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*2023*What to wear to housewarming & house party? 28 OUTFITS!

*2023*What to wear to housewarming & house party? 28 OUTFITS!

Wondering how to make your new place feel like home in an instant?

Well, What about inviting all your family and friends over and holding a housewarming party and having a blast together?

As the saying goes “Home is where memories and made”, and there’s no better way than filling your new place with warmth, jokes, and laughter.

So whether you’re the host or the guest of the house party, the only question in your mind now probably is:

what to wear housewarming house party
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What to wear to a housewarming party? Are there any specific rules and tips?


From casual to dressy, summer to festive winter, I’ve gathered 28 housewarming and house party outfit ideas for you.


1. What to wear to a casual summer housewarming party?

what to wear to a casual summer housewarming party
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Compared to other themed parties, housewarming is more of a casual, cozy one.

Instead of throwing a huge bash, in most cases, only family, close friends, and neighbors are invited.

So yes, you can definitely dress down a bit in your denim jeans.

casual summer housewarming party
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That said, go with a statement top to show you’ve given thought to your style.

Think cute printed tops and bright hues that scream summer house party vibes.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I LOVE wearing an off-shoulder top – that just makes my face look smaller by comparison!

2. Failproof housewarming outfit ideas – shirt dress

If you have no time to mix and match but still wanna look chic, the shirt dress is your bestie of the day.

housewarming party outfit ideas
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Featuring the universally flattering A-line cut, all you need is to add a belt to cinch in your waist and you’re good to go!

For fall and winter, style it with a cute sweater and boots just equally stylish as well.

The combos are literally endless.

3. Last-minute house party outfit ideas

Speaking of the housewarming parties, comfort is KEY.

house party outfit ideas
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After all, we would stand and walk around the house for hours, grabbing food and chit chat with each other non-stop.

Instead of reaching for a smoking hot bodycon dress that makes you feel suffocated the whole night, I guess I’ll stick with my billowy romper that feels weightless.

As for the sophisticated style, pair up a flared pants jumpsuit, and slipping in those red pumps just look impeccably tasteful and sleek.

4. What to wear to a housewarming dinner party?

If you don’t want to appear trying hard for the house party but still want to look cute, a co-ord set is always failproof.

What to wear to a housewarming dinner party?
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Regardless of your body shape and size, a cropped tweed jacket and skirt set just never go wrong – whether you team it with a lace cami top or button-down, it just looks equally lovely.

As a petite girl, co-ord is truly slenderizing as it keeps your figure united with the same hues and patterns.

So if you want to experiment with some bold prints and worry about the exaggerating effect, co-ord sets will put you on the right track.

5. Summer house party outfit ideas – paper bag pants & shorts

Alright, let’s talk about shorts and pants.

Summer house party outfit ideas
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While leggings appear to be too laid back and dress pants seem too put together, paper bag pants are such a nice comfy choice.

At a house party, high chance you will sit a lot and probably have a big meal at night.

That’s why the forgiving paper bag pants just come in handy for giving that little wiggle room for your food baby.

SUMMER HOUSE party outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

Plus, it is just easy to dress up and down.

Whether you team it with a turtleneck sweater or blazer, it just looks effortlessly sleek for a business casual look without trying too hard.

6. What to wear to a college house party as a teenage girl?

What to wear to a college house party as a teenage girl? You can definitely dress it down for a chill look.

what to wear to a house party teenage girl
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Embrace the laid-back vibes with the oversized hoodie dress and chunky sneakers so you are comfy enough to dance like nobody’s watching for the wild party night.

Or else, throw on a plaid shacket on top of a halter neck top for a quick fall get-up.

Easy piecey.

7. What to wear to a housewarming dinner party? Dress it up.

If you are invited to a housewarming dinner party, congrats as it’s time to dress up. A lovely cocktail dress is always welcome.

If you want to buy a cocktail dress on a budget, check out my only handpicks from Amazon below!

velvet dress housewarming party

Shop velvet dress on Amazon

Featuring a modern square neck and high waist design, this dress will make you feel like a BAE.

The best part?

The front split will elongate your legs visually. It’s all about the details that make a big difference people!

8. What to wear to a festive dinner house party?

If you’re invited to a house party during the festive season, a little sparkle of sequin goes a long way.

What to wear to a festive dinner house party
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People always think wearing a glitter dress will make you look like a disco ball, well, you don’t have to!

Keep the rest of your look simple with solids so you can look smart and put together.

Think of a plain high-neck top with a sequin A-line skirt and pointy boots. That just looks fun in a tasteful way.

Feeling venturesome?

Perhaps it’s time to try the sparkly legging!

Believe it or not, it’s one of the most popular Christmas house party looks of all time.

9. What to NOT wear to a housewarming party

Unless there’s a specific theme, don’t wear anything too over the top for the house party.

what to not wear to a housewarming party
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A floor-length gown is definitely not a good idea if you want to fit in the crowd.

And of course, anything too sexy that will OUTSHINE the host should be avoided if that’s a casual house party gathering.

While there are no hard and fast rules, that should be part of the unspoken party etiquette.

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10. House party outfit ideas for plus-size bae

For my plus-size ladies, of course, I won’t miss you out!

Here are handpicked two gorgeous pieces from Amazon if you want to spice up your party look!

These two dresses are all from ROMWE so the quality is guaranteed! (The expert online shopper should know this brand well)

House party outfit ideas plus size

1. Foral Print Short Sleeve blouse:

Lightweight, flattering low V neck and forgiving peplum design that can hide our belly after a big meal? That’s a YES for me.

Check out HERE for more try-on photos & reviews!

2. Off-Shoulder Wrap Sweetheart Dress:

Unlike other bodycon dresses, this one has a ruched design on the front that can instantly hide the muffin tops.

Together with the off-shoulder design that hints at a dash of femininity, you’ll find yourself wearing this darling more than you expected.

Check out HERE!

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11. What shoes to wear to a housewarming dinner party

For footwear, comfort is key. After all, high chance you will stand and walk around in the living room and chit-chat with others the whole evening.

What shoes to wear to housewarming party
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So for heaven’s sake please don’t wear the stiletto heels to ensure you have a good mood to enjoy.

Instead, go for the block heels or sandals that are equally flattering and easy to mix up your everyday look.

For me, embellished ballet flats are my forever fav.


So ladies, here you go – the 28 house party outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to housewarming parties.

I hope these ideas get you inspired! So now it’s time to pin down your look, prepare a little gift for the host, and enjoy your house party time!

By the way, if you are interested in party outfit ideas, high chance you will love the reads below!

See you there gorgeous!

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