*Dress slimmer in 2022* 20 clothing tips that flatter plus size figure like MAGIC

I recommend helpful products in my article. Access granted to my disclosure.

As the saying goes “It’s not about what size you wear. It’s about HOW you wear your size.”

So shout out to all my plus-size gals, it’s time to bring your A-game because fashion doesn’t stop at size 4!

If you want to look all chic and put together, knowing how to dress a plus-size body is the foundation of all.

Lucky for you, now you can actually skip a step because this 2000 words curvy girl styling guide shares all the clothes and tips that can flatter a plus-size figure.

This is what you’ll learn from the 20 slimming tips below:

  1. Plus size fashion tips about what NOT to wear
  2. Plus size dressing hacks to look thinner
  3. Best dresses for plus size body type
  4. How to wear jeans plus size
  5. Accessories and shoes that can elongates the body

If you are ready, take a sip of tea (or hot latte) and enjoy!

1. Roll the sleeves to elongate your figure

How to dress slimmer plus size
Source: Girlwithcurves

I’m shocked that people don’t do this trick enough as it’s such a stupid easy one to elongate your figure.

Roll your sleeves a turn or two can always draw eyes upward and elongate your figure visually just like what cuffed jeans do.

I will always do the three-quarter (3/4) or the below elbow length so I can still hide my flappy upper arms area. Lovely.

2. How to wear belt as plus size? Thin belt for sure

How to dress slimmer plus size
Source: 1,2

We all know adding a belt can contour our figure but well, NOT all kinds of belts can serve us right.

If you are the petite plus size, definitely swap the thick belt for a thin one.

As the chunky belt creates a block rather than a sleek division line for the body, it’s not helping at all.

If you want a stylish twist, chain belts are having a moment these days.

A beige shirt dress with a nose gold chain belt just looks so aesthetic. LOVE it.

3. Corset belt is the plus size godsend

How to dress slimmer plus size
Source: 1,2

A chic way to dress a plus-size body? Corset belt.

While they are thick, they hold a structured shape and hold all your curves in the right place. So yes girls, whenever I want to fake an hourglass body, this is the one I go for.

I mean, a white dress shirt and a black underbust corset? How chic is that look?

Together with a sleek low bun and a nice pair of nude heels, gal you are reading to hit the town.

4. Plus size summer outfit ideas: sheer kimono

Plus size summer outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

When it comes to the plus-size outfit ideas for summer, all we need is a flattering, cute, and gorgeously lightweight outerwear that serves our curves right.

That said, nothing is better than a sheer long kimono. I love them for 3 reasons.

  • You can wear prints in a flattering way: the sheer fabric lower the color contrast of the prints and thus minimise the exaggerating effect

  • If you want to wear light summer hues like white and pastels, a sheer kimono just give you the extra coverage. Plus, that can really spruce up the look.

  • Long line outerwear like kimono can always elongate your figure and make you look put together

So yes, that’s definitely a plus-size summer fashion essential. Without a doubt.

5. Waterfall cardigan plus size are the flattering choice

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

As for the plus-size outfit ideas for fall, long-line outerwear is a must-have item.

But if you want to take a step further. Go for the long-line waterfall cardigan that can draw eyes vertically and flatter the plus-size figure.

Below are my handpicks from Amazon, you will not believe it takes me half an hour to filter out the bad quality ones.

These four are the real gem. Click to check out the try-on photos!

6. Opt for strcuture fabric that holds your body on point

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

I know, soft fabrics are comfy and lightweight but sometimes they aren’t the best choice to flatters our curves.

Fabrics like chiffon, cotton, and other synthetics, just easily show all my fat rolls out instead of holding our figure.

I mean, even a supermodel can’t look good in a cotton bodycon skirt sometimes.

I will always go for strong, supportive fabric like denim, tweed, jacquard, a woven dress that can slightly hold up the shape.

And surprise surprise, the lightweight fabric like silk and satin looks nice on the plus-size as well, their shimmering finish just perfectly distracts attention.

7. Assymmetrical top and dress for elongating effect

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

8. Peplum top to cover tummy fat

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

How to hide how to hide belly fat in a dress? The peplum top is here to help.

Featuring the flared stripe of fabric around the waist, this is how you fake an hourglass shape without sucking your tummy.

I can’t really pull off my pencil skirt and bodycon skirt without this top, such a lifesaver.

Seriously gal, if you don’t have one, what are you doing in your life really?! GET ONE NOW.

9. Color block dresses to look slimmer

Searching plus-size outfit ideas for work? I’d say illusion dress.

Featuring the black color block stripe on the waist area and the sexy S line, these dresses help to distract from figure flaws greatly. If you want to look professional with a hint of sexy? This is the one.

The charm of an illusion dress is I don’t need to suck my tummy but can still look good.

These are my four head picks from Amazon that has the best reviews, check them out!

10. When in doubt, go monochrome

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

Only focusing on plus-size dressing to look thinner? Why not harness the power of color illusion? The chic monochrome look.

Putting yourself in the same color scheme just makes your figure look united and promotes the elongate and slimming effect.

To pull off the chic monotone look perfectly, I’d say play with different fabrics and textures.

If you are wearing a white knit sweater, pair it with beige denim pants to give it some different dimensions.

Together with a pair of brown heels as a pop of color, monochrome wearing can both look fun and high fashion!

11. Keep your look simple with two hues

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

If monochrome is really not your thing, what about keeping your look simple with only two colors, that can greatly help as well.

