect imperfection! :’) !

By the way, if you are interested in styling tips, you may interested in these reads too! See you there!


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