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*2023* What to wear to frat parties ALL year round? Guys + Gals! 11 looks!

*2023* What to wear to frat parties ALL year round? Guys + Gals! 11 looks!

Going to the iconic frat party is kind of a big deal, especially when it’s your first time. After all, you can always re-take a class, but you can never re-live a party!

If you are wondering what a frat party is, imagine a bunch of sweaty strangers in a stuffy unknown house trying their best to look fun and cool.

From beer pong, aggressive Jell-O shots, and tipsy conversation with frat brothers to all kinds of *incomprehensible scenes* (don’t be too surprised by that time), the frat party will be your wildest memory throughout university life.

That being said, picking the right outfit is definitely part of the fun.

To make sure you get the most out of the college party, gravitate towards the look that is as stylish as it’s comfy!

To make the outfit settling thing easy for you, I’ve gathered 11 real-life frat party outfit ideas for all different situations, and seasons for both gals and guys!


1. Go freestyle for a frat party

So first thing first, let me set the expectation right for you. 

Unlike the glamourous Hollywood scene, frat parties come with literally all kinds of forms from super casual to the crazy wild.

Unless there’s a specific theme for the frat party, you can basically wear whatever you want – no one is here to judge.

This funny yet accurate meme just shows how a freshman girl and a senior can dress totally differently at the same frat party!

Of all, there’s the ONLY rule to follow – wear cheap clothes. 

At the frat parties, expect a ton of mess from some unknown liquid spilling over your dress to your super drunk bestie puking on you.

Please don’t bring your expensive silk dress and Chanel bag as 100% you will in deep regret.

I warned you gal!

2. Stylish frat party outfit ideas

When it comes to the frat party that screams nothing but 10/10 youthfulness, go for fun and stylish clothes that vibe with the crowd.

These days, cut-out dress is all the rage and this trend seems not intend to fade out anytime soon. 

To look all glam up, all you need is to throw on a lovely blue body con together with the sexy spaghetti heels and you’re good to go!

For the frat guys, teaming a patterned button-down with a blazer and jeans just look effortlessly smart yet tasteful. This combo is sure to impress.

3.  Simple & Cute frat party outfits

Can you look casual and sexy at the same time? A red cropped tee and faux leather shorts are the ultimate dreams.

And I must say this frat boy carrying this striped button-down nicely as well!

4. When in doubt, wear animal prints

Wondering how to spice up a comfy denim look for the frat party? Well, I’d say add animal prints to the equation!

If you did right, this sophisticated and sassy print is forever chic. And guess what, a girl who dares to embrace a leopard print top just explicitly signals to others “Hey, I am confident and I KNOW it!”

That’s super attractive.


As a girl with chubby cheeks, I LOVE wearing the one-shoulder top so much. 

The asymmetrical neckline just extends my neck and makes my face appear to be smaller by comparison.

Try this trick and you’ll be impressed!

5. What to wear to a frat date party

Want to stand out in the crowd at a frat date party? Well, it’s not easy but definitely possible if you are wearing a bodysuit!

According to my unofficial research (Asking all my male friends), the bodysuit is irresistibly sexy as it sculpts a woman’s figure in the most perfect way.

If you want to go all in, I highly consider you team it with fishnet tights and a baseball girl. Trust me, you will get all the attention (and jealous eyes) you desire.

6. Dress like a frat boy

college frat outfits
Source: 1,2

If you come across some girls in all kinds of costumes and uniforms, you know you are in the real frat house.

From the LeBron fan look too a matchy frat boys girl costume and frat boys Halloween look, it’s time to go extra creative with your squad!

7. What to wear to a frat party plus size

Let’s be real, we all feel insecure sometimes – especially when we just have a big meal and feel all bloated. 

Whether you are regular or plus size, a peplum dress is my best pick for you.

Featuring the extra stripe gathered around the fabric, it just covers your belly perfectly and fakes an hourglass shape for you out of nowhere. 

I bought this dress last year and have worn it like a uniform ever since, simply unbeatable.

What to wear to a frat party
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And this is the pick for my plus-size queens! This cold-shoulder dress has the right amount of flintiness without going too OTT. LOVE.

What to wear to a frat party plus size
Get this plus-size peplum dress on Amazon

8. What to wear to a frat party in winter girls

You have frat parties all year round so please don’t throw away your fashion sense when the days are chillin’ out!

To look effortlessly chic with minimal effort, denim x denim is definitely the flattering combo to go. 

Together with a sleek white tube and retro sunglasses, this is how you be the fashionista at the frat party.


Seriously, sometimes a denim jacket is more than enough in winter. 

Let’s not forget the indoor frat party is super hot and stuffy and wearing a turtleneck with a long coat just can’t be more disastrous.

If you can’t stand the cold weather on your way to the frat house, throw on a big coat can you can easily take it on and off with your summery dress underneath is the best way.

9. What to wear to a frat party in winter for guys

If a winter frat boy looks has to pin to only one outfit, this is the one.

Honestly, I never thought a black coat, funky pink hoodie, white pants, and caps will ever work well together. But guess what, it did!

This get-up just looks like something a popular frat boy would wear.

9. What to wear to a frat-themed party

what to wear to a frat themed party
Source: 1,2

When in doubt, go preppy. Think polo shirts, button-down tops, and chino shorts together with the pastel shades. 

For ladies, embrace all kinds of gossip girl themes and recreate the Blair Waldorf look!

Not gonna lie, dressing like a rich kid always feels good.

10. Wear jerseys as a frat party guy

And of course, when it comes to one of the classic frat party looks – jerseys! From the baseball jersey to the basketball tee, you will literally see them everywhere.

For ladies, consider wearing the oversized jersey as a dress – so cute and sexy!

11. What shoes to wear to a frat party

When it comes to footwear, really, it all depends on your purpose.

What shoes to wear to frat party
Source: 1,2

If you are going to the frat party with your crush, I totally understand why you are wearing sexy stilettos.

But for the rest of us who just wanna have fun and dance our night way, comfort is KEY. 

From low chunky heels to sandal wedges to sneakers, there are a ton of practical yet flattering choices.

As a petite girl, my favorite pick is nude spaghetti low chunky heels. That nude stripe just elongates my legs like magic without sacrificing comfort at all!

Trust me, you can’t believe how silly and painful you look when you are all drunk and trying to walk in the pointy high heels. 

(Confession: I’ve been there)


So there you go people – the 11 college outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a frat party and make this wild night extra memorable!

What is your thought on that? I hope this post has given you some value and helped you settle on the right outfit! 

May I wish you work hard but party harder? After all, you’re only young once!

Looking for other college outfit tips and tricks? Check out my other popular articles here. See you there young people!

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