Strategically speaking, matching your hat and shoes in the same tone can always elongate your figure from head to toe.

For the petite plus size out there, ALWAYS match your bottom and shoes in a similar shade to maximize the effect.

12. Best necklines for plus size

I talk about neckline ALL THE TIME as that can really make and break a look. Below are my honest thought about all the different necklines.

  • Round neckline (NOT FLATTERING, that make my chubby face looks even bigger. Plus round neck looks too youthful and casual for me)
  • V-neck and square neck (MUCH BETTER CHOICE, V line can elongate your neck and make you look slimmer)
  • Off-shoulder (My favourite: Feminine and sexy, again it can shed the heaviness of the upper body – super flattering for all types of gals except board shoulders)
  • Boat neckline (It’s tasteful, sophisticated, plus it’s much more flattering than the round neck, try this out!)
  • Sweetheart neckline (I LOVE that because it can always create a bustier look but still contouring my arms! )

13. H-shape skirt is more slimming that A-line skirt

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

H-shape dresses like pencil skirts look way more slimming than the A-line skirt.

If you wonder why is that, think triangle and a standing rectangle.

Even though they are both the same height, the rectangle always looks taller visually isn’t it?

If you really want to wear an A-line dress, perhaps consider a less dramatic design. A sweet pleated midi skirt is always darling.

14. Opt for a midi dress rather than knee high dress

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

A knee-high dress is not flattering as it brutally highlights the calf area. Go the midi dress (mid-calf) dress and instantly you will feel so much better.

Is that just me but I always look visually taller in a midi skirt. I guess that’s due to the wrong cut-off point for the knee-high dress.

15. How to wear prints as a plus size

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

Can you wear bold prints as plus size? HELL YES. Here are the tips to look slim in your darling printed dress.

  • Prints with less color contrast

If you are wearing an all-over print dress, you can always minimize the boldness by picking the right color combo.

For example, dark green prints on the light green dress look more slimming than the red prints on the stack white dress.

Plus, I personally think a similar color scheme just makes things look more classy and tasteful. Do you girls agree?

  • Team bold prints with solids

If you really want to style attention-drawing animal prints, that’s fine as well! That said, remember only one statement for the look. Less is more.

Team it with solid hues like black and navy blue just calm the whole look down and make you stay smart and sleek.

16. How to wear jeans as a plus size

Of course, let’s talk about jeans. There’re way too many questions about jeans so here’s are my all tips for different situations. I’m sure they are super helpful!

Q1: How to fix muffin tops in jeans?

Check out these 6 slimming hacks. Well, I must say tip 4 is a wild one lol

Q2: How to dress up jeans as a plus-size?

Click these 7 tips to know what should you avoid wearing.

Q3: How to wear white jeans with cellulite?

5 stupid easy tips (But I bet you aren’t doing the 1st tip right) + the perfect white jeans I recommend

Q4: How to REALLY wear a blouse with jeans and look good?

8 combos that look stylish and fun. The 5th one is my favorite look, just looks unique.

***I know there are still some other questions left, I will keep updating the post!***

17. Best shoes for cankles and thick ankles

Again, below are my honest thoughts on shoes.

  • Round toe shoes (NO GO. That make the legs look so thick)
  • Pointy shoes (HELL YES for the leg elongating effect)
  • Ankle boots (Wear them with thights rather than cuffed jeans for a slimming look)
  • Cut-off boots (No one meantion that but they are so forgiving! I will always pair black sheer tights with them.)
  • Ankle strape heels shorten legs (Especially the thick strape)
  • Nude heels (Lovely choice for longer legs)
  • Spaghetti strap sandals (Sexy and slimming – thin strap is way easier to carry)

18. Hats for big heads

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

If you find yourself looking awkward in a beanie, you are not the only one.

Sometimes we just have to realize some hats are not serving us right.

If you have a round face shape, avoid those sloppy hats that fail to add height to your face.

Instead, pick those wide beam hats that have the elongating effect and create a smaller face by comparisons.

The last tip, if you want to wear a beret hat, definitely wear it on the side rather than on top of the head.

19. Accessories that flatters your face and upper body

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

How to dress slimmer? What about paying more attention to your accessories choice.

For example, if you are a chubby face girl like me, switch the choker necklace to a long Y-necklace that just elongates your neck effortlessly.

And for the earrings girls, picking the long line earrings can work wonders as well. It just makes your face looks slimmer by comparison.

20. Carry a strctured bag instead of a slouchy big bag

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
Source: 1,2

I never think about bags before, until one day my friend just said: “Can you please stop wearing this HUGE tote bag, it just makes you look baggy.” That’s brutal but true.

If you are already wearing a tunic top and slouchy mom jeans, wearing a big shoulder bag is not helpful at all.

If you can’t size down your bag (The crazy shopping and errands days), at least pick a structured bag. Trust me, that alone makes a big difference.


So ladies, here are the 20 clothes and tips that can flatter a plus-size figure.

It takes me a LONG time to figure out these tips myself so I truly hope this article can serve as the styling shortcuts for the plus size baes out there.

Let’s also take a time to remind that our curves are beautiful. Instead of hiding it, they deserve to be present in the most gorgeous way ♡♡♡

As Hayley Hasslehofff said, “At the end of the day we are all trying to feel comfortable in any type of size – plus size or not“. Shine bright girl.

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