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*2023* 23 BLACK GIRL concert outfit ideas (include plus size + real-life looks!)

*2023* 23 BLACK GIRL concert outfit ideas (include plus size + real-life looks!)

Looking for some concert outfit ideas dedicated to black girls? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As Freddie Mercury said, “It’s not a concert you’re seeing, it’s a fashion show.”

Regardless of the concert type, dressing up for the night is always a big part of the fun as a girl.

I mean, we all know how a nice dress can change our mood almost …instantly.

So if you want to maximize the joy of your concert night and be fully engaged, I’d say spoil yourself with a one-of-a-kind look!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 23 black girl concert outfit ideas together with some practical styling tips.

Enjoy loves!

1. Casual black girl concert look

If you are feeling chill for the concert, embrace the simple yet stylish look to feel the most carefree!

Casual black girl concert look
Source: desana_moses

Think of a white V-neck tee, flared jeans, and modern white boots to complete the look.


If you want to look more put together, I highly suggest you pair the top and shoes in the same (or similar) hue.

That way, people will think you’ve paid some effort into matching it as a set.

The best part, you just look visually taller and slimmer by being elongated from head to toe! (White top to white boots)

bodysuit black girl concert outfits
Shop this bodysuit on Amazon

Of course, how can we not mention the oh-so-sassy bodysuit?

When in doubt, just throw them on and you’ll feel so feminine and sassy with all the curves.

Together with a cropped denim jacket and chunky high heels, this is the rap concert-ready look in 3 minutes.

These days, I’m noticing more and more ladies styling the bodysuit with a chain belt.

That’s actually a cool trick to look taller and also be extra stylish!


When you are choosing the bodysuit, make sure the material is stretchy and not too thin.

That’s why I’m loving this bodysuit from Amazon.

The material is supportive enough to slightly tighten up my muffin top (let’s be real here sis) and hide the camel toe.


2. Graphic tee & fishnet for a rap concert

Being a baddie is not only a style, it’s an ATTITUDE.

black girl graphic tee concert outfits
Source: Pinterest

For a rap or pop concert, you can never go wrong with a graphic tee and fishnet tights.

Depending on your style, you can either pick one element or rock both in one look!

To add an extra pop of hue, it’s always chic to bring a pastel yellow bag to an otherwise all-black look.


Some ladies think fishnet tights are tricky to wear as they can easily look trashy.

Well, that’s just not true.

All you have to do is go for the Micronet fishnet instead of the jumbo fishnet tights and you’ll feel way less overwhelmed.

Also, consider styling them with knee-high or tight-high boots!

For other tips on styling fishnet tights, check my popular article below!

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3. Baddie concert outfits

There’re two highlights of a great concert.

1. You are going to take a ton of selfies with your girls and 2. you are going to lose your voice as you’ve been screaming too hard.

Ah, the happiness is real.

Baddie concert outfit bucket hat
Source: Pinterest

For a fun concert look, think of a bucket hat, colorful crochet tube top, and pointy pink heels to FEEL THE BEST.

cute black girl concert outfits
Source: Pinterest

See? This girl is matching her top and heels again.

Harness the power of color to look great! Trust me, that makes a difference when you’re taking full-body pictures.

And by the way, I’m loving her high-platform sandals – the aesthetic is real.


UGG high platform shoes
Shop super fun high-platform UGG on Amazon

Need I say more? This colorful UGG is such a mood booster! You just look all glam up even in a plain tee and jeans.

I bought this 2 months ago and I can’t wear these cuties for every music fest and concert!

4. Black girl concert essential: Biker jacket

To nail the concert look, picking a statement outerwear is key.

Seriously, fashion comes and goes but the biker jacket is here to stay!

I’m loving this simple yet sleek moto jacket above – that’s a perfect blend of edgy style and sophistication at the same time.

Whether you team it with cowboy boots or White Air Jorden, the look is just flawless.

5. Black girl denim concert look

Guess what, this year is all about rocking the denim!

And no, of course I’m not talking about the jeans.

Black girl denim concert look
Source: Pinterest

This gorgeous girl obviously knows the task.

A belted denim shirt dress and pink lace-up sandals and belt? This concert look is sure to turn heads.


If you don’t want to look all over the place, it’s always safe to limit the number of colors to 2 to look put together.

In this case, the denim and pink.

6: Black teen girls’ concert outfits

For the black teen girls out there, you ain’t missing out!

Here’s the sweet yet cute look for you:

Black teen girls concert outfits
Source: Pinterest

While a pink dungaree can look childish, when you team it with a pastel polo shirt and clear heels – that just freshens things up in the best possible way!

