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2023 guide! 28 outfits to wear winter white & WOW everyone

2023 guide! 28 outfits to wear winter white & WOW everyone

Wondering how to wear white in winter? Girl, you are in the right place. 

While there are tons of shades from icy whites to pure white, today we are talking specifically about winter white.

As an aesthetic shade of greyed-out white with a tint of ivory hue, this shade is definitely having a moment in the winter days.

It’s not as bold as the bright white and everyone can carry this shade to dress up and down.

So whether you need an all-white winter party outfit idea or simply want to stand out from the crowd with the expensive-looking get-up, winter white is here to elevate your looks tenfolds.

Need outfit inspo on how to wear winter white?

Below I’ve gathered 28 winter white outfits for you ladies from dresses, and pants to boots.


1. How to wear winter white dresses

Speaking of the easiest way to pull off a winter white dress, white on white is totally doable.

By mixing all different shades of white together as a monochrome look, it just unites your body and balances out the exaggerating effect instantly.


If you want to look chic in a white monotone look, playing with different fabrics is key to creating dimensions and layers to your outfit.

For example, this look above – cashmere cream-white turtleneck with glamourous silk ivory dress is such an elegant look.

Together with the nude heels that elongate your legs, this get-up is a 10/10.

2. How to wear a winter white blazer

how to wear winter white blazer
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It’s no secret that a winter white blazer is the epitome of the sleek boss lady style and it just looks universally flattering with EVERYTHING.

Whether you want to dress it down with the darling lace top and blue jeans or keep it seriously cool with all-black from head to toe, either way, it just exudes a sense of unbeatable confidence. SHINE gal!


If you are a board-shoulder girl, a white blazer on top of a white top may not be the best combo as it draws the eye to your upper body area and makes you look bulkier even if you aren’t.

Going for a dark hue like black and navy blue will make you look so much more put-together.

3. How to wear winter white coats

These years, I guess we can all tell more ladies wearing white coats and other light shades in winter and that’s such a nice change.

A white coat just evokes feelings of classiness and tastes like no other shade.

They are such a natural stunner.

If the occasion calls for an elegant look, team a heavy tweed midi dress with a winter white coat and nude pumps just make no mistake.

By the way, can we all adore how aesthetic that white Valextra handle bag is?

This is now officially on my wish list!

If you want to round off the look with sophisticated vibes, don’t hesitate to pull on those beige faux leather pants and they will make you look like a million bulks effortlessly.

Complement your look with a sleek low bun and dainty brooch on your winter white long coat, it’s the hard proof that an expensive look doesn’t need to be complete with a designer bag.

4.How to wear winter white trousers

How to wear winter white trousers
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Before you banish winter white trousers because they are off-limits for you, let’s not forget you can always team it with dark hue high boots to balance the boldness in winter.

So yes, that’s actually not as overwhelming as you thought and probably you’ll be in love with this.

Tip: To look polished and neat, wearing only two hues for the whole look will greatly help.

Also, adding a scarf can help draw attention upward so you can appear to be slimmer and taller even in white jeans!

For more tips, read the articles below. I’m sure you will find this useful!

5. How to wear winter white jeans

Never thought you can look like a boho girl in a winter all-white look? Well, now you know it’s possible!

6.How to wear winter white pants

How to wear winter white pants
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Prefer a relaxed cut? Team the high-neck top with straight-leg white pants just giving me effortlessly french chic vibes in the best way.

7. How to wear winter white cords

If you want to look smart in winter white with minimal effort, grab the white cords that will never fail to disappoint you.

If you are petite like me, go grab the cropped jacket and mini skirt set as it looks really cute and has all kinds of boots!

8.How to wear winter white leggings

How to wear winter white leggings
Source: 1,2

To dial your winter white look down a notch, go easy with leggings for a high-street ensemble that is equally tasteful.

Think a white sherpa jacket that makes you feel like a teddy bear and a wide-brim fedora hat that introduces a bit of zing to your otherwise casual look, you’re to hit the town!

9. Glam up your winter white party outfits

When it comes to festive winter parties, how can we not mention the popular all-white dress code?

Want to break out of the mold? Let your styling prowess shine by complementing the outfit with a white lace top and faux leather skirt.

This look is sure to turn heads.

10. All-white winter party outfits

All white winter party outfits
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Or else, go high fashion by teaming your midi dress with chunky white boots underneath for a stylish update.

Is that just me but this pairing looks so high fashion to me!

11. How to wear winter white boots in slimming ways

How to wear winter white boots
Source: 1,2

Let’s be real, you can’t expect white boots to look as forgiving as black, that’s just the truth.

But are white boots worth trying in winter? HELL YES.

But here’s the thing, wearing your white ankle boots with denim jeans just doesn’t serve most of us well.

It’s true that you can certainly get away with it if you have super long and slim legs, but for most of us, I’d say avoid this look.

For me, I love teaming white boots with an oversized blazer dress. Keep it simple is the failproof way.


If you want to look taller, definitely choose the pointy boots instead of the round-toe ones.

12. Wear winter white boots in high street aesthetic

And of course, for aesthetic style lovers, the high platform chunky white boots are your must-have this year.

Go team it with the sleek off-white shacket and you are guaranteed to look cool with this get-up.


There you go the 28 looks on how to wear winter white in a flattering way!

Which of these winter white outfits you’d love to try? Comment down below!

By the way, if you are interested in feminine winter style, I’m sure you’ll love the articles below!

See you there gorgeous!

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