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*2023* 13 Carrie Underwood country concert real-life outfits + tips!

*2023* 13  Carrie Underwood country concert real-life outfits + tips!

Wondering what to wear to Carrie Underwood’s country concert? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Crowned as the undisputed queen of modern country music, her concert just hit another level.

Despite all the contraptions, spectacular lighting, and visual effect, it’s her passionate and fierce performance that have blown everybody away.

From “All American girl ” to “If I didn’t love you”, the vibes are truly a 10/10.

That said, picking the right outfit for the concert is half of the fun.

To make sure you have a rollicking country music night, below I’ve come up with 13 real-life Carrie Underwood concert looks along with some tips.

Enjoy and get inspired!

1. What to wear to the Carrie underwood concert

Without a doubt, the country chic look has always been the most popular style to wear for Carrie Underwood concerts.

But is it the only look to follow? Of course not!

The crowd of the concert is literally a mix of everything. 

From the super casual tee and jeans combo to the howdy rowdy hot cowgirl look, they are all doable! 

The key here is to wear something comfy yet cute enough to make you feel the best!

For ladies, I’d say freshen up the classic cowgirl look with a white fringe halter neck top.

Together with the jean shorts and cowboy boots, this is how you exude a dash of western flare with minimal effort.

As for guys, keeping it decent yet chill in a collared shirt and shorts is always failproof.


While it’s okay to wear flip-flops to concerts, let’s not forget the stadium can be super crowded.

And yes, people can easily step on their feet. As a perfect alternative, go for sneakers or moccasins that are equally comfy.

2. Carrie underwood merch tee

Want to show your support for Carrie underwood? 

Well, what about wearing the merch tee with your bestie and making this country concert night extra memorable?

One of my non-cliche way to wear merch tee is to order the 2 sizes bigger and make it a front-knot oversized tee with my mini skirt.

Hop on to Etsy and you’ll surprise how many Carrie Underwood Merch tees you can find there. They are all aesthetic!

3. When in doubt, play with patterns

Want to look cute without OTT? I’d say play with patterns to boost the mood!

From the iconic cowgirl plaid shirt to a flirty floral jumpsuit, they are all perfect for an exhilarating concert night.

These two ladies are rocking their “Southern Belle and Farmers Daughter” outfits in the most effortless way.


4. Kimono jacket x cowboy boots

To feel the most carefree and chic, picking the right outerwear is key to stepping up your outfit from casual to tasteful.

One of my favorites is the fringed kimono jacket.

Featuring the super lightweight fabric and billowy silhouette, it just flatters the body frame from petite to plus size.

As a girl who is insecure about the upper arms area, I LOVE pairing a tank top with a sheer kimono jacket.

That’s a 10/10.

5. Mother and daughter concert look

This mother and daughter rock the leopard kimono jacket and white dungaree dress like the country girls can.


6. A statement sequin dress for the Carrie Underwood Concert

Get inspired by this hot mama-to-be and throw on a maxi sequin dress that night.

Sometimes it’s really good to stand out from the crowd!

7. Country music quote tee for concert

Country music quote tee for concert

The right graphic tee is powerful enough to set the mood for your country folk concert night.

This “Country music & beer – that’s why I’m here” tee just vibes with literally e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. !

Check them out on Amazon.

This cute tee got all different designs and colors!

8. US flag tank top for a country music festival

Speaking of the country music concert, you can tell dressing patriotically is always a good idea. 

Among the crowd, it’s not uncommon to see people wearing a USA flag poncho or wearing a statement red and white dress proudly.

As a loyal Amazon buyer, I must say not all T-shirt has the best quality.

But this one just has the best kind of T-shirt material, SUPER SOFT!!! ♥♥♥

US flag tank top amazon

9. Wear Double denim like Carrie

Want to step out of your comfort zone? Well, perhaps it’s time to level up your styling game and try denim on denim!

When in doubt, copy from Carrie. I mean, why choose between rhinestones and denim when you can have BOTH?


If you are afraid of looking too samey in double denim? 

Pairing up the darker and lighter denim shade in one look is the most flattering way to go.

Looking how to rock the cowgirl outfits in winter? Check out my latest post below!

10. What to wear to Carrie underwood concert in vegas

If you are watching Carrie Underwood’s concert in Las Vegas, this darn good-looking cowgirl look is what you should be wearing.

As the saying goes “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world”.

If you are tired of the western cowgirl look, let’s do a cool black monotone look this time!

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11. Lowkey cowgirl look for country music

Want to stand out in the sea of light brown suede jackets? Well, go for an embroidered vest to add in a dash of distinctive vibes!

So here’s the sweet mash-up to finish the whole look:

  • A messy bun tied with a bandana
  • a stone bead necklace
  • Turquoise bead bracelet

Can’t explain but I do think a bucket bag will vibe with this outfit.


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pheromone perfume
Obviously, this pheromone perfume (Amazon bestseller) is for the ladies who wanna spice things up (Got you gal!)
black girl dark skin makeup
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ysl mini shoulder bag
Get this YSL mini shoulder bag on Net-A-porter

12. Graphic tee + bootcut pants

A retro graphic top and flared-leg pants = Retro happy girl.

As a petite girl, I love teaming flared-leg jeans with high-platform sandals.

Despite the elongating effect, it just sculpts my bottoms in the most feminine way.

Such a confidence booster.

To amp up the look, throw on a rhinestone belt and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit!

13. What to wear to a winter country music concert

Who said concert outfits in winter have to be boring? Actually, there are a ton of flattering choices!

When in doubt, think animal print sweater, faux leather pants, and an embroidered denim jacket that scream “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

As for footwear, thigh-high boots always work wonders in spicing up the look.

14. Modern cowgirl look

I just come across this pin and thought – WOW, this lady definitely got some style!

Check it out yourself people. (Unmute for the best effect!)


So there you go – the 13 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to Carrie Underwood’s country music concert

I hope you are getting excited as now, you are spoiled with a ton of outfit combos to try out!

Whether you want to keep it chill in a crop top or go all in with the western country style, they will all work wonders.

For the fans, comment down below your favorite songs from Carrie Underwood.

Love to know!

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