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*2023*how to dress to REALLY attract a wealthy man? color to scent!

*2023*how to dress to REALLY attract a wealthy man? color to scent!

So you’re kind of curious but do not dare to ask: How to dress to attract a wealthy man? 

No worries girls, you are not alone and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

But here’s the thing, there are no exact dressing tips to tell you what to wear and whatnot.

After all, there are a hundred types of wealthy men and they all got different tastes!

So please feel free to take this guideline as a pinch of salt and recreate your own rules.

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That being said, I’m pretty sure the tips below are helpful.



how to dress to attract a wealthy man
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Wealthy men love women wearing red dresses for many reasons.

First, it directly reflects your level of confidence.

As a bold color that draws people’s attention, it does take some courage to dress a one-piece dress.

So yes, a lady in red is not afraid to be under the spotlight and present herself.

This goddess aura is exactly what wealthy men desire.

Second, tons of research shows that red is attractive to men due to the primal biological reason.

So yes, you can wear a decent dress but still appear sexually attractive to rich men. How cool is that?


how to dress to attract a wealthy man
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Rich man has seen it all and they for sure know how to filter out the “desperate girls” in their dangerously hot bodycon mini dress.

They may enjoy your outfit but they also know it’s a red flag. Come on, rich men aren’t that dumb.

Plus, you never want to position yourself as the easy girl just because you dress in revealing and wearing heavy makeup with super long fake eyelashes.

Instead, keep your style elevated with a feminine and sophisticated dress to stand out from the crowd.

A real lady always knows it’s the body curves that ignite the men’s imagination.

A rich man loves solving challenges so that tasteful lady won’t is polished and won’t give everything away.

Let him chase you.


how to dress to attract a wealthy man
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Whether you are rich or not, you never want to look flashy in front of the rich man as that can appear to be childish in their eyes.

I mean, who wants a materialistic girl that looks high-maintenance at the first sight?

Instead of throwing all the designer logos from head to toe, invest your money wisely into high-quality items instead.

Seriously, wearing a $7000 Chanel bag will not be ultra sexy in rich men’s eyes.

Go for the real quality tailored bags to show him you got artsy taste.


how to dress to attract a wealthy man
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If you think pastel hues aren’t your thing, well, think again. With good pairings, floral shades us a really good strategy to get noticed by rich men.

While a black lace cami silt dress is a failproof look, a lilac sweater and a flowy lavender chiffon dress just express femininity in a refreshing way.

It’s such a nice breath of air.

According to the classic self-help book How to Win Friends & Influence People and color psychology, pastel hues just makes you appear to be more likable and give off a soft and gentle vibe effortlessly.

So ladies, perhaps it’s now the time to harness the power of pastel shades!


how to dress to attract a wealthy man
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Gorgeous ladies are everywhere and if you want to get noticed by him, always take a step further to be extra poised to show you are not another average girl.

That said, you don’t have to do something dramatic.

Basically, it’s all about being tasteful, which is not a thing that can easily copy and paste.

A white shirt and black dress pants are too basic? What about elevating the look with a waist-cinching corset belt with a slim buckle?

As for the chilly days, style yourself with a satin neck scarf and elbow-high gloves just scream “I don’t settle for less” and that’s almost the golden formula that can grab an alpha male attention.


how to dress to attract a wealthy man
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Here, I’m specifically referring to the posh, horse riding type of preppy men.

To attract their attention, embracing equestrian fashion can work wonders.

Equestrian style is clearly having a moment these days and you don’t need to be a professional horse rider to carry those elegant horse pat breeches.

Together with a structured coat and riding boots, you just look like an old-money girl.

To carry equestrian style in a casual way, you can always mix and match with your own styles for a one-of-a-kind look.

Too dressy to wear the riding show coat? Switch it to an oxford shirt will play the trick as well.


how to dress to attract a wealthy man
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As a petite girl, flared pants are the real confidence booster for me. Together with a nice pair of nude heels or wedge, it just elongates your figure nicely.

I don’t know about you but that’s kind of empowering to me!

The best part? The flowy flared pants exaggerate your movement and present your walks in the most feminine way.

Seriously, it’s hard to not notice a lady with these pants, it just exudes a sense of unapologetic confidence.

I would any kind of flared pants work great but the silk and satin pants certainly elevate the look even more with its glamourous fabric.

Consider investing in one!


how to dress to attract a wealthy man
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Alright, so you’ve pinned down a fancy elegant dress and now it’s time to do a final screening for your look.

Believe it or not, wealthy and high-class men are particular in details. Even your dress like a millionaire girl but with intimidating nail art or a dirty cartoon phone case, that’s just not gonna work.

After all, it’s the tiny details that reflect who you REALLY are.

So ladies, keep your style united and neat as a whole.

Stupidly easy but helpful.

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how to dress to attract a wealthy man

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how to dress to attract a wealthy man
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I know it’s cliche but I just can’t keep my mouth shut about that – BE YOU.

While I believe the tips above can be truly helpful, if you aren’t enjoying dressing up in a classy elegant way and feel like you are faking, just STOP as that can’t be long-term.

And guess what, not all wealthy men love ladies in an elegant trench coats and silk dresses.

Some love cool biker jacket girls and some feel the most comfortable with a girl with a crisp white tee and jeans!

You will never know who you encounter.

All you need to do is keep your beautiful smile and things will unfold their way.


So ladies, here are the 10 outfit tips if you wonder how to dress to attract a wealthy man.

These tips can work and now it’s time for you to TAKE ACTION. Ask yourself, how bad do you want this lady?

Below is a quick recap:

  • A red dress to attract high-class wealthy men
  • Stay sexy in an elegant way
  • No flashy big logos
  • Freshen up your style with pastel hues
  • Take one step further to be extra polished
  • Try an equestrian-inspired look to attract rich men
  • Stay feminine in flared pants
  • Be attentive to details
  • Get an extra boost with pheromone perfume
  • Be truly who you are

To conclude these tips, it’s crystal clear that the high-class, smart, and confident ladies are the popular type in rich men’s eyes.

If you want to dig into elegant styles more, make sure you won’t miss the tips below!

See you there gorgeous!

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