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*2023* How to dress dapper as a girl-21 classy looks!

*2023* How to dress dapper as a girl-21 classy looks!

As Tom Ford once said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners”. This quote just expresses the dapper style to the fullest.

If you check the word “Dapper”, the keywords “neat appearance”, “high quality” and “dressy” pretty much sum up everything.

While traditionally dapper fashion is mainly for men, well, the time has changed.

If you are ladies and you are interested in looking sleek and put-together with distinctive vibes, a dapper look is for you.

That said, whether you are a straight girl, Tomboy, lesbian, or bisexual, you are all welcome to this game!

Below, I’ve collected 8 key outfits essential if you wonder how to dress dapper as a girl.



how to dress dapper girl, dapper femme fashion
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When it comes to a legit dapper look, it all begins with the right hairstyle.

Ladies, never underestimate how your hair can elevate your look. Instead of putting all your hair down, let’s pay extra effort to style it for a poised look.

Whether that’s a chic pixie cut or a sleek bob with shaved side, it just signals people you’ve given a thought to your look.

Of course, dapper hairstyles aren’t only for the short hair girl. If you have long hair, do an elegant updo just to seal the deal.

Are they require regular trimming and effort? YES. But are they with it? HELL YES.


how to dress dapper girl, dapper femme fashion
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I am not even kidding but some girls look even hotter than men after throwing a blazer on.

But here’s the thing, does that mean all Blazers can make you look smart? Not really.

While the oversized blazer is raging these days, they are more on the casual high street chic side.

If you want to look poised, definitely go for the classic fit-cut suit for a timeless look.

To level up your game, it’s always worth investing in a tailored one for the impeccable.

Trust me, people can tell the difference!


how to dress dapper girl, dapper femme fashion
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If you want to stay one-of-a-kind, well, wearing a waistcoat probably is the easiest way to grab people’s attention.

I know what you are thinking ladies. Excuse me? Waistcoat? I’m not Kate Moss and I am pretty sure I don’t want to end up looking like a waiter!

Relax, these days, waistcoat truly comes with all kinds of hues and patterns and you don’t have to stay with the traditional black and white combo at all.

For an extra pop of fun, teaming a sky blue oxford shirt with a grey tweed waistcoat just show people you are as dapper as you are interesting.

And when it comes to another practical reason, let’s not forget wearing a full suit set can be terribly hot and heavy!

So if you want a perfect alternative for the baking hot summer days, the waistcoat has to be on top of the list.


how to dress dapper girl, dapper femme fashion
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Just like your other accessories like earrings and necklaces, a pocket square adds an exclamation mark to your look.

In a world where people aren’t paying too much attention to traditional etiquette, adding a silk pocket square is just another level.

It represents you are the type of person that is willing and knows how to pay extra detail and effort to your look.

Plus, this is always a perfect time to showcase your fashion taste with all kinds of prints and patterns.

Pocket squares are definitely something you won’t come across often on the street and that’s actually a good thing.

After all, who doesn’t want to associate with affluence and elegance?


how to dress dapper girl, dapper femme fashion
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If you want a touch of boyishness and cuteness at the same time, guess what, suspender belt is for you.

While their real purpose is to hold up the pants and keep things neat and tidy, wearing a suspender belt nowadays is more for accentuating your style.

For a British beret girl look, team a forestry shirt with a beige Suspender belt set and just scream “I’ve got a style and I OWN it”.

Is that just me but the beret and suspender belt together are the impeccable match of all time for a tasteful look?


how to dress dapper girl, dapper femme fashion
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While I admit dapper style can look unavoidably dressy (personally I think that’s a good thing), you can definitely dress down the look with denim.

Mix and match the pieces, it just freshens up the classic dapper style with a contemporary spin.

For the girls who just tap into the dapper department and feel overwhelmed and masculine to wear a full suit, no worries as you can always find a happy medium by teaming the set with skinny jeans and black heels.

As a perfect blend of classiness and femininity, a casual dapper look is just universally flattering.


how to dress dapper girl, dapper femme fashion
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Seriously, nothing quite beats a monochromatic suit set. As a petite girl, I do enjoy the visual illusion of looking taller and slimmer in an all-black look.

Wearing similar hues together just elongates our figure visually.

I am not kidding but wearing a sleek white suit set just makes you feel like a model.

That said, if you want to look decent with minimal style, monotone can never go wrong.


how to dress dapper girl, dapper femme fashion
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When it comes to dapper footwear options, the list can truly be endless.

From classic big heels to loafers to boots, anything design that looks high quality and classy seals the deal.

Speaking of casual footwear, I must say the popular chunky white sneakers to me are not a perfect choice.

Yes, they are in style. But will they spruce up your look? Not really. Instead, I will always go for tennis shoes.

With the pointy V and simple design, it just looks effortlessly smart and flattering.

If you go for the faux leather one, this luxurious look is a 10/10.


So ladies, above are the 8 outfit tips if you wonder how to dress dapper as a girl!

It’s time to shop and upgrade your closet! But looking dapper is definitely more than outfit and accessories.

Rather, it’s the whole package from your gesture to your mindset and that’s a truly beautiful thing to nurture.

If you want more people to know about the dapper community, please kindly pin this post or leave a comment below!

That really means a lot to me to keep writing this type of article! x

Here’s the recap:

  • Get yourself a sleek hairstyle for a dapper look
  • Stay classy & sassy in a suit set
  • Stay one-of-a-kind in the waistcoat
  • Upgrade your look with pocket square
  • Get experimental with a suspender belt
  • Look casual in a dapper style
  • When in doubt, go for a monochrome look
  • Your footwear matters

By the way, ladies, if you are into dapper fashion, high chance you will find the articles below useful too!

See you there loves!

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