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What to wear to Blues concerts, festivals & bars? 17 real-life looks!

What to wear to Blues concerts, festivals & bars? 17 real-life looks!

Wondering what to wear to a blues concert, blues festival, and bar? Well, look nowhere as I’m gonna share all possible outfit ideas with styling tips and tricks!

As Blues singer John Lee Hooker says “THE BLUES tells a story, every line of the blues as a meaning.”

As a perfect blend of dissonant harmonies, wonderful walking bass, and the raw beauty of emotions, going to a blues concert and festival just hits you on another level.

You feel so seen and recognized.

Of course, to elevate the whole concert experience, picking the right outfit is always the key.

Below, I’ve gathered 17 real-life blues concerts, blues festivals, and bar outfits with all kinds of styles, enjoy!

1. Casual tank and jeans for a blues concert

The truth is: Pick the outfit that makes you feel the BEST.

When it comes to the Blues concert, the crowd is a wild mix of everything from a casual shirt to a dressy 2-piece set and flamboyant hat.

If you want to feel the most carefree, it’s totally fine to dress simple!

what to wear to blues concert casually
Source: Pinterest

When in doubt, think of a white tank, skinny jeans, and boots to look effortlessly chic.

I LOVE how Beyonce layers the bralette with the tank and casually half-tucks it – such a casual queen look.

Of course, I’d say be generous with the accessories – it just turns an otherwise plain look into a statement get-up!

2. What to wear to an outdoor blues concert

Of course, embracing denim for the Blues concert always works wonders.

What to wear to an outdoor blues concert
Shop this gorgeous denim dress on Showmeyourmumu

I’m loving this belted denim dress above.

Together with the cream-tone felt hat and boots – this is how you rock a modern aesthetic look with a dash of BLUES.


If you want your legs to appear to be longer, definitely pick the cowboy boots.

The inverted V-hem draws the eyes vertically and elongates your legs visually!


3. Maxi dress for the outdoor Blues festival

For an outdoor Blues festival, a billowy maxi dress just screams the carefree vibes to the fullest.

maxi dress blues festival
Source: Spell designs

To embrace the artsy mood, I’d say go all in with all the boho chic prints and patterns.

This asymmetrical dress above is so flattering, especially with the gold bracelet on the arms.

The goddess vibes are real.


While the maxi dress is amazing for the shots, that can be clumsy when you walk around in the Blues fest.

But does that mean you don’t rock the dress? Hell no!

blues festival outfit ideas summer

Get inspired by this girl and do a side knot when needed!

Problem solved.

4. Blues rock concert summer outfit

If you gravitate towards pants, this look below is for you.

Blues rock concert outfit ideas
A music fan from bluesfestbyronbay

To survive a summer Blues concert, picking something light and breathable is crucial.

Think of a linen top and a statement pair of denim shorts to complete the look.

I really want these shorts above – does anyone know where’s this from?!

5. When in doubt, embrace PATTERNS

Blues music is all about sharing your raw emotions and authentic stories.

And that should reflect on your outfits!

blues concert outfit pattern
Stylish participants from bluesfestbyronbay

Regardless of your age, stay wild and fun!

Seriously, how can you not feel good about yourself in this retro jumpsuit and cowboy hat?

retro flower flare pants
Shop these retro fun flare pants on Amazon

Need I say more? This retro sunflower print is to die for.

Featuring the high elastic waist and wide leg hem – these pants just look as comfy as it’s one-of-a-kind.

As a petite girl, I LOVE rocking this cutie with high-platform shoes underneath – it just makes me feel so put together and ready to rock the world.

6. BOHO CHIC for Blues concert

what to wear to blues concert boho chic
The fun crowd from bluesfestbyronbay

You only live once babe, be as whimsy and fun as you can!

7. What To Wear To A Blues & Roots Concert

To embrace the blues & root concert, picking the right graphic tee will work wonders.

gypsy tank amazon blues & roots fest
Show this statement graphic tee on Amazon

This “back to the GYPSY that I was” tee just hit the mood.

Another big plus, the fabric is nice and lightweight!

I will do a front knot in this tee and team it with my favorite bootcut jeans and chunky boots – Easy piecey.

8. Crochet for the Blues & Roots concert

Fashion comes and goes but crochet is here to stay.

As a Blues concert lover, I definitely see more and more ladies wearing crochet, especially for these two years.

wear crochet blues roots concert festival
Source: Spell design

Forget the outfit, all you need is this crochet blanket.

Another practical reason: You just stand out from the crowd and will never get lost with your friends!

cute pastel crochet blues roots concert
Source: Pinterest

This lady just level up the soft girl aesthetic style with this crochet set – the color combo is just amazing!

For the crochet hats, I found a really nice one from Amazon – check this cutie out!

9. What to wear to a Blues rock concert in winter?

The truth is: chilly days don’t limit your outfit choice.

What to wear Blues concert in winter
Source: ada_oguntodu

For a winter Blues concert look, think the artsy tones like mustard yellow, burnt orange, and beige.

To add an extra zing to the look, throw on a classic houndstooth bucket hat to elevate the vibes even more.

10. Dress velvet in Blues bar

When it comes to Blue bar, again, there’s no specific attire really.

But if you want to look dressy for the classy night, a velvet dress and blazer will do great.

The fabric like satin, silk, and velvet just look luxurious naturally.

Seriously, all you have to do is throw them on and people will by default think you’ve put the effort into your look.

11. What shoes to wear for a Blues concert

Ladies, we all know how feet pain can ruin our mood for the day ENTIRELY. We’ve all been there.

Whether that’s a Blues concert or any other gig, wearing comfy is the ONLY way to the key.

So yes, that’s probably not the best time for you to break into those new shoes.

what shoes blues concert fest
Source: Spell design

When in doubt, think the Birkenstock, good old converse, or any kind of low chunky heels to rock your music day!

blues concert festival combat boots

Another popular pick is ankle boots. I even saw a well amount of people wearing rain boots for the muddy concert day.

So yes, pick wisely when it comes to footwear!

12. Rock ALL kinds of hat

While people all dress differently for the Blues concert and fest, there’s one thing for sure: They put the effort into hats.

And I really mean ALL kinds of hats.

Even the volunteers for the Blues fest rock different hats!

The last time I saw one lady wearing the vintage yacht rock type of captain hat.

And let’s not forget the sunlight can be pretty strong so wearing a wide beam hat is always a great idea!

13. Dress what YOU want

At the end of the day, just pick the outfit that uplifts your soul!

This is such a beautiful photo featuring this old sweet couple dancing during the Blues festival like nobody is watching.

What really touches me is that this elegant old lady is rocking a darling patterned dress like a sweet 16-year-old.

She just proved to me that age is just a number, it’s never too old to have fun!


So there you go ladies, the 17 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to Blues rock concerts, Blues Festival, and Blues bars.

What is your thought on that? I hope now you’ve got inspired and pin down the right outfit!

For more concert fashion outfit ideas, check out my other popular articles down below! See you there loves!

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