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*2023* 28 Great gatsby outfits & tips for plus size babe!

*2023* 28 Great gatsby outfits & tips for plus size babe!

As the famous quote in The Great Gatsby said “A little party never killed nobody.”

With all those flapper dresses, sparkly headband and statement long earrings, dressing up for the rebellious and prosperous 1920s look are bound to feel fabulous.

While there are tons of Great Gatsby-themed party outfit inspirations out there, I just can’t find a single one for plus-size ladies so I thought I should make one and save your girls some money!

Instead of randomly buy a gatsby costume that doesn’t really serve you, knowing what works and what’s not certainly ensures you look the best at the parties.

Below I’ve gathered 8 Great Gatsby outfit ideas tips for plus size bae, enjoy!

1. No stripes for a sequin dress

great gatsby party outfit ideas plus size
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Speaking of the Great Gatsby-themed party, the sequin flapper dress is a must-have.

But here’s the thing, the sparkly glitters can easily draw attention and enlarge your body as a whole.

That said, I will always go for the solid sequin dress instead of the white and black striped one to balance things off – that alone truly makes a difference.

Alternatively, you can go for the dress with fewer sequin layers to shed down the heaviness.

So yes, a sequin dress is definitely not an off-limit if you know what to choose the right one!


The truth is, we are all perfect imperfections.

You want to learn these outfit hacks ONLY if you feel like it but are not pressured by others. Remember, we never have the need to “fix” our bodies!

You don’t have to be pretty like HER, you can be pretty like YOU.

And believe it or not, there’s still NOT ENOUGH plus-size content around Pinterest and other places on the internet …at all.

So ladies, before reading the tips, please help pin the pin below & support plus-size ladies ♥!

2. Go for the flapper dress with the asymmetrical hem line

great gatsby party outfit ideas plus size
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To elongate the legs and make them appear to be longer visually, pay attention to the dress’ hemline to play tricks.

Not only it looks extra stylish, but the asymmetric hemline also draws eyes vertically and makes you look taller.

As a petite girl, I’m addicted to this trick – it just works wonders!

3. Opt for the mesh sleeve flapper dress to The Great Gatsby Party

great gatsby party outfit ideas plus size
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For the girls who are insecure about the upper ars area, just so you know you’re not alone!

Besides the sleeveless flapper dress, let’s not forget the short sleeves are equally flattering.

To spice up the look, pick the one with a mesh sleeve just to make you look feminine and sophisticated without sacrificing your style.

4. Wear short gloves instead of the long gloves

great gatsby party outfit ideas plus size
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Let’s talk about another statement piece of the Great Gatsby Party, the gloves. No one talks bad about them but well, we all know gloves can make our arms appear to be fatter.

Speaking of those fancy above-arms opera gloves, they just meant to draw attention to the upper arms.

It looks even worse when the gloves are tight at the top to stay up, it just squeezes my arms like crazy. I’ve tried few pairs before and the result is …brutal.

Alternatively, go for the short gloves to enjoy the darling look.

My favorite pair is the vintage white lace gloves I bought from Amazon, I just get tons of compliments whenever I wear them for tea parties!

5. Complete your look with outerwear

great gatsby party outfit ideas plus size
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To add an extra dose of glamour, how can we miss those fancy wraps? From the shawl to the lace kimono, 1920s outerwear is truly a piece of art.

If you want to cover the arms area, throw on a faux fur shawl wrap just to make you look like a million dollars.

6. Stay modern and casual with a glitter wrap dress

While the low-waist dress is the classic piece that screams the 1920s, they are not the only one.

what to wear Great gatsby plus size

If you want to contour the figure, go for a high wrap glitter mini-dress that is equally tasteful.

It’s more casual and modern so you can wear the dress for multiple parties.

Seriously, I just find this kind of wrap dress easier for me to pull off as the high waist design will flatter my curves right.

7. Wear the 1920s gangster look

great gatsby party outfit ideas plus size
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For the dapper girls out here, no worries I won’t miss you out! To stay cool and chic, get yourself the waistcoat suit set and you’ll be all set.

To sparkle the 1920s flare, the pinstripe suit is the no-brainer. Together with the vintage oxford shoes, this outfit is sure to turn heads.

This is so random… BUT

hey ladies, why not quickly do an affirmation and feel instantly better?

This new year, I’m trying not only to share fashion tips but come up with ways to instill body positivity in all women who are reading my articles – aka YOU!

Instead of just reading it, say it loud or murmur the quotes (if you are in public) to maximize the effect.

Ready? Here we go.

I love my body. She is my forever home and sanctuary.

Sassy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude.

Work out because I love my body – not because I hate it.

I can love myself and change my body at the same time. No guilt about that.

It is completely normal to have tummy rolls. I come to realize that social media isn’t showing the reality… at all.

My happiest moments in life had nothing to do with the way my body looked.

I don’t have to be pretty like her, I can be pretty like …ME.

I AM perfect imperfection.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that makes you feel better (as you deserved).

Please help me pass the body positivity message in your community. #womenhelpwomen

Alright, now keep on reading!

8. Complete your Great Gatsby party look with the right necklace

great gatsby party outfit ideas plus size

Last but not least, flaunt that jewelry as this is how you party like the Great Gatsby!

You can look as dramatic as you want but always pay attention to the neckline. If you have a chubby face like me, definitely avoid those pear chokers – They are the real trap and make your face appear rounder comparatively.

A smarter choice here is the long pearl necklace that elongates your neck and upper body as a whole.

If you want, wear long-line earrings to boost the effect.

The great Gatsby plus size outfits

Is there possible to find high-fashion-looking shoes on a budget?

If you are a loyal reader of ladyrefines, you will know I seldom recommend shoes and bags on a budget.

Why? Because I just can’t find any that are cheap but look good at the same time!

These days, I’ve discovered a new brand Charles & Keith. Their bags and shoes just hold high quality at super affordable prices! No wonder it’s all the rage in the US now. 

The best part is, this brand was founded with a vision to empower women to express themselves freely through fashion. 

Fashion isn’t only for the rich girls. That’s even better :)! Check out some of my favorites below!

great gatsby party outfit ideas plus size

Seriously, who needs Jimmy Choo if I can find this Leather Gem-Embellished Stiletto Mules from Charles & Keith? 


So ladies, here are the 8 Great Gatsby outfit ideas tips for plus-size ladies. I hope these tips help!

By the way, below are the four high-quality Amazon pieces I recommend after scrolling the half an hour (The filtering process is such a pain… there are lots of scams out there), anyway enjoy ladies, and hope you choose the right one dress!

By the way, if you are interested in party outfit ideas, I’m sure you will love the reads below!

See you there!

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