[2022!]✨10 refreshing tips on How to dress like old money? It’s easier than you think!

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As the saying goes “Money talks, but wealth whispers.”

It’s not hard to look expensive by putting on the big logos and taking a photo in front of a Porsche, but when it comes to dressing like the old money, it’s all about the subtleness.

For me, dressing like old money is more of a lifestyle, it’s all about nurturing the elegance, taste, and femininity in the lifetime. In a world full of trends, old money remains classic.

So ladies, here are the 10 tips on how to dress like old money and elevate your overall aura!

1. Maintain healthy skin and body

Yes I know, this tip is not about styling but this is the fundamental thing you have to do before any other tips.

The old money realizes how health plays an important role in their life and this is a no-brainer for them to maintain healthy skin and body.

Plus, let’s not forget this is the basic etiquette to look healthy, polished, and put together.

More often than not, we invest most of our money in makeup and facial skincare products.

However, looking healthy is more than that and we should pay attention to every part of our body to nurture the best in ourselves!

  • Maintain thick and shining hair with bi-weekly deep conditioning and sulfate-free shampoo
  • Nurture your body skin by applying the body lotion and hand cream
  • Take good care of your teeth, make sure they are structured and clean ( Teeth bracing is always a worthwhile investment)
  • Get your eyebrows trimmed to look put together
  • keep your nails clean (Many ladies overlook this point)

If you are fond of clean beauty like me, here’s my iHerb recommending list.

Here are just a few tips but I’m sure you get my point! After all, it’s all about details, and trust me, people can spot that!

2. Have a good posture

As the saying goes “A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind”. Ladies, posture matters when it comes to dressing like old money.

Let’s imagine, with a hunched back and over the arched spine, how can we carry the dress elegantly and confidently?

So always keep your head up and tummy suck in, walk at a moderate pace and this is how we boost our confidence instantly!

3. Avoid brand labels

I know it’s hard but old money people always avoid designer labels.

They don’t have to prove they are rich by showing the brand logo all around, instead, they just want to keep things low profile and private.

For a long time, I always wonder why some of the designer brands’ products just don’t show the logo but not until this year, my friend told me those products are catered to the old money’s needs while big logo products are targeted to the younger group of customers.

Admittedly, I still own some brand logo bags but I do try to a minimum. (I mean, it’s hard to buy a Chanel bag without the classic double C right?!)

As for the big logo products, it’s a big No-no. It can easily look flashy and it appears to others that you are trying to seek validation through the clothes you wear.

Among all, I do think this is the hardest point. But I can almost guarantee you, once you take this tip into practice, you will be amazed at how free you feel.

Here are some of the essentials if you want to dress preppy ♡ Enjoy!

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how to dress like old money
A preppy kid essential: A structured smart blazer. A staple like this is always worth the money, it just level up your look tenfolds.

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To look flattering in polo, definitely choose the slim cut.

how to dress old money
The tie-waist just gives the classic polo dress look a new update – Preppy & stylish.

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4. Wear natural fiber instead of polyester

How to dress like old money - wear natural fiber

When it comes to clothing, we always pay attention to the design instead of the materials.

If you have ever wondered why your big fluffy coat still can’t keep you warm in the winter, probably the material is mostly polyester instead of warm fiber like wool.

Not only natural fiber is more functional, but it also makes your clothes look more structured and sturdy.

Here are some of the natural fiber that makes your clothes looks more classy and elegant:

  • Wool
  • Silk (Truly flattering! )
  • Camel hair
  • Cashmere ( Best for winter )
  • Organic cotton and bamboo
  • Make sure you smell good with natural deodorants and perfume

So ladies, you now have many other choices instead of wearing polyester! Let’s not forget natural fiber is a more sustainable way to support fashion as well!

how to dress preppy
Wearing a Cashmere-wool poncho is a silent yet obvious way to tell others you are classy.

5. Dress in low saturation colors

Instead of the rich vivid high saturation bright colors, they tend to wear colors like black, beige, khaki, creamy white, and more.

Not only do these colors look more natural and closer to the earth’s tone, but they are also less noticeable than bright colors like shocking pink and line green.

They dress for comfort instead of secretly hoping people pay attention to their clothes.

Added to this, the earth tone colors just naturally appear to be classic while bright colors are more of a trend color. If you wear like old money, I’m sure you will still look in style when you look at the photo ten years later!

