What to wear with cream jeans? 18 combos besides a V neck Tee!

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As much as I love white jeans so much, I just can’t deny how versatile cream jeans can be and I found myself wearing them more than my beloved white jeans these days!

Compared to the cool refined tone of white jeans, cream jeans seem to send more warming and casual vibes.

Best of all, it won’t show cellulite that easily and is less see-through!

So ladies, here are the 6 tips on what to wear with cream jeans, enjoy!

1. Style your cream jeans with floral and pastel colors

While cream goes well with a wide spectrum of colors, I must say it looks fabulous with the floral and pastel colors like baby blue, light yellow, and peach.

As cream color is more of a warm tone, it goes well with the floral colors and makes the whole outfit look refreshing and feminine.

As for the shoes, you can always wear similar colors to your top to make your outfit looks more put together.

If you have chubby cheeks like you, go to V neck top instead of the round neck long to elongate your neckline a little bit more, long line delicate earrings will help in this case too.

Last but not least, if you are wondering should you style cream jeans with floral prints, my answer is YES!

But here’s the reminder, opt for small prints instead of huge prints as prints tend to exaggerate the body figure.

Also, don’t wear the floral prints with high saturation colors like bright red and green, choose the softer earth tone colors instead to pair with your creamy jeans.

If cream jeans aren’t the best timing to style pastel colors, I seriously don’t know when! So ladies, time to style a refreshing elegant spring look!

2. Pair cream jeans for a royal navy vibe in summer

I just find this idea fun and thought I’d love to share with you girls!

I always love the royal navy colors (Blue, white, and red) and it’s always not the easiest thing to style it.

But I just realized with the cream jeans, these colors combination are less overwhelming and actually look great!

I usually wear my blue white striped top with cream jeans, a pair of beige loafers, and a little cute red bag for the royal navy look.

It’s really stylish during summertime and I also feel so good whenever I wear this look!

3. Go monochrome to balance the look & highlight your bag

During winter, we may find the creamy jeans are too soft and gentle for the cold days.

If that’s your concern, wear a monochromic outfit that can make your outfit looks denser instantly and blend in seamlessly during the cold days.

Layering some heavier textures like cashmere and twill, this can balance out the lightness of cream jeans and make your outfit looks more united.

Added to this, wearing monochrome outfits is always great timing to showcase your bag.

With the creamy light color, it simply acts as a plain canvas for your bag. I am not joking here, but most of the time when people asked about my bag, it’s the day that I go monochrome!

So ladies, try to go monochrome with your cream jeans and you will be pleasantly surprised!

4. Wear a puffer coat with tight cream jeans in winter

When I do my research, I realized one of the most googled questions is “How do I look feminine with winter”?

Well, it’s actually not that hard if you remember to change your dark jeans with cream jeans!

On cold days, sometimes we have no way but to wear a puffer big coat to keep ourselves warm.

There’s nothing wrong with a baggy coat for the upper body but it does hide all our body curves and makes us look less feminine.

Well, bright colors like white and cream definitely help! With a pair of cream-tight jeans, this is always powerful enough to set up apart from the crowd.

If you observe on the street, you will realize 90% of people are still wearing black trousers just people they are conditioned to. So ladies, utilize your cream jeans!

Added to this, you can always wear thermal white legging beneath or pair your jeans with long boots to make you stylish yet warm!

5. Wear earth tone colors silk top for a feminine cream jeans look

Despite the floral color, cream jeans work well with earth-tone colors like beige.

My favorite one is wearing a silk or satin top with my cream jeans and that makes me feel so polished and refined.

I’ve tried to pair a silk top with blue jeans but the contrast is a little bit weird and makes the outfit looks really distracting.

However, with a natural elegant color like cream, it just goes well with the beige colors. With a pair of high heels, this is the exact formula to look expensive on a budget. Cream jeans just naturally more dressed up than blue jeans, who agree with that?

For many ladies (including me), wearing a silk top is a bit overwhelming as it just makes your outfit so formal.

But with the causal fabric like denim, cream jeans tame the stiffness of silk and make this a feminine yet relaxing look during the weekend!

6. Pair a slim-cut blazer with cream skinny jeans

If you want to create a smart-casual style, pair a blazer is one of the most effortless ways.

If you want a big contrast, a black blazer is a great choice.

You can always style with a black thin belt to define your waist. If you want a softer sweet girl boss look, a beige or grey blazer works really work with cream jeans.

But always remember to choose the slim-cut blazer that flatters your shoulder line correctly for a defined look. A baggy blazer is a big no-no.

When it comes to color combination, can we talk about how underrated pink is?

I am not talking about shocking pink but the pastel light pink. I’ve once seen a girl wear a pink blazer with cream jeans and beige heels, it’s so stunning!

Pink and white are one of the best combinations and I wish more ladies will try this!

7. Wear an off-shoulder top with creamy flared jeans

What to wear with cream jeans?

This look is extremely flattering in the way that it makes us looks taller and thinner… A LOT!

Many people are too conditioned to wear wide-cut jeans and skinny jeans that they forget how magical flared jeans are.

Whether you have a thick thigh or a thin thigh, I am sure you will look great with that. Flared jeans are a design of jeans that becomes wider from the knees and create a bell-like shape.

That being said, you can hide the thick calf in the jeans and no one knows how long actually is your leg because it will be covered by the jeans.

With a pair of ankle boots inside the wide trouser legs, here you are the model legs! (Trust me I’m not exaggerating, try a flared jeans and you will know why)

If you want to step up your game, wearing an off-shoulder top is a nice pairing.

Showing our neckline and collarbone changes the visual proportion of the face and neck and makes your face looks way smaller.


So ladies, here are the 6 tips on what to wear with cream jeans!

  • Style your cream jeans with floral and pastel colors
  • Pair cream jeans for a royal navy vibe in summer
  • Go monochrome to balance the look & highlight your bag
  • Wear a puffer coat with tight cream jeans in winter
  • Wear earth tone colors silk top for a feminine cream jeans look
  • Pair a slim-cut blazer with cream skinny jeans
  • Wear an off-shoulder top with creamy flared jeans

I hope this article gives you more confidence in wearing cream jeans, it’s actually more versatile and flattering than we thought!

We always conditioned ourselves that darker jeans look slimmer, well, but creamy flared jeans can flatters your legs too!

If stark white jeans are a little bit too much for you, creamy jeans are always a nice starting point!

If you are interested in jean styling, here are some articles you may be interest in, see you there!

We don’t need an hourglass figure to look good in our jeans indeed! Enjoy!


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