*2022* 11 FLATTERING hairstyles for halter dress + PRO TIPS!

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So you’ve pinned down a fancy halter dress for the fun night, well, how about a flattering hairstyle to go with it?

Fashion comes and goes but the halter neck dress is here to stay.

By showcasing the shoulder line with the unique cuts, the halter neckline draws eyes upwards and creates a longer, slimmer neck illusion.

Such a dream.

That said, when it comes to the hairstyles, some of them can be tricky to compliment the halter neck dress. Below, I’ve gathered 11 doable hairstyles for halter dress along with what to avoid.


1. Best hairstyle for halter dress

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I LOVE doing a sleek center parting when I wear the halter neck dress.

Best hairstyle for halter dress

Creating an inverted V-line on the forehand just lengthens the face along with the big V neckline of your dress. As a result, your face looks way slimmer and more angular.

To further boost the effect, I’d say go all in with the statement-long earrings as they just make your face appear to be smaller by comparison.

I suggest this hairstyle to my girlfriends and all of them love it to death. Try it out, ladies! You’re bound to feel the best!

2. Hairstyle for halter neck gown

Hairstyle for halter neck gown

Without a doubt, the halter dress has one of the hottest necklines on earth. Regardless of the size, it just effortlessly highlights your chest and makes you appear to be extra feminine.

If you want to balance out the sexiness of the ensemble, picking a chic hairstyle just works wonders to balance things out.

That said, a sleek braid is always a good idea.

From pull-back cornrow braids to twisty braids that scream the attitude, they just add a dash of distinctive style to your look and make you feel put together!

3. Y2K hairstyle halter neck dress

Halter neck dress comes in all kinds of forms.

These days, the collared halter mini dress is all the rage. Youthful, hot, retro, fun – you can find these elements all in a pink patterned halter dress.

Y2K hairstyle halter neck dress

To give this look an extra y2k feel, let’s step out of your comfort zone and get experimental with the 2000s hairstyle.

Think flipped out on the ends, super-straight strands with random curls, spiky buns, and of course, the butterfly clips that scream nothing but nostalgic aesthetic.

Together with a pair of funky pink glasses, you are ready for your vintage party!

4. Cute high ponytail

If your collar halter dress screams more of the school girl vibes, a super high ponytail is here to freshen up your look.

Cute high ponytail halter dress

Seriously, as a round-face girl, I always prefer the high pony to the regular one.

Not only does it elongate my face and make it look slimmer, the super high pony just looks so instagrammable and fun!

And for the girls who are feeling extra playful today, go for the balloon ponytail and WOW everybody!

They are the real mood booster.

5. Casual hairstyle for halter dress

Casual hairstyle for halter dress

If your halter neck is more on the casual side, a messy low bun with curtain bang is here to give out the effortlessly chic flare to a coffee-grab-and-go look.

Together with the sunglasses and mini shoulder bag, this is how you look stylish with minimal effort.

6. Vintage hairstyle for halter dress

For the vintage dress lovers out there, I got you.

Vintage hairstyle for halter dress

To bring the best in your 50s vintage halter swing dress, embrace the hairstyle like thick fringe, retro side sweep, or glamourous Victory rolls because they will truly take the look to a whole new level!

If you are really running out of time, at least do a hair blow-up and set some big curls! Simple yet tasteful.

7. How to look good in a halter dress

Among all types of halter neck types, the criss-cross halter dress has to be a tricky one.

 How to look good in a halter dress
Source: 1,2

This specific design just doesn’t flatter every face shape (especially for round and rectangular faces). So don’t get frustrated as you are definitely not the only one!

Go try out all the designs and you’ll find the one that serves you best!

8. Hairstyle for high neck top

Please don’t hate me but let’s be real here. Not every girl with bangs looks good in a halter neck dress.

Hairstyle for high neck top
Source: 1,2

But does that mean we should avoid wearing halter necks at all costs? NO.

All we need to do is to be more strategic in picking the halter neck cuts that serve us RIGHT.

For the girls with chubby cheeks, avoid the high neck halter dress as it tends to visually cut your neckline and make your face appear to be chubbier.

And guess what, the bang will make your face looks even rounder.

Instead, gravitate towards the low neck halter cut.

By showcasing the chest area, your face and neck can be visually elongated and balance out the effect.

9. Illusion halter neck dress as perfect alternative

Illusion halter neck dress as perfect alternative

If you truly insist on wearing a high neck with bangs, going for the one with mesh details (aka illusion neckline) can greatly help as well!

The see-through details just don’t cut your neck like the regular high-neck dress. Instead, it just adds a dash of flirtatious feel to the ensemble.

Just can’t go wrong.

10. Cute messy bun with halter neck dress

Another way to carry a high neck halter dress is adding length on top of your head to draw eyes upwards and create a balancing look.

messy bun with halter neck dress

So yes ladies, when in doubt, a carefree messy high bun or high pony will never disappoint you.


Or else, adding a coordinating hue headband is helpful to elongate your figure from head to the dress as well!

11. When in doubt, go monochromatic

Run out of time to set your hair in the perfect way? Well, sometimes all you need is to throw on a bucket hat and you’re good to go!

hairstyle for halter dress

Despite the hairstyle, let’s not forget all the hats and accessories play a huge role as well.

If you want to make it a set, consider matching your hat and dress in the same hue.

By putting similar shades on your body, just unites and elongates your figure from head to toe. And again, make you appear to be slimmer somehow!

Last tip of the article: When in doubt, go monochromatic.


So there you go – the 11 hairstyles for halter neck dresses along with some styling tips to make sure you look 10/10.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope this inspo help you settle down the final look. At the end of the day, leveling up your style is all about having fun rather than being too safe. Enjoy!

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