6. Wear Tailor-made clothes

How to dress like old money

I know many of you may think tailor-made clothes are something luxury, but now, instead, it’s a necessity in some cases!

Wear fitted clothes is basic etiquette and sometimes, we just have to visit the tailor. As a pear shape girl, my trousers are always too long if I want to fit my thick thighs.

Instead of rolling the trouser legs like I used to, this year I finally visited the tailor. Turns out, my trousers look perfect and it hugs the curves of my leg so well! It makes my leg appear longer and I always feel so secure and confident in wearing them.

When it comes to tailor-made clothes, it’s just another level. Visiting a tailor doesn’t mean you have to spend a few thousand bucks, instead, you can pay for some little amendment to make your clothes more flattering!

I don’t know how to convince you but all I can see is, it’s worth it.

7. Make sure your clothes are structured and crease-free

Using a steamer is probably the easiest way to look expensive on a budget.

As my mum always said, “A $20 H&M top can look better than a $110 designer top with just a steamer.” I just can’t agree more.

With wrinkled clothes, it tells others that you are either A. in a rush or B. you just don’t care about the presentation of your clothes and I am sure if you are reading this you don’t want either of them.

In the days that many people are just too lazy to iron their clothes, a crease-free shirt can already make you set apart from others!

how to dress like old money
Always use the mini version for hassle-free life. This one is compact yet powerful. Let this be your investment in 2022!

8. Invest in your shoes

If you don’t have a budget, at least invest in your shoes.

Old money values quality more than quantity, instead of buying 10 different pairs of heels, one or two pairs of high-quality heels are more than enough.

Yes, those shoes may cost you more than the average, but let’s remember how many shoes we wear once and dare not to wear them anymore. (We’ve all been there ladies!)

Instead of looking at the designs, you may also want to pay close attention to the fabric and the sturdiness.

We all know the ladies who dress gorgeously but barely walk on their Valentino heels, that’s not elegant at all. Investing in your shoes and even getting them custom-made is so worth it, you feel confident and comfy and that’s the foundation for you to conquer your day!


While many people don’t aware of it, old money people DO love wearing espadrilles wedges. Summery yet elegant.

old money shoes summer


For winter, Sperry’s boots are as high quality as they look feminine and aesthetic. love it. I’ve owned 2 pairs and I wear them every year!

how to dress old money
Pink Maritime Repel Suede Snow Boot w/ Thinsulate™
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how to dress old money
As a petite girl, I love heel loafers more

9. Never underdress or overdress on the occasion

Yes, now is 2022 and the dress code is still a thing. Dress according to the occasion in a manner that will never go out of trend.

Nowadays, with the obsession with heels, we always overdress.

We can for sure dress a cute little black dress with heels during date night, but when it comes to family gatherings and hiking, let’s do sneakers or other more comfortable wear like a loafer.

As a petite girl, it takes me a long time for me to realize I always wear heels for the wrong occasions, and that makes me can’t truly enjoy the day!

Following a dress code is a sign of sophistication, it’s subtle but again, the people can tell.

10. Wear delicate accessories instead of the chunky one

Last but not least, let’s not forget accessories. As Michael Kors said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.”

Accessories do play a huge role to complete our look but should that mean we should wear as much as we want? Not really.

To your surprise, despite the fact that old money collect lots of high jewelry, they just don’t showcase them all around.

Instead of wearing those big diamond jewelry, they wear delicate earrings or necklaces and that’s it. If you don’t pay close attention, you don’t even aware!

When it comes to accessories, less is always more.


So ladies, here are the 10 tips when it comes to How to dress like old money, let’s have a little checklist first.

  • Maintain healthy skin and body
  • Have a good posture
  • Avoid brand labels
  • Wear natural fiber instead of polyester
  • Dress in low saturation colors
  • Wear Tailor-made clothes
  • Make sure your clothes are structured and crease-free
  • Invest in your shoes
  • Never underdress or overdress on the occasion
  • Wear delicate accessories instead of the chunky one

“Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it”. To your surprise, dressing old money doesn’t necessarily have to dress up like a queen or princess every day, instead, it’s about being subtle yet captivating. So ladies, let’s free ourselves from the brand name logos, cause we deserve more.

If you are interested in classy styling, you may be interested in the following reads! See you there!


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