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*22 real-life outfits!* What to wear to LINE DANCING? (+ what not!)

*22 real-life outfits!* What to wear to LINE DANCING? (+ what not!)

Wondering what to wear to line dancing? You’ve come to the right place!

Lemme tell you, line dancing is no easy feat.

While it looks so effortless, line dancing requires the meticulous balancing of the body while you move to the beat. 

Believe it or not, the intensity and technique can be surprisingly high!

As a traditional country music dance, line dancing is popular among Western dancing clubs, ballrooms, parties, and more.

what to wear to line dancing red dress
Source: Pinterest

That said, the outfits for lining dancing are getting more diverse these days.

Besides the classic cowboy look, there are a ton of choices from casual to dressy.

Now let’s get inspired by these 22 real-life country line dancing outfits.


1. What shoes to wear to line dancing?

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Whether you are the first joiner or expert in line dancing, a country charm cowgirl look can never go wrong.

Think of a plaid shirt, buckle belt, and bootcut denim jeans that scream the Western vibes.

For footwear, pick boots or shoes with smooth leather out-soles to feel the comfiest.

Or else, sneakers and split-soled dancing shoes can be doable as well!

2. The cowgirl must have: A plaid shirt

To give the plaid shirt a feminine twist, try front-knot the shirt and wear a white top underneath – that just looks effortlessly playful and chic.

I love this shirt from Amazon below.

Given its high-quality fabric and body-forgiving cuts, this price is unbeatable.

what to wear to plaid shirt western

Check it out for all different patterns and sizes!

3. What to wear to line dancing class

If you are joining the line dancing class for a performance, don’t worry about the outfits as you may be given the class tee!

And basically, any type of tee will look fine!

line dancing cute outfit
Source: Pinterest

Need I say more? These looks are such a mood booster.

4. Bootcut jeans for line dancing

As a pear-shaped and petite girl, picking the right jeans has always been such a pain.

bootcut jeans line dancing outfit
Source: Pinterest

I have a pair of perfect jeans from 7 for all mankind but that’s super expensive ( a whopping $189 per pair…) so I don’t think it’s worth recommending.

That said, I’ve tried these bootcut jeans on Amazon and so far this is my best find. 

It’s rare to find good reviews when it comes to jeans but these stretchy pairs do surprise me in many ways!

Bootcut jeans for line dancing

The best part? It’s thick thigh thigh-friendly.

Check out the review for try-on photos and you won’t be disappointed.

5. What to wear to line dancing in summer

For a summary line-dancing day, feel free to dress in a cute graphic tee, denim hot pants, and cowboy boots to feel the best. ♡


When you do the line dancing, make sure you wear old pairs of cowboy boots. 

We all know how sturdy unworn cowboy boots are, wearing new pairs to line dancing can be insanely painful.

Don’t be that poor gal.

6. Country road graphic tee

I just can’t.

Country road graphic tee outfits

This “Country Road Take Me Home” graphic tee just screams the aesthetic country vibes like no other.

Just can’t be perfect for line dancing.

7. Feminine line dancing outfits

Time has changed and people embrace all kinds of looks to line dancing as long as it’s practical and comfy!

To freshen up the rowdy howdy look, gravitate towards all-white outfits with a modern straw cowgirl hat.

How refreshing.

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If you want to go for a cute mini dress, make sure you wear a pair of mini pants underneath!

8. A lightweight top to line dancing

If you are line dancing indoors, make sure you wear breathable tops as high chance you will run warm pretty quickly.

Depending on the situation, the dancing room can be crowded and the air circulation is definitely not the best.

When in doubt, get inspired by this lady and stay chic in this red cold-shoulder peplum top.

Seriously, there are tons of tops you can pair with your bootcut jeans – there are no boundaries!

9. Western fringe top for line dancing

I love this halter neck fringe top on Amazon.

what to wear to line dancing

Throw this on and you’ll feel Oh-so-sexy. Together with the signature hoop earrings, this is such a tasteful line-dancing look.

Oh, and the best part: Those fringe detailing can hide the tummy area perfectly!

Check this fringe top out ♡

10. Make sure your outfits are flexible enough

You can wear skinny jeans but make sure they are stretchy enough to do all kinds of moves!

11. Western line dancing dress outfits

what to wear to line dancing

The real Western girl knows there’s never too much denim in one outfit.

The light denim wash just looks amazing with the cream cowboy boots. Such a fun combo.

12. Wear a rhinestone belt to line dancing bar

Heading to a line dancing clubbing night? Stand out of the crowd with this rhinestone buckle belt!

rhinestone belt amazon

Get this rhinestone belt on Amazon!

Put this statement piece on and you will shine like a superstar.

13. What to wear to a line dancing bar?

These years, line dancing keeps evolving, and perhaps it’s time to step out of your comfort zone.

Don’t be too surprised when you see some hotties wearing bikinis in the club!

14. Wear a side slit dress for line-dancing

For the girls who gravitate towards midi skirts, make sure you pick the one with a high side tilt so you can dance like nobody is watching.

With the H-shape midi skirt, it will restrict the dance moves to a large extent – don’t do that.

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Alright, now keep on reading!

15. What to wear to line dancing guys

For guys, dress casually in a tank top or T-shirt just to seal the deal.

To add a dash of attitude, jazz the look with a chain necklace if you feel like it!

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16. Go matchy with girl pals

Want double happiness? Go matchy with your bestie for line dancing!

17. Cute country line dancing outfits

A denim jacket and crop top are another perfect combo.

When in doubt, layer up the look so you can take on and off the clothes when you overheat.

boho dance lining outfit ideas
Follow @Cambrianashville on ig!

This look is giving Boho x Western vibes. Love it.


So there you go people – the 22 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to line dancing.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope this inspo proves to you that line-dancing fashion is way more versatile than expected!

At the end of the day, it’s all about dressing in what makes you feel the best. Stay one-of-a-kind and you’re bound to feel THE BEST!

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