*2022* [28 FULL LIST♡!] What to wear to a jazz concert & jazz club?

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A nice fancy jazz show is not only worth the visit, but always worth spoiling yourself and dressing up for the night.

So ladies, if you are wondering what to wear to jazz clubs and jazz concerts, you’ve come to the right place!

From a downtown jazz bar night to a high-end jazz concert in Apollo Theatre, there’s a wide range of clothing styles you can opt for your jazzy date night according to the formality.

In general, the jazz call show calls for a dressy and sophisticated style. Depending on the venue, you can slightly dress it up and down a little bit.

If you’re ready, along with some Dos and Donts, I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas for your coming jazz club and jazz concert. Sounds good? Keep on reading!

1. What to wear to a jazz club and concert? LBD

Of course, how can we not mention our beloved LBD? An LBD is just effortlessly chic and timeless. The best part? It’s forgiving and classy.

If you are the “less is more” type of lady, throw on a delicate drop necklace, and black spaghetti strap dress and slip in those nice nude pumps and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit.

Whether the jazz club is in more of a homey place or an upscale one, this LBD below is a failproof.

Lace trim is always unbeatable.

what to wear to jazz club and concert

Check this darling to Amazon HERE. They are plus-size friendly as well!

2. Casual yet smart jazz attire for ladies

jazz attire for ladies
Source: 1,2

Some ladies wonder, can you dress casually in pants for jazz concert night? Of course!

But that said, let’s give extra thought to your style, shall we?

Instead of grabbing your favorite graphic tee and distressed jeans, what about a nice lace blouse and burgundy dress pants that add an extra pop of fun to your style?

I know many ladies purposely opt for high saturation hue bottoms (like forest green and mustard) and I must say that’s a wonderful choice.

It just brings the best in the jazz old souls. For footwear, I’d say the oxford heels will boost the aesthetic tenfold. Try it out!

3. Chic jazz clothing style for blues clubs

Want to break out of the mold? The dapper style will be worth the try. Make your blues club date night extra memorable.

4. Velvet dress for jazz concert in grand stadium

what to wear for a jazz concert
Source: 1,2

If you are visiting the jazz concert during the chilly days, you’ve gotta try the velvet dress.

Featuring lush fabric with a distinctively soft hand feel, it just goes well with the moody lighting in the club! As a girl with food baby 24/7, I must say nothing drapes the body better than a velvet dress.

If you are visiting a high-end jazz club, this dress below will make you look like a million bucks.

what to wear to a sundance film festival

Want a leg-elongating high low velvet dress that looks like a designer piece? This dress is the one. Check this out for the Amazon review HERE.

These girls rock it beautifully in all kinds of shapes and sizes and THAT’s what makes this a hot seller.

5. Silk dress as a classy jazz club look

jazz band outfit inspiration
Source: 1,2

Another popular choice of the jazzy show night, a shimmery silk dress that can easily level up your look.

If you think wearing the dress as a solo is too dressy, you can easily dress it down with a cropped lace-up cardigan or opt for a silk midi skirt which is equally flattering!

Tip: If you want to do it on budget, go for the satin dress – they are the perfect alternative!

5. What to wear to jazz show? Go vintage.

If you want to stand out in the dimly lit, smoke-filled jazz show, go all-in for retro patterns and shades.

Think cloche hat, polka dot tea dress, patterned tights, and kitten heels that scream roaring 1920 flare.

You know, girls just wanna have fun, and sometimes all we need is a vintage dress that gives our mood a boost.

And guess what, jazz club is the best place to do that.

For a couple’s jazzy night out, a smart suit set for a gentleman and a whimsy dress for a lady is such an impeccable combo.

If you want to look more united with your partner’s get-up as a whole, matching your knee-high boots and his suit in a similar shade always helps.

You can also do that with your heels but I’d say the boots are way more obvious.

what to wear to jazz date

This dress comes with a wide range of patterns but this polka dot x rose is my favorite one! Perfect balance. Check out HERE to Amazon ♡♡♡

6. What to wear to a jazz party? Flapper dress.

What to wear to a jazz party
Source: 1,2

Gravitate towards the flapper girl’s style for the Jazz festival? I’d say LEAN INTO IT.

Speaking of the crowd of jazz lovers, it’s a little bit mix of everything and it’s not uncommon to see some ladies dress up in the 1920s low waist skirt.

All you need is to wear a sequin headband, a fun fringe dress, and gold heels for a steel worthy look.

Ladies, if you are wearing this dress below, be ready for the adoring glances along your way as you are looking like a 10/10. It takes me quite a white to find this arm-forgiving piece.

What to wear to a jazz party
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7. What NOT to wear to jazz bar?

what not to wear to jazz bar
Source: 1,2

If that’s a casual small blues club, you can definitely loosen up a bit. But still, keep it decent and form-fitting for courtesy as the performer on stage will clearly notice that.

While sometimes it can be hard to tell what is okay to wear and what is not, the rule of thumb here is – If you look at the mirror and wonder is that too casual, 99% chance it is!

This trick seems so silly but lets me tell you, it’s incredibly helpful!

8. DO bring outerwear with you

As most of the jazz club is quite chilly and you may sit and dine for at least a good two to three hours, it’s best to take a cardigan or poncho with you. Basic but important reminder!

9. Level up your jazz attire with clutch

what to wear to a jazz concert
Source: 1,2

Yes I know, this is just one tiny detail. But guess what, the right bag can really unite your whole outfit and upgrade the style.

Instead of choosing a cross-body bag that looks chill and casual, opt for the clutch if you are having a fancy dinner in the jazz club.

Tip: If you are petite, matching the hue of your clutch and shoes in the same hue can maximize the elongating effect.

10. Jazz band outfit inspiration: T-bar heels

Jazz band outfit inspiration
Source: 1,2

Last but not least, the shoes. To finish your look to a dressier end, high heels are doable as a jazz club night may not involve too much walking.

That being said, if you want to add a tint of jazzy moods to your style, opt for the tasteful T-bar heels, kitten heels, and shoes with a bow will make no mistake.

As for flats, go for the one with an embellished buckle that looks as comfy as it looks glamourous.

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Jazz band outfit inspiration

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So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to jazz clubs and jazz concerts.

Well, now you don’t have an excuse not the dress up and look your best! If you are more styling tips, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful. See you there gorgeous!


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