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*2023*What to REALLY wear on a gondola ride in Venice? 8 real looks!

*2023*What to REALLY wear on a gondola ride in Venice? 8 real looks!

Wondering what to wear to a gondola ride in Venice? You’ve come to the right place!

While a gondola ride is pricey, it DOES worth every penny.

Not only you can enjoy Venice from a totally different perspective, high chance you can join your talented gondolier and sing Mamma Mia together!

This unique experience is just once in a lifetime.

WHAT TO wear with gondola ride
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To make sure you get the most out of the trip, below I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas along with some useful Dos and don’ts.

The best part? I’m sure they are as practical as they look stylish.


1. Wear a red dress on a gondola ride as a bold statement

Wondering how to make this $100 gondola ride worth the hype? I’d say dig out your statement dress and stay extra fancy.

That said, a red dress will always put you on the right track.

Red is such a nice contrasting color, especially with the blue sky and green lake behind you.

So yes, a red dress can instantly make you look pop up in the photoshoot.

To spice up the look, show your leg out in a red maxi dress just look irresistibly darling.

Or else, keep it casual in a linen off-shoulder red ruffle dress, and white espadrilles are just equally flattering.


As you sit down the whole time, avoid anything that’s too tight and too short. A bodycon dress or mini skirt is a big Nono.

2. Wear floral dress on a gondola ride

A low ponytail and a floral long dress? This combo is more than enough to make this shot aesthetic.

For a summer gondola ride, embrace the bold colors!

A pink satin top and orange skirt just make the trip extra fun!

3. What to wear on a gondola ride in Venice casually?

If you want to wear pants, again, go for the one with loose-fitting so you can sit comfortably.

A pair of cotton chinos or paper bag pants will always do the trick.

When it comes to accessories, sunglasses are the must-have for an “I am stylish and I KNOW it” fashionista look.

4. Wear an off-shoulder romper on a gondola ride

Without a doubt, summer in Italy is unbelievably hot. If you want something lightweight and breathable, and off-shoulder romper is a lifesaver.

what to wear to a gondola ride in Venice
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Together with a cute high bun, you’re good to go!

5. A chic all-black gondola ride photoshoot

Who says you can only look sweet on a gondola ride? Get inspired by this blogger for this all-black Mafia wife type of look.

Put on a wide-beam hat and you’ll feel nothing missing from your outfit.

If you are wondering how to look like a gangster girl, check out this article here for 30 outfit inspirations – it’s a surprisingly popular read!

6. Elongate your leg in a monochrome outfit

So here’s one of the most asked questions: How can you look tall when you are sitting?

what to wear to a gondola ride in Venice
Source: Josieldn

Well, while it depends on a ton of factors, matching your dress and shoes in the same hues does help a lot.

By doing so, your figure will look united visually and elongated as a whole.

As a petite girl, I do see the difference!

7. Wear a backless top for an aesthetic gondola ride photoshoot

If you are planning to do some aesthetic photoshoots, perhaps it’s time to wear a strappy backless top.

what to wear to a gondola ride in Venice
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It just adds an extra dash of vacay vibes to this gondola ride shoot. Sweet and summery.

8. Layer up your outfit on chilly days

Wanna stay cute on a winter gondola ride? Layer up your cami dress and high neck top for a cute style.

8. Be extra careful with high heels

Basically, you can wear any type of shoes as taking a gondola ride doesn’t involve any standing and walking.

But that said, you still want to be extra careful when you get up and down the boat if you are wearing high heels.

Is there possible to find high-fashion-looking shoes on a budget?

I seldom recommend shoes on a budget because it’s hard to find those that are cheap but look stylish at the same time!

But in this year, I’ve discovered a new brand Charles & Keith. Their bags and shoes just hold high quality at super affordable prices! No wonder it’s all the rage in the US now. 

The best part is, that this brand was founded with a vision to empower women to express themselves freely. Fashion isn’t only for rich girls. That’s even better :)!

Check out some of my favorites below!

what to wear to a gondola ride in Venice

The off-white boots and the Perline Beaded Platform Loafers – Black are now sold out, but I think they will restock soon! 


So there you go ladies – the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a gondola ride in Venice.

What’s your thought on that? Now it’s time to create your own look and wishes you a wonderful trip!

By the way, if you are interested in reading more styling tips, I’m sure you will love these articles.

See you there ladies!

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