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2023 on trend! 21 BASKETBALL JERSEY outfits combos for ladies!

2023 on trend! 21 BASKETBALL JERSEY outfits combos for ladies!

When it comes to the basketball jersey, isn’t that such a waste if we only dig them out from the bottom of our closet for the one-and-only matchday of the year? 

For real though, basketball jerseys are coming in, and they’re coming in hot.

With the sleek and iconic design, the pairing combinations can be truly endless.

basketball jersey outfits ladies
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Whether you want to wear it as a slouchy mini dress or pair the jersey over a hoodie as a high street look, it’s just equally stylish.

So yes ladies, if you want to showcase your personality in a casual way, a sports jersey can work wonders.

That said, ahead are the 21 basketball jersey outfits for you girls.



If you want a foolproof way to style your basketball jersey, team it with jeans just never go wrong.

basketball jersey outfits for ladies, wear basketball jersey with jeans
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For a modern look, pair your jersey with straight-leg pants and leopard print heels that can always give a dash of sophistication to your sporty wear.

basketball jersey with jeans
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If you want to accentuate your curves, wrapping a chambray shirt around your waist is always body-flattering.

Finish off the look with a pair of hoop earrings as a statement piece, this look is just wholly on-trend.

But for the girls who want to spice up the look, switch out your pants for denim shorts for a hot summer day.

For a music festival ensemble, throw yourself a choker necklace and retro round sunglasses are sure to turn heads.


As a petite girl, styling the basketball jersey as a dress is my all-time favorite.

basketball jersey outfits for ladies,
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Not only is it perfect timing to showcase the legs, but it also makes you look effortlessly darling with minimal effort.

If you wonder what to wear under the jersey, I think both biker shorts and skirts work pretty well.

While wearing the jersey dress alone may look laid-back, you can always add a pop of fun with accessories and footwear.

basketball jersey dress
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If you want to turn the dress into your new power suit, throw on yourself a black faux leather biker jacket and a pair of pointy red sock heels for a diva look.

Complete the ensemble with a cool black beret as a set, this look is a 10/10.


Never thought basketball jerseys and boots could work well together. Well, now you know!

basketball jersey outfits for ladies,
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While all the girls pair the jerseys with sneakers, you can stand out from the crowd with a nice pair of thigh-high boots on cold days.

basketball jersey thigh high boots
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That said, I think these combos look best with a monochrome pairing. With a similar shade of hues, that helps to elongate your figure visually and makes your leg appear to be longer.

To embrace utilitarian fashion, wear a jersey dress with a military long jacket and olive green boots just scream “I’ve got style and I know it.

basketball jersey dress
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This dress is oversized but still has a body-hugging design. LOVE.


With the non-stop popularity of sports jerseys, these days basketball jerseys are redesigned with body-flattering fits for ladies.

basketball jersey outfits for ladies, cropped basketball jersey
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If you are not a fan of oversized jerseys, no worries as you can find the cropped version from all kinds of brands.

Stay cute and feminine by showing a stripe of skin out!

cropped sports jersey outfit
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Whether you want to pair it with joggers or a mini pleated skirt, the cropped top just instantly subdues the boyishness.


Feeling experimental to try out new combos? What about pairing a structured blazer with a basketball jersey for a contrasting look?

basketball jersey outfits for ladies
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To pull off a boss lady ensemble, pair the jersey with black faux leather leggings, and a white blazer on top just gives off a sleek feel to the outfit with a sporty twist.

basketball jersey with outerwear
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For footwear, pick a pair of trendy square-toe heels to show that you are staying on top of your fashion game.


As a year-round fashion item, teaming a basketball jersey over a hoodie is surprisingly flattering.

basketball jersey outfits for ladies,
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But of course, color plays a major role here.

If you are wearing a purple jersey with a red hoodie, the high contrasting colors can add volume to your upper body and make you look tacky.

That said, we should always look for a similar tone of hues for the combo as that can make you look way more put-together.

basketball jersey outerwear
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And if you want to look taller, throw yourself a monotone baseball cap to maximize the elongating effect.

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Can you look feminine in a basketball jersey? The challenge is real but that can be possible!

basketball jersey outfits for ladies
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For an elegant style, tuck your top in a midi skirt with body-hugging cuts.

To look more dressed up, get yourself a dainty clutch and gladiator heels to complete the look.

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Last but not least, let’s not forget to express your high street style through basketball jerseys.

basketball jersey outfits for ladies,
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Basically, there are no rules on what to style.

If you want to add a dash of vintage flair to the look, pair the jersey with a pair of bell-bottom jeans and high-platform sandals just to bring you back to the good old 80s.

HIGH STREET style basketball jersey
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And if you want a high fashion look, consider the sheer jersey dress for a refreshing try this season.


So here are the 21 basketball jersey outfits combos for ladies.

What do you think about these outfits? Well, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your closet!

A quick recap first in case you need:

  • Wear a basketball Jersey with jeans
  • Wear a basketball Jersey as a dress
  • Pair a basketball Jersey with thigh-high boots
  • Opt for a cropped sports jersey for a hottie look
  • Pair basketball Jersey with outerwear
  • Wear a basketball Jersey over a hoodie
  • Embrace feminine style in basketball jersey
  • Pull off the high street look with a basketball jersey

By the way, if you want more outfit ideas, feel free to check them down below! See you there gorgeous!

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