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*2023* 20 chic ways to rock football jersey outfits for girls!

*2023* 20 chic ways to rock football jersey outfits for girls!

Ladies, what is your last time wearing a football jersey on the street?

Well, you should definitely wear them more often than on World Cup day as sports jerseys are coming in hot this season.

Athleisure is all the rage these days and wearing a vibrant football jersey for the weekend ensemble is just full of character.

football jersey outfits
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With all the mix and match, the outfit combinations can be truly endless.

Besides the iconic look, style an oversized jersey as a dress if you want extra sassiness.

That said, ahead are the 7 failproof football jersey outfit ideas you can easily replicate.



If you want to look stylish even in the simplest outfit, pairing your football jersey with jeans is such an impeccable fit.

football jersey outfit girl, football jersey outfit ideas
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For a hot summer look, tucking your slouchy jersey with denim shorts and pointy boots is such a perfect blend between sporty and style.

football jersey outfit ideas
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As the jersey is vibrant in color, pair them with dark hue pants can never go wrong if you prefer a subtle look.

And for the girls who want to look refreshed in this ensemble, I’ll urge you to try out white jeans as they can always give a dash of elegance to the look.

football jersey with jeans
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If you think a bright yellow jersey is tacky to wear, try out the cream pants and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Is a cropped football jersey practical to wear? Not really. But is it flattering and instagrammable?

football jersey outfit girl, football jersey outfit ideas
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As a petite girl, wearing a crop top with a high waist skort is always the universally flattering combo as it just visually elongates my legs.

Instead of going for the original loose-cutting Jersey, the cropped one with body-hugging fits just looks way more feminine to wear.

cropped football jersey outfit
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But if you think crop tops aren’t your style, going with the front knot is equally lovely.

Finish off the look with a pair of retro round sunglasses and a waist chain, this is how you look ultra chic with the football jersey.


As the oversized shirt trend is always in style (as expected), wearing the oversized football jersey is such a prevailing aesthetic ensemble that never gets old.

football jersey outfit girl, football jersey outfit ideas
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Whether you are a pear-shaped girl or a 24/7 food baby girl or both, a relaxed cut jersey can always feature your legs and make you look sleek and put together.

football jersey dress
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For an iconic schoolgirl look, pair the dress with sporty striped knee-high socks and chunky white sneakers that just look effortlessly cool.

Rock the black faux leather baseball cap with a choker necklace, this look is a 10/10.

Amazon football jersey dress
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Seriously, this sassy football jersey is sure to turn heads.

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Can you look feminine in a football jersey? I mean, why not?

football jersey outfit girl, football jersey outfit ideas
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Just style it like a usual top and team it with an A-line pleated dress and sandals and here’s your sweet girl look.

If you want an extra dash of youthfulness, go creative with your hairstyle and get a messy high bun with a polka dot headscarf to sparkle your day.

As a side note, I will always prefer the V-neck to the round neck as the former just makes my face appear to be smaller by proportion.

feminine football jersey outfit idea
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I don’t know about you but from my personal experience, a V-neck top is more versatile in style.

For example, when it comes to a blazer, pairing it with a sophisticated V-neck jersey is a no-brainer.


With the unstoppable craze of sports jerseys, it’s not hard to notice the fashion elites are leveling up their fashion game with a high street twist.

football jersey outfit girl, football jersey outfit ideas
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If you want to look high fashion on a budget, style the football jersey in a monochrome pairing just to increase the aesthetic tenfold.

football jersey outfit ideas
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With similar shades of hues, that just makes you look united with your outfits with a distinctive cool vibe.

If monotone is not your thing, perhaps it’s time to get a pop of fun with a metallic sequin football jersey dress for a party girl look!

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If you haven’t thought of wearing a football jersey over a hoodie, now you know that can be a lovely combo to try out this fall season.

football jersey outfit girl, football jersey outfit ideas
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For an extra layer of warmth, get yourself a pair of vegan suede thigh-high boots to complete the look.

If you are feeling extra bold today, embrace a red matchy-matchy look with a trendy belt bag and monotone slouchy boots, and viola – you are THE FASHIONISTA of the day!

football jersey outfit ideas fall season
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Last but not least, let’s not forget to style the football jersey in a baddie look if you want to keep it cozy and chill.

football jersey outfit girl, football jersey outfit ideas
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For an “I’ve got style and I know it” look, pair the oversized football jersey with biker pants and chunky sneakers just makes you feel like a diva while you strut your stuff down the streets.

For extra sassiness, switch out for knee-high boots for a one-of-a-kind look.

black woman football jersey outfit
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So ladies, here are the 7 outfit combos if you wondering what to wear with a football jersey outfit.

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Pair a football jersey with jeans for a casual ensemble
  • Wear a cropped football jersey for a chic look
  • Wear a football jersey as a dress
  • Stay feminine in a football jersey
  • Embrace street style with a football jersey
  • Wear a football jersey all year round
  • Look chic with a baddie style

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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