20 UPDATED outfit ideas! What to wear to a British-themed party?

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Speaking of the British-themed party, you’ll never run out of ideas. The Royal family, traditional tea party, Paddington bear, the list just goes on and on. I don’t know about you but I LOVE any excuse to dress up like a Brit. And guess what, the more people bring the A-game to their looks, the more fun, and hype up the party will be. That said, I’ve gathered you 20 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a British themed party, enjoy!

1. Wear UK Flag for the ‘London Calling’ party

Wanna know the easiest way to host a British-themed party? Put UK’s flag EVERYWHERE. The plates, the banner, the tablecloth… and you’ll be on the right track.

What to wear to a British-themed party

And guess what, wearing a UK flag dress is never out of style. The all-over UK flag dress above is from Amazon and its quality is just awesome. (This is my final handpick after scrolling through all flag dresses on the site – Check it HERE! ) If you wanna add a little bit of zing to the Spice girls-themed party look, definitely pair it with the retro Gigi boots, just absolutely darling.

Speaking of another popular choice, this sequin UK flag cami top (picture above) is having a moment these days. Whether you pair it with faux leather leggings or flared pants, it just looks equally tasteful. Check THIS out for Amazon reviews!

2. Dress as a cute Paddington bear

As a signature fictional character in the UK, dressing like a cute Paddington bear is bound to receive a ton of compliments on the party. The best part? You probably have all these clothes in your closet already. Think red beret, royal blue coat, boots, and a statement brown satchel bag that screams cuteness overload!

wear Paddington bear to a British-themed party
Source: 1,2

You don’t have to dress like a Paddington Bear to the T, keep the colour scheme similar and have fun adding your own variation! Taylor Swift style just never fails to disappoint me – and now I find a red beanie chill and playful!

3. Go fancy with traditional British Tea party

Ladies, it’s time for scones and cakes! I mean, what else is more British than a traditional English party? So now it’s time to dust out the fancy tea dresses, get ourselves accessorized, and have a nice hairdo.

But if you want to take the look to another level, I’ll definitely recommend you wear a cloche hat, gloves, and a parasol to add a dose of distinctive retro vibes. This vintage feminine look is just everything and more and it deserves an Instagram post with the caption: “Anytime is teatime”.

Such a dream.

Want more high tea outfit inspo? Be sure you have read below styling tips before you attend one!

4. Dress as The beatles as a family!

The soul and spirit of Beatles never die. It’s classic. Till now, you can still see all different versions of Beatles at British-themed parties. If you’re a family of 4 or a group of rock and roll friends, this is just the perfect idea.

Of course, some would like to dress up as another popular band – Queen. Freddie Mercury is such an icon. I remembered once I join a party and when the crowd hear the song “ We will rock you” they just go CRAZY. It just works every single time.

5. “Lucy with diamond in the sky” – Beatles look for UK party

Lucy with diamond in the sky outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

If you need a last-minute British-themed party, no worries, what about throwing on a Lucy with diamonds in the sky PJ set? If you don’t want to go too hardcore on a rocker look, this approach is just as creative as it look whimsy!

6. Wear UK celebrity mask as a failproof

For the lazy girls out there, no worries, you aren’t missing out. If you want to look UK party-ready in minimal effort, for heaven’s sake just buy yourself some UK celebrity cardboard and you’ll be all set. So tell me, who you wanna be tonight? Kate Middleton? Gordon Ramsay? Or Mr. Bean?

I’ve been kinda moody lately so I guess I will take Gordon Ramsay so I scold others the whole night! Turns out that’s kind of stress releasing, isn’t it?

Mr. bean celebrity mask

This Mr. Bean mask will be a huge hit for sure. Check out more for Amazon HERE to see more other options!

7. Cute British girl outfit ideas for UK party

Cute British girl outfit ideas for UK party
Source: 1,2

Can I dress all sweet and flattering without going too costumey? For sure! While there is no standard British girl look, but you can keep the look pop up with the UK signature colors – white, blue, and red as the foundation. On top of that, pull off the classic essentials like the trench coat, satchel bag, and of course, a delicate pair of Oxford heels.

You just can’t look any more posh and tasteful today.

8. Wear regal crown for Downton Abbey party theme

What to wear to Downton Abbey party theme

If you want to join the British-themed party in a sophisticated approach as a sort of classy lady and gentleman couple look, why not throw this splendid regal crown (from Amazon)and a cocktail dress just to give out an extra dash of Downton Abbey feel?

I personally love wearing a velvet dress for the British theme party as I just think it looks extra luxe and mysterious. The dress below is my favourite.

what to wear to a ribbon cutting ceremony

The charm about this dress is it makes you look like a million bulks but in fact, it’s super affordable. (Velvet always make things look ten times more expensive). Regardless of your body shape and size, the off-shoulder, high waist and super leg-elongating high low hem will always make you look taller and slimmer.

Check out HERE for Amazon reviews and try-on photos and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how flattering it is!

9. Royal theme never dies: Queen elizabeth and guard

Many people dress like Queen Elizabeth, but if you want to stand out of the crowd, you will need these hilarious walking corgi balloons!!!! You’re sure to be the spotlight of the party and people will queue in line to take photos with you! (Bye-bye competition!)

10. All kinds of hats for the UK party

wear hats and fascinator for the British party

You never know how beautiful a fascinator hat can be until you WEAR IT ON. Whether you are going to a tea garden party, Kentucky Oaks or any formal event, this darling is here to make a statement for you. If you are not ready to invest in a luxury piece (they can be really expensive), this fascinator from Amazon is such a great deal.

As one of the reviews said “It’s amazing considering that it was 1/100th the price of the hats” Indeed.

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So ladies, there you go – the 10 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a British-themed party. Which outfit is your favourite? I must say I really want to try the corgi balloons! They are just too fun and cute! Now have fun creating your one-of-a-kind look!

By the way, if you are interested in more party outfit ideas, I’m sure you will love the articles below! See you there gorgeous!


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