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*2023 updated* 26 aesthetic winter wonderland party photoshoots outfit ideas

*2023 updated* 26 aesthetic winter wonderland party photoshoots outfit ideas

Ladies, finally it’s our long-awaited season of all time – chilly winter days!

So yes, you better dig out all your fancy dresses and coats as you’ll be soon occupied by all kinds of parties and gatherings.

That said, if you need some winter wonderland-themed party outfit ideas, winter wonderland photoshoot looks, or simply winter party ideas, this article will get you all covered.

That said, I’ve gathered 25 outfit ideas from aesthetic festive looks to fun party costumes get-ups.

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1. Wear red for the winter wonderland photoshoot

winter wonderland photoshoot outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Before talking about those show-stopping winter party ideas, let’s appreciate all these aesthetic winter wonderlands looks shall we?

For a captivating shot, wear the classic Christmas color red sweater and statement tulle skirt in the white snow and just make you pop up instantly.

If you want to dial it down a notch, go for a sophisticated burgundy dress that is equally breathtaking.


2. Dress like an ice queen in blue

winter wonderland photoshoot outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

If bold red isn’t your style, what about fancying yourself as an ice queen in blue?

The icy blue and white combo just adds a dash of winter whimsies to your get-up.

After all, if you are the type of girl who will search for outfit inspo online and now reading this article, you deserve more than a boring dark hue winter look, isn’t it?!

So let’s get out of your comfort zone and give blue hue a try!

Wanna keep it subtle? What about going for the matching beanie, scarf and gloves set? Just cuteness overload.

3. Feminine winter wonderland photoshoot ideas in pink

winter wonderland photoshoot outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Hard to look feminine in winter?

Well, definitely not the case if you go for a fluffy faux fur pink vest with a coordinated pink scarf for a soft and irresistibly darling get-up.

To look sophisticated in pink, pair it with the classy beige hue that will get you on the right track.

Believe it or not, pink is having a moment in the winter these days and some girls even do it in a monochrome look.

To make the most out of it, I’ll always encourage you to style yourself with different shades of pink so it can add more layers and dimensions to a monotone look.

4. Fluffy coat for the winter wonderland looks

winter wonderland photoshoot outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

For a perfect winter wonderland photoshoot, of course, you need a statement fluffy belted long coat so you can upload this photo on Instagram with the spot-on caption “Baby it’s cold inside”.

It’s better slightly bit oversized so you can snuggle up and enjoy the chilly day’s laid-back vibes you crave.

Seriously, the winter wonderland theme is not for the too-functional outwear. So bye-bye puffer jacket and windbreaker!

I’ll see you two on Monday morning.

5. Aesthetic All-white winter outfits

winter wonderland photoshoot outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

While not everyone can have a White Christmas but at least we can always wear all-white to embody the feelings!

Plus, can we all agree on how white makes everything looks ten times more elegant and polished?

Some ladies may think white is off-limit for them as it brings the exaggerating effect.

While that’s true, a monochrome look can always balance that effect and make you appear to be taller and slimmer.

If you don’t want to look too matchy, play with hues and textures.

Mix the whites and blend in some light neutral shades like beige and ivory and go play with different fabrics like knit, satin, and faux leather and you’ll be good to go!

Of course, how can we forget those aesthetic white lace tights? It just adds a dash of romance to any look. Such a stunner.

6. Sequin dress for the winter wonderland-themed party

winter wonderland theme party outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

If you want to dress up for the winter wonderland party, a show-stopping sequin dress is a no-brainer.

I personally enjoy love styling myself like a disco ball for parties but if you want to keep it lowkey, throw yourself a cropped sweater and you’ll be all set!

If you’re worrying the glitter will draw too much attention to your belly area, opt for the slimming off-shoulder or sleek V-neck design that can greatly help!

But really, give it a go as what else screams joy and festive than a shimmery? You’re bound to feel fabulous!

7. Glam up in a velvet dress for the winter parties

winter wonderland dress up ideas
Source: 1,2

Is that just me but sometimes velvet dress seems too formal to wear on daily basis?

Luckily, the winter wonderland party is the perfect time to wear something you often don’t have the right occasion for.

So yes ladies, style your luxe-looking emerald green velvet dress with a dainty clutch bag because they’re absolutely steel-worthy for winter days!

If you want an affordable velvet dress that is super flattering to the body, this dress is everything and more – an off-shoulder neckline, a thick waistband that hides the belly, practical side pockets, and a stylish high-low design.

The best part? You can buy it from Amazon HERE!

This is the only velvet dress I recommend after filtering half an hour on Amazon – and I’m sure you’ll LOVE it.

Update (Nov 2):

Woah I’m overwhelmed by how many of you clicked and bought this dress!

But seems some of you pick the wrong one! Remember pick the velvet one – it looks much more expensive.

7. Have fun with your DIY snowman costumes

Regardless of your age, it’s never too old to dress wear Christmas costumes with your girl pals!

It’s always nice to DIY the costumes together and dress like the snowman twins for the party!

And for the lazy girls who don’t want to DIY, I’ve found this super cute snowman sweater dress from Amazon!

winter wonderland attire for female

You know, the quality of costumes isn’t always the best but this sweater dress is such a nice surprise after reviewing all those comments and real try-on photos!

They also have another version like the sassy Mrs. Calus and the fun Christmas tree sweater with the spot-on “Too lit to quit” caption! Check out HERE for Amazon!

8. Stay HOT for the winter party

winter wonderland attire for female
Source: 1,2

Well, this white bodysuit look may not be mama-approved but will you regret wearing it? Hell NO!

Girls just wanna have fun and who doesn’t want to add a bit of zing to the winter wonderland party look where everyone is bringing their A-game.

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9. Go creative with the winter wonderland party

Want to give your plain top and lavender skater skirt a fresh update?

Why not add in some sparkly snowflakes, statement knee-high socks, and bold blue lipstick for a pop of fun?

I don’t know about you but I desperately need these sparkly fishnet tights for compliments! Such a stunner!

winter wonderland party outfit ideas

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10. Make sure your hair-do & makeup is on point

So you’ve pinned down your winter wonderland outfit, what’s next?

Well, definitely make sure your makeup and hairdo are on point for a drool-worthy look!

They are a legit mood booster and make you present yourself even better. So please get creative and have fun!


So ladies, there you go the 25 winter wonderland party and photoshoot outfit ideas for the coming parties!

Which one is your favorite and would like to give it a go?

As the saying goes “Winter is not a season, it’s a CELEBRATION” and may your heart be filled with warmth and joy!

By the way, if you’re interested in winter styling tips, I’m sure you’ll find the reads below useful! See you there gorgeous!

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