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*2023* 11 looks! What to wear to college bar & party? (Guys & Gals!)

*2023* 11 looks! What to wear to college bar & party? (Guys & Gals!)

Speaking of the college bar and party, it’s all wild fun memories.

As a perfect blend of a dimly lit cozy place, relaxed vibes, great food, and a budget-friendly drink special, you’re bound to have a good time.

After all, when you’re in college, every hour is happy hour!

If you are wondering what to really wear to a college bar to get the right vibes, here’s the right place!

Below, I’ve gathered 11 real-life college bar and party outfit ideas for guys and gals from Instagram along with some pro tips.


1. What to wear to college bar & party ladies

If you’re not going all in your early 20s, when? Think crop top, bodycon dress, hot pants that scream “I’m hot and I KNOW it”.

Want to dance like nobody is watching? 

Team a cute halter top with jeans and sneakers just ensure you look as flattering as you’re carefree enough to do all the moves.

Can’t go wrong.

2. Cami top is the most versatile piece

Embrace all kinds of cami tops girl. ALL WE HAVE IS NOW.

If you want to give your look a smooth silhouette, definitely go for the bodysuit top with double snap button crotch closure to feel the most carefree.

3. Embrace fun hues and patterns 24/7

Orange striped tee and funky flamingo shirt? I want them both.

4. Fall and winter college bar outfit ideas

To blend in the crowd with the young 20s, think effortlessly chic and comfy look. You never want to appear to be too “polished” for the college club.

For ladies, a low-key- glam satin shirt with black faux leather pants just looks as practical as it screams “I’m edgy and I KNOW it”.

For gents, think clean and sleek look with a baseball cap and fitted sweater.

5. What to wear to college bar guys

What to wear to college bar guys
Source: 1,2

Another popular choice for college bars and house parties, you will see the guys wear all kinds of a sports jerseys.

Despite adding an instant high street style to the get-up, the rugged yet lightweight material is just perfect for the super crowded and stuffy setting.

I mean, space is such a luxury in a popular college bar.

6. Cute college girl funny shirt

Of course, college girls love rocking all kinds of funny T-shirt. They just never go out of style.

Cute college girl funny shirt

To finish off the look with a cuter end, do a side knot with it and showcase a stripe of skin that is always flattering!

7. Funny shirt to college bar guys

Funny shirt to college bar guys

This has always been the best seller on Amazon and I can tell why! Wear it on and you will catch people trying to read it all the time.

Be the fun guy in the crowd!

Side note:

Oh, and the best part, this shirt is 100% cotton and made in the USA. Such a rare combo. Check this shirt out!

etsy shop banner

Click the shop link ONLY if you’re the goal-setter! Enjoy!!

8. Get a fun theme for the college bar and party

Feeling extra fancy for the 5 am bars? What about go creative with a cowgirl theme for the college party?

So here’s the sweet combo: Rancher hat, plaid shirt, tank top, and cowboy boots that give you a dash of western flare.

9. Wear school club merch to the college club

Whether you are a college student or graduate, wearing school club merch is always a good idea. The sense of belonging is real.

Throw on a Kollege Club hoodie and Viola – you’re back to the good eighteen!

10. Modest college party outfit ideas

Want to dress modestly and be fun for a college party? Well, it’s possible if you throw on a dungaree!

First thing first, if you think they are too juvenile, well, think again.

Swipe the white shirt with a sexy red tube top and instantly it just showers your totally different vibes.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I must say off-shoulder work great as well. Showcasing the shoulder line just make my face appear to be smaller.

To finish off the look on a perfect end, match your top and shoes in a similar hue just to trick others you’ve given serious thought to your style.

11. College party outfits winter

Surprise surprise, some people do wear hoodies to college clubs in fall and winter!

It’s all about feeling carefree and embracing the “Tuesday after a lesson? Let’s grab a drink” kind of vibes.


So there you go- the 11 real-life outfits if you are wondering what to wear to a college bar and party.

At the end of the day, there’s no fast and hard rule on what to wear and what not – you do you!

All you need is to keep your soul young and wild. Tonight let’s get some live while we’re young!

Looking for more party outfit ideas? Check out my specific article below. See you there loves!

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