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*2023*How to find rich & successful friends:13 tested way!

*2023*How to find rich & successful friends:13 tested way!

Last week I’ve received an email from a sweet lady, asking me how to ACTUALLY find rich and successful friends and how to get into the rich social circle.

Huh, interesting.

She explained to me further that she is a young single mom and solopreneur working hard in her business and personal growth for a few years.

While she can now enjoy the expensive lifestyle and finer things in life, she feels so lonely as there is no one to share with.


As a 27-years-old building her own little empire myself, I think I can share my two cents!

These years, I am lucky enough to meet some successful founders and amazing people.

I don’t intentionally “hunt” for rich people but just naturally attract people with growth mindsets like me.

And guess what, the one with a growth mindset is rich anyways!

If you are interested to know the ways how to find rich friends in a 100% realistic way, keep on reading!

Little Disclaimer:

To set your expectations right, rich people in this article mean the self-made ones but do not necessarily refer to the trust-fund babies.

1. You don’t find rich friends, you attract

As the famous quote said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

Imagine if you are a rich person, do you rather spend your time with someone successful or someone poor? The answer is obvious.

But does that mean you have to be rich to find rich friends? Of course not.

All you need to do is to bring your value to the table.

From having a growth mindset and motivating others, to offering some tax accounting advice to someone who is great at organizing parties, you need to showcase the rich friends what you are good at.

At the end of the day, in all kinds of relationships, it’s healthy reciprocity that nurtures a good relationship and it’s not always money to money.

2. Attend the seminars that interest you

If you’ve confirmed you are some sort of value provider, now we can talk about where you meet rich friends.

From my experience, you can always find rich people in all kinds of business or start-up seminars, talks, and workshops.

Why? Because the self-made rich friends value knowledge and these are the wonderlands for them.

Seriously, you have nothing to lose! With or without the attendance of rich people, those seminars are here to widen your horizons!

3. Startup / Start your own business

Of course, there are many rags-to-rich stories, but the majority of the start-up or business founders come from relatively wealthy families (middle class or above).

If you want to be in the circle, why not start a small business that you are passionate about?! It’s not just about the money, but the opportunities that come after that – it just basically opens another door for you.

4. Wealthy neighborhood

how to meet rich successful people

I mean, this is just maths. When you live in a rich neighborhood, the possibility for you to meet your rich neighbor just boosts tenfolds in an instant.

Also, when you socialize at other events, you just naturally feel more confident inviting people over to your home.

Of course, living in a wealthy neighborhood cost a ton of money but you can also share the rent with your friends. Trust me, there are many people out there who want to meet rich people like you.

5. Go to the exclusive gym and bar

how to get into rich social circles

Going to anything here high end can have a higher chance to meet rich people. Go search the premium bars, and luxury gyms in order to find the right crowds.

As the saying goes “There is nothing more expensive than something free”. Once you figured that out, your life is way easier.


I know some people will suggest fine dining. But I think the chance is lower as most of them have a partner or group of friends.

6. Join an online group strategically

This is based on a true story again. My friend’s ex is a luxury watch lover and he joined the “Rolex watches online group”.

That group, as expected, is full of all business owners and professionals.

The best part? He doesn’t own any luxury watches at that point in time yet he has truly bonded with the like-minded in 3 months’ time.

Of course, he has been active in the group and provides all the updated pricing information and news. So again, value, value, and value.

7. Learn classy sports

If you can afford, take a class and immerse yourself in typical rich sports like sailing, golf, skiing, and more.

Instead of going to the one-off gathering, joining class over a course of a few months can way easier to nurture a true friendship – it’s just another level.

8. Join MBA and EMBA (or just info day!)

Before you skip this tip because you can’t afford the $5000 degree, hear me out first – you don’t have to.

The true story again.

My friend met a GM from a big banking group not because she actually took the course, but simply joined the EMBA information day and they happened to chat during the seminar!

Be creative because you never know where life takes you! It’s all about exploring every opportunity and being open-minded!


If you target meeting executive-level people, go to the EMBA course rather than MBA. The age level of EMBA is higher.

9. Pick your job strategically

Also, your job matters A LOT as well.

While being a professional like lawyer, the doctor is a no-brainer for you to meet well-off people, the good news is that’s certainly not the only way.

The point here is your job can somehow help you connect with rich people. Say a tennis coach, or golf coach, works as a marketing consultant or a sales that need to cold call the small business owner.

One of my friends works as a senior marketing consultant and she meets A TON of founders and cool people!

10. Join classy events

how to meet the rich successful people

From movie premieres, gala dinners, charity events, and galleries to auction houses visit, there are A TON of high-end activities you can join! Seriously, I will suggest you join alone if you are ok with it.

And here I want to debunk a myth – not all these seemingly “high-class” events are impossible to join as a “normal” human being. You can go to the places like meetup or Eventbrite – I can always find some gala dinners or parties there.

No excuses people!

etsy shop banner

Click the shop link ONLY if you’re the goal-setter! Enjoy!!

11. Wine Tasting event

From my experience, you can always find some high-quality people there!

12. Try the online app

Of course, there are scams when it comes to meeting people online, but I know some people DO find success there. Especially when you are introverted, trying out an online app can be a really good starting point.


To avoid the fake rich, filter the info is KEY. What school he/she studied is one of the best indicators.

13. Learn about the etiquette

If you want to mingle with high society, learn all about etiquette. This is for sure not a quick win but I can tell you people will be low-key impressed by your classy act and behavior.

Here are two must-read books I highly recommend, save them to your wish list even if you don’t have the intention to buy them! You will find them useful one day.

14. Put yourself OUT THERE

Last but not least, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. If you read this article now, high chance you are really passionate about meeting rich successful people so start taking action!

I know it’s tough but you know what, it’s all worth it.

Sometimes we just have too many “what if” in our brains. STOP. From now on, let’s feed your brain with another saying – “You are just one decision away from a totally different life”.

You can do this girl. (or guys!)


So there you go people – the 13 realistic ways if you are wondering how to get into rich social circles and find rich and successful friends that will really level up your life!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these tips are helpful!

Of course, let’s not forget you have to do much personal development work and find your value along the journey. It’s the give and takes that make a relationship blossom!

Want to learn more about this topic? Check out my other popular reads. I promise they are fun!

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