Wherever you are, be the IT girl.

7. Black girl standing concert shoes: Crocs

These days, I’m seeing the fashionista rocking crocs and actually that’s so concert friendly!

Black girl standing concert shoes
Source: Pinterest

Seriously, if you are going to a standing concert, high chance you want to wear something comfy so you can dance and jump around with the singer.

So yes, crocs work wonders in this situation!

For years, I never consider myself a crocs girl. But when I know this tie-dye version is out, my initial thought is:

tie-dye crocs concert ideas
Get these tie-dye crocs on Amazon!


I need those babes in my life.

8. Outdoor concerts for plus-size black girls

For my plus-size queens out there – I got you. You want something breathable yet chic at the same time.

Outdoor concerts plus-size black girls
Get this oversized sheer shirt on Amazon!

Well, this oversized shirt is gonna work wonders! It comes with all types of prints from color block to neon black look – check them out!

My mom is plus size and last time she rocked this sheer shirt with a tube bra underneath together with the black faux leather leggings and combat boots with 100% CONFIDENCE.

Can’t be more proud!

9. Corset for the rap concert

Another hot black girl concert looks essential: Corset tops.

black girl rap concert outfits
Source: Pinterest

It’s almost funny to say but for me, I simply use a corset top like a push-up bra.

Since it’s so tight and structured, it just gives my sisters a lovely boost and fakes an hourglass for me.

black corset rap concert
Get this sassy corset on Amazon~!

If I have a concert date, I’ll definitely wear this sassy underbust corset top with a white shirt underneath to be the hottest girl that night.

Now THAT’s a killer look.

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10. Black girl country concert outfit

Looking for some country concert ideas? Well, you just can’t go wrong with the cowgirl look!

Black girl country concert outfit
Source: Pinterest

When in doubt, think cowboy hat, boho bag, and tons of pendant turquoise accessories to complete the look.

The vibes are 10/10.

Black girl concert cowgirl outfit
Source: Pinterest

For the girls who just want a tad of cowgirl vibes, match your hat with a cropped shirt just do the job!

11. Black girl plus size winter concert look

When the days are chilly out, layer things up is KEY.

Instead of wearing a super warm cashmere long-sleeve sweater, I suggest you wear outfits that you can take it on and off.

After all, concerts can be pretty hot especially when all the crowds are gathered here.

A warm one-piece may not be the best option here.

Black girl plus size winter concert look
Source: Pinterest

I’m loving this soft girl look.

While everyone is layering the top in black and white, this white turtleneck and cream vest sweater look is just so refreshing and aesthetic.

And can we also mention how stunning her hairstyle is?

12. Black girl summer concert outfit

Black girl summer concert outfit
Source: Pinterest

This summer concert look is simple but fun, especially with the red cardigan tied around the wrist.

Just so carefree and cute!

13. Lace up top for a concert date

Want to feel the best with your stylish besties?

what to wear for a concert date black girl
Shop this set on Prettylittlething~!

This set is for you. Period x

Sometimes I really struggle should I share clothes from Prettylittlething as they just sold out so quickly…

Anyways, you can always find similar pieces on their site!

17. Plus size black girl concert look: Culottes

Want to look fun and womanly at the same time?

Plus size black girl concert look culottes
Source: Pinterest

Floral print culottes or harem pants are always a perfect addition.


To avoid looking top-heavy, team a puffy sleeve top to make your figure looks more balanced!

18. Black girl y2k concert outfit

Black girl y2k concert outfit
Source: Pinterest

I don’t know where to start…The pigtail braids or the 2000s top?

Now, this is how you turn a concert into your own fashion show!

19. What shoes to wear to a concert?

 What shoes to wear to a concert?
Source: Pinterest

To make sure you’re having the most fun for the concert night, I’d say avoid the stilettos at all costs.

I mean, they just aren’t practical at all!

Think crocs, high platform shoes, sneakers, boots, and block heels instead – they are all equally flattering.

20. R&B black girl concert outfit

For a classy but stylish look for an R&B concert, what about getting experimental with a leopard print top that will make you feel like a girl boss?

R&B black girl concert outfit
Source: Pinterest

To make sure your top shine, keeping the rest of your outfit clean and simple is key.


So there you go ladies, the 23 black girl concert outfit ideas with all different styles!

So now tell me, which one is your favorite?

For more concert ideas and black girl-dedicated content, check out my popular posts below, see you there loves!

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