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*2023*15 plus size casual outfits with sneakers + instant slimming tips!

*2023*15 plus size casual outfits with sneakers + instant slimming tips!

Looking for some plus-size casual outfits to pair with sneakers? Well sis, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s be real – despite the fact that high heels are universally flattering, life is way more comfortable with sneakers.

You just can’t deny it.

And guess what, there are tons of tips and tricks that enable you to enjoy a leg-elongating effect with sneakers!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 12 plus size casual outfits with sneakers from summer to winter in all kinds of styles.

Enjoy my loves!

1. Ruffle is your best friend

When it comes to looking flattering in sneakers, picking the right skirt is definitely crucial.

And no, I am definitely not talking about wearing a black dress. (Isn’t that too obvious?)

plus size floral dress with sneakers
Source: Pinterest

Consider wearing the skirt with ruffle trims.

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric, it just makes your legs appear slimmer by comparison and helps you stay forgiving even in sneakers!

All detail matters ladies!

2. Minimise the color blocks on your body

Another trick – make your outfit sleek with two (or maximum 3) colour tones.

The more the ‘color blocks’ on your body, the more distracting you appear and that can make you look bigger.

Vice versa, get inspired by this lady below.

Plus size casual outfits with sneakers
Source: Pinterest

Matching the top and sneakers in the same shade helps elongate the body frame from head to toe visually.

Easy piecey.

3. Asymmetrical skirt for leg elongating effect

Third trick – team the sneakers with an asymmetrical hemline skirt.

Featuring the inverted V line, it just elongates the legs more and again, making you appear to be slimmer.

chubby casual outfit sneakers
Source: Whowhatwear

Side note – I love this photo pose. Simple yet leg forgiving!

By the way, if you are an introvert like me who is too shy to strike a pose in public – a nice pair of sunnies is here to help!

Not all dresses will match well with the sneakers, but the one below is definitely a perfect choice!

amazon plus size dress

Shop this sassy split dress on Amazon

The inverted V hemline and the extra layer underneath just look as leg-elongating as it’s not too short to wear.

I know it needs some imagination but trust me, it WILL look so fine with a pair of nice kicks!

Another big plus? Featuring the ruched design, it camouflages the belly area perfectly!

Obsessed with this dress. Check this out!

4. The cute schoolgirl look

When the days are cold out, it’s time for a cute schoolgirl look!

You just can’t go wrong by layering up an oversized sweater with a collared shirt.

plus size school girl outfit
Source: Pinterest

To get a dose of carefree cute vibes, pairing the kicks with mid-calf socks is the way to go.

Want to copy the whole look? Grab the oh-so-classic Nike crew socks from Amazon here!

5. Colorful top x overalls

Colorful striped top is tricky to wear?

Well, not with the dungarees!

chubby girl sneakers with overalls
Source: Pinterest

To look put together with busy prints, teaming it with solid hues is your best bet.

To look the most flattering, go for the cropped jeans so you can show the ankle area out.

This tiny difference can make you look visually taller!

6. Look flattering with a pleated skirt

It’s true that a pleated skirt can add weight.

But let me break the myth here – it is just a mere difference! Especially if you know how to rock it in the right way.

PLUS SIZE pleated skirt with sneakers
Source: Lovely Silvia

To look the best, go for pleats that drape against your body – that can minimize the heavy-looking effect greatly.

black woman pleated skirt with sneakers
Source: Yrayideh

Also, pull your skirt to the smallest part of your waistline and opt for the dark hues to look the most forgiving!

7. Front tuck your shirt

There are tons of ways to wear a button-down but if you are looking for effortlessly chic vibes, well, a half-tuck works wonders!

casual white shirt plus size outfit
Source: xameliax

It just gives some waist definition and covers the back at the same time – LOVE.

Or else, do a casual front tuck like this lady below!

casual white shirt plus size outfit
Source: caralynmirand

By the way, do you know that rolling up the sleeve and showcasing your front arms can help you look taller?

Try it out and you’ll notice the difference!

For more styling hacks, check out my popular read! You will love the tips!

8. Plus size baddie outfit with sneakers

As Karl Lagerfeld said, “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress”.

Plus size baddie outfit with sneakers
Follow @essiegolden on LTK!

This look is perfect for a chill Sunday cafe date.

To get the baddie vibes, I’ll actually swap the handle bag for a belt bag for extra attitude.

What do you guys think?

Plus size baddie outfit with sneakers
Follow @essiegolden on LTK!

This basketball bag is sure to turn heads.

9. Cropped jacket with sneakers

To achieve the best body proportion, a cropped jacket can always give you that little boost – especially when you plan to wear a tricky knee-high dress.

plus size cropped jacket with sneakers
Source: Pinterest

I must say the high pony surprisingly matches with the biker girl vibes.

And of course, denim never goes out of style.

10. Plus size girl boss look with sneakers

Feel like extra girl bossy-sy but don’t want to dress to the T?

Well, teaming your suit set with a fun stripe tee and tennis shoes just nail the look!

Plus size girl boss look with sneakers
Source: Oolhaisso

When you run out of outfit ideas, consider mixing the formal look with a casual top – it never fails to freshen things up and bring you a new perspective!

As a girl with a chubby face, I LOVE wearing the knot tie headband.

It just draws attention from my jaws and makes my face appear to be comparatively smaller!

11. Lighten up a red dress

Who said a red dress can only look sassy?

At the end of the day, it really depends on what you wear!

plus size red dress outfit
Source: Oolhaisso

When in doubt, tie up a jacket around the waist to dress the look down.

It gives the “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it” vibes.

12. Pick the right neckline

If you want to avoid looking top-heavy, opt for the open necklines.

Think off-shoulder, scoop neck, big V-neck, and more.

off-shoulder dress with sneaker black woman

Showcasing the collarbone and feminine shoulder line just sheds the heaviness of the body overall and helps you stay forgiving without the help of high heels!

You slay girl.


So there you go – the 12 types of plus-size casual outfits with sneakers along with styling hacks.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and proves to you that looking all put together with sneakers is possible!

Looking for more plus-size styling tips and tricks? Check out the articles below!

You will love the tips!

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