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14 real-life looks (& tips) to Hamilton musical & party all year round!

14 real-life looks (& tips) to Hamilton musical & party all year round!

Wondering what to wear to Hamilton? You’ve come to the right place!

As a girl who is fond of musicals and Broadway shows, Hamilton is at the top of my must-watch list for many reasons.

As a perfect blend of hip-hop, rap, and Broadway tunes, Hamilton is just distinctive and refreshing in its own way.

The best part? It’s based on a true story and the storyline is so so good.

what to wear Hamilton musical party
Source: NY Times

It’s phenomenal.

So now you’ve bought the tickets and are ready to enjoy a beautiful night.

But this begs the question: What to wear to the Hamilton musical? Is there any dress code?

I got you.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 14 real-life Hamilton musical and party audience outfit ideas from Instagram and the internet along with some pro tips!


1. What to wear to the Hamilton musical

What to wear to the Hamilton musical

While there’s no specific dress code, you want to dress decently for a grand musical like Hamilton especially if that’s a nighttime section.

To look dressy with minimal effort, nice flared pants jumpsuits, and nice pumps work wonders.

Sophisticated and chic.

2. What to wear to the Hamilton play?

What to wear to the Hamilton play

While you may see someone show up in a casual tee, I would say most of the audience do pay a small effort in their get-up.

For gentlemen, think of a tie and shirt as a fail-proof.

As for ladies, feel free to dress in what makes you feel the best. From a nice lace blouse to a midi dress, they are all flattering choices.

3. Bring outerwear regardless of the season

Regardless of the season, bring outerwear with you.

outerwear to theatre

The theatre is air-conditioned the whole time and high chance it will be freezing cold if all you wear is a cami dress.

Depending on the formality, feel free to pick from a formal bolero jacket to a light cardigan or scarf.

4. What to wear to the Hamilton matinee

What to wear to the Hamilton matinee

Time has changed and people are certainly dressed more relaxed for Broadway shows these days.

If that’s a matinee Hamilton show, a denim jacket, and crossbody bag is totally doable!

5. Hamilton “Rise up!” Tee

Of course, you will expect to see all kinds of Hamilton tee in the hall.

Hamilton “Rise up!” Tee

I once saw a lady wear a Hamilton tee with a black blazer – such a chic way to dress up the look.

I am loving this “Rise up! ” tee on Amazon. It has all different colors and sizes. Check it out!

6. Classic Hamilton tee

If you prefer to go classics, this iconic unisex graphic tee has always been the popular choice!

Classic hamilton tee

7. What to wear to Hamilton London

What to wear to Hamilton London

Gravitate towards pants? Teaming a black tee with billowy culottes just looks equally flattering.

Together with a long statement necklace, this get-up is perfect for a summery night.

8. When in doubt, dress in vintage

What to wear to Hamilton vintage outfits

The musical tells the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

If you want to add in some retro flare, consider incorporating a suspender belt and Viola, your get-up just looks irresistibly tasteful for the musical night.

For ladies, consider wearing the T-bar heels and tea dress for a dash of fun. Getting out of your comfort zone is always fun!

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Alright, now keep on reading!

9. What dress to wear to the Broadway show & musical?

Some girls may wonder: What about the floor-length gown? Is that okay to wear for the Hamilton show?

Unless that’s a grand opening night, I’d give it a pass as that’s just too over the top.

Plus, let’s not forget you have to stand for quite some time for the tickets and probably have to climb up the stairs.

Trust me, tripping over your dress is definitely not a good look.

My favorite dress for a musical show:

What dress to wear to the broadway show & musical

If you want an affordable velvet dress that is super flattering and leg-elongating, this dress is everything and more – an off-shoulder neckline, a thick waistband that hides the belly, practical side pockets, and a stylish high-low design.

Update (DEC 6):

Woah I’m overwhelmed by how many of you clicked and bought this dress!

But seems some of you picked the wrong one! Remember pick the RED velvet one – it looks much more expensive.

10. What to wear to the Hamilton Matinee

What to wear to the Hamilton Matinee

For a casual look, a polo shirt and khaki shorts are totally doable.

And for ladies, embrace all kinds of sundresses. You just can’t go wrong with that.

11. Hamilton party-inspired outfits for ladies

Hamilton party-inspired outfits for ladies

If you’re a Hamilton fan, you should recognize this look!

For the girls who don’t want to look too costumey, this dress is just perfect for both a Boardway night or a Hamilton-themed party.

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pheromone perfume
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black girl dark skin makeup
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ysl mini shoulder bag
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12. What to wear to a Hamilton party

For the guys, this Hamilton colonial uniform can never go wrong.

While costumes can be tricky to buy online, this one does get all the great reviews saying it’s great for the price.

What to wear to a Hamilton party

13. Hamilton-inspired outfits

Hamilton-inspired outfits

Owning. all. of. it.

You will be surprised how many kids want to throw a Hamilton party for their birthday.

Hamilton-inspired outfits
Source: Pinterest

14. What NOT to wear to the Hamilton show

Last but not least, let’s talk about what NOT to wear to Hamilton.

I know these are no-brainers, but allow me to remind you again just in case:

  • NO big hat that will possibly block the view of the people behind you
  • NO tight bodycon dress: