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*2023* How to dress feminine in winter + 1 sheer tight video hack!

*2023* How to dress feminine in winter + 1 sheer tight video hack!

When it comes to dressing feminine and classy in winter, it’s no easy feat. 

During those freezing days when even our fingers are feeling numb, we are so tempted to put on the same black bulky coat every single time we go out.

We master our classy elegant style of clothing during the vibrant summer days but when winter comes, our styling requirement is so low that we just want to put on whatever makes us feel warm.

While it can be a little bit tricky, dressing ladylike during harsh weather is totally possible.

And guess what, it’s certainly not as hard as you girls think!

Below, I’ve gathered 10 tips to look feminine in winter from undergarments to color tones. Also, if you want to know how to rock those sassy sheer tights on cold days, stay tuned!

We got this!


To dress feminine effortlessly, wearing thermal undergarments is the best foundation you can set for having a nice winter look.

Thermal undergarments like HEATTECH are definitely a great choice, it’s thin and effective to keep us warm.

how to dress feminine winter
Shop HEATTEFCH – Uniqlo

My favorite one is the HEATTECH from Uniqlo because the choice is simply limitless. And let me tell you, this classic item sold out quickly.

From the normal Scoop neck long-sleeve T-shirt to knitted leggings, these thermal undergarments can make you feel warm without wearing a bulky teddy bear coat all the time.

My favorite Heattech is the lace sleeveless bra top, it looks exactly like the normal lace top and people can’t even tell you are wearing undergarments!

Despite looking classy and elegant, femininity is also about being thoughtful about our outfits and looking put together in a different situation.

So yes, wearing thermal undergarments are the best tricks to look feminine in the wintertime!


Once you realize the power of showing your curves, you can for sure look feminine in winter!

how to dress feminine in winter
Source: 1,2

While there are many factors when it comes to looking feminine in our outfits, one of the important elements is about showing our natural curves.

This is why we will never feel flattering in a black bulky jacket because it just buries our curves.

But don’t take that wrong, looking feminine doesn’t mean you have to wear something revealing and show your cleavage or wear hot pants with your leg freezing.

Rather, we can show our silhouette during winter instead.

This is why wearing thermal undergarments is my first tip because with a HEATTECH, you are well protected and you can wear a sleek, thin jacket to show your waistline.

For example, a tight turtleneck bodycon long dress with a belt on always looks so elegant and feminine.

Another rule always takes a balance when you wear loose tops or bottoms.

I know for some days when we feel lazy (or when our stomach is so bloated), we just want to wear a cozy loose jacket.

I totally get it but then, maybe you should wear tight leggings for the lower body part to add a little bit of feminity to your outfit!


Is that just me wearing a turtleneck always makes me feel so put together and classy.

winter turtleneck feminine outfit ideas

Despite the fact that it is really warm and comfy to wear, the turtleneck can be really feminine.

High neck body-hugging shope shapes the lining of your neck aka one of the most feminine feminine body part.

These days, there are many combinations of wearing turtlenecks but my all-time favorite is still the tight turtleneck top instead of the loose one.

Showing the silhouette of our upper body is always an easy yet clever way to show our femininity.

My favorite combination is wearing a white turtleneck top with a belted tweed skirt, it looks extremely polished!

Old money vibes 10/10.


Wearing gloves? Will that be too over the top?

how to look feminine and classy in winter - wearing gloves

Let me assure you, it’s NOT dramatic to wear gloves at all.

Actually, we need to wear gloves during wintertime to protect our hands!

Not only this is a necessity during cold days but wearing high-quality gloves can greatly elevate our femininity during wintertime!

So yes, invest in a pair of nice classy gloves because this is one of the best accessories you can wear on cold days.

There are many different types of gloves out there and we should always pay attention to picking the right one.

As everyone has a different definition of “cold days”, real leather gloves may not be suitable for everyone as they can be too warm to wear in some places.

Knitted wool gloves can be an elegant choice and whenever I wear gloves, it makes me feel more ladylike and polished.

The last reminder, if you already get used to wearing wrist-length gloves, try elbow-length gloves as well!

With a sleeveless evening dress and feminine elbow-length gloves, this is truly a perfect choice if you go fine dining indoors during winter!



Failproof way to stand out and shine during winter days?

Wear darling light and pastel hues.

Besides the black and dark blue coats that everyone is wearing on the street, what about wearing a beige coat with high-waisted white trousers and a pair of nude color high heels?

Not only this is classy, but it’s simply refreshing to look at.

Despite white, any pastel and floral colors like baby blue, light pink, and classic red can help you attain a softer look as well.

But for some ladies who are really into dark colors during winter, it’s totally fine to wear a black coat on!

You can always balance the color out by wearing a light color scarf and gloves!

Cold weather can often make us feel a bit blue but wearing a light color outfit can definitely boost our mood magically!

Who said winter has to be boring, if you are reading this, I am sure you are looking for more!


Want to look high fashion and figure forigivng? Monochrome outfits will never disappoint you.

Looking feminine is not just about looking ladylike but also about looking polished and thoughtful with our outfits.

This is a way for you to look put together and more united effortlessly and this is always the ultimate no-fail outfit styling during winter.

If you don’t want to look matchy matchy, play with different shades of the color tone. Think matching your ivory long coat with a white dress inside.

Another tip, if you want to appear to be taller, match your top and shoes (or bag) in similar shades can help elongate your figure as a whole.

winter feminine monochrome outfit
Source: Pinterest


Always be aware of the garments and texture of clothes as they truly play a crucial role.

With the same piece of dress, the vibes will be so different if it’s made of cotton (More causal and summery) than made of silk (More womanly and formal).

If we want to look feminine during winter, these are the garments that we want to embrace more!


how to dress feminine in winter
Source: 1,2

If you want to look feminine and elegant, here you are, take these tweed coats and tweed pencil skirts to elevate your look!

Tweed is a rough woolen fabric that is relatively thick and warm so it is perfect for wintertime!

There are many different patterns of tweed and my favorite one is still the black and white Houndstooth – a timeless and classic piece for every woman.


Wool is another feminine garment for winter – it can soften your look but is still be warm enough to keep you comfy.

A knee-length wool sweater dress is truly classy and feminine by showing your curves.

When we are picking down jackets or coats, always pay extra attention to the materials they use.

We often come across some really bulky fluffy big coat that looks so warm but in fact, they aren’t at all.

The reason being is most of them are made from mostly polyester, which is not strong enough for cold days.

So ladies, always choose a coat with more than 50% wool so you can look always look confident and put together in your coat.


If you want to look expensive on a budget, cashmere is always a good choice!

It’s super soft and again, very warm during wintertime. It’s classy, sophisticated, and never out of fashion!

If you don’t have any cashmere outfits, investing in a cashmere scarf is always a good start!

You won’t regret it!


Silk and satin are doubtlessly feminine and yes, we can wear this during wintertime!

satin dress winter feminine look

With proper layering, silk can definitely be our best friend in winter. My ultimate hack is wearing a HEATTECH legging underneath my long silk dress so no one can see that.

Topped with a cream sweater, this is my warm yet feminine Friday night winter look!


Looking ladylike in winter isn’t that hard if we incorporate accessories in our outfits!

If summertime is too sweaty to wear a hat, well ladies, you don’t have excuses during wintertime then!

Wearing some delicate elegant pieces like pearl earrings, and a rose gold Y necklace will make your look way more polished and complete.

Besides earrings and necklaces, rose gold pearl hairclips are my favorite too. It’s not too over the top but helps draw people’s attention to my face.

But still, my favorite is the British Beret Cap, it goes extremely well with a white turtleneck and a high-waisted tweed skirt with boots! You can’t fail to look ladylike with that winter look.

As Michael Kors said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.

It’s true.


If you are one of the ladies that wear summer dresses in winter, well, think again!

There’s nothing wrong with the dress itself but looking feminine is always about being intentional.

Wearing the right dress in the right season is elegant, so wearing a tropical floral print dress may not be the best idea to look appropriate during the cold time even if you add a jacket on.

Also, winter dresses are actually so fun to style and there is a great variety of texture that is perfect for winters like tweed, cashmere, wool, and more!


how to dress feminine in winter
Source: 1,2

Last but not least, take good care of your hair during wintertime!

Besides our outfits, our hair speaks a lot about us too.

After all, femininity is about paying attention to details and hair is one of the best ways to show this trait.

Our hair tends to look drier during this season and we may need to pay extra effort into that.

Cutting the split ends every few weeks, and deep conditioning your hair with unrefined avocado oil are some of the great ways to make your hair looks glowy, thick, and healthy!

Having healthy hair is really attractive and feminine in the way that it represents you are taking care of yourself. Trust me, people may not tell you directly but they will secretly be impressed.

Looking feminine is not something short-term but a lifestyle.

So if we know how to look feminine in summer, well, we can definitely continue our style in winter!

Hope these tips are useful and last but not least, here’s my reminder:

Don’t read these tips and forget about them, try some new outfits and you will be surprised how darling and feminine you are!

10. Rock sheer tights in winter

Needless to say, sheer tights are universally alluring and feminine. But if you want to look put together during the cold days, watch this video hack NOW.

Pretty genius isn’t it?!

Don’t wanna match the thermal legging with sheer black tights, these fake fleece tights from Amazon are my bestie.

Sadly, the color of the tights is limited, hopefully, these tights are more inclusive in near future!

12. All about aesthetic shoes

If you are a loyal reader of lady refined, you will know I seldom recommend shoes and bags on a budget. Why? Because I just can’t find any that are cheap but look good at the same time!

But this year, I discovered a new brand Charles & Keith. Their bags and shoes just hold high quality at super affordable prices! No wonder it’s all the rage in the US now. 

The best part is, this brand was founded with a vision to empower women to express themselves freely through fashion. Fashion isn’t only for rich girls. That’s even better :)!

Check out some of my favorites below!

How to dress feminine and classy in winter

Seriously, who needs Jimmy Choo if I can find these Leather Gem-Embellished Stiletto Mules from Charles & Keith? 

How to dress feminine and classy in winter

This one is to die for. Perfect pumps for your birthday! Check out these pink pumps here! (It got different colors and the black and white one just looks so EDGY!)

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ MY SEPT PICKS !! ʕ•̬͡•ʔ

(Continue scrolling for the article!)

ysl clutch
This YSL clutch screams the IT girl vibes. The best part? The price is *so forgiving*
pheromone perfume
Obviously, this pheromone perfume (Amazon bestseller) is for the ladies who wanna spice things up (Got you gal!)
black girl dark skin makeup
Get a FENTY BEAUTY contour stick on Sephora ♡ (REAL inclusivity brand)
ysl mini shoulder bag
Get this YSL mini shoulder bag on Net-A-porter


You can tell I am really passionate about this topic as this is a really long article!

To have a little summary, here are the 10 tips on How to dress feminine in winter!

  • Wear thermal undergarments
  • Pick outfits that hug your body curves
  • Wear a turtleneck to highlight your neckline
  • Incorporate gloves as both essentials and accessories
  • Try a light color outfit to soften your look
  • Layering with Monochrome outfits to look high fashion
  • Pay attention to the garments and texture
  • Incorporate feminine accessories in winter
  • Don’t incorporate summer clothes during wintertime
  • Take good care of your hair

Some popular articles about femininity are below, see you there ladies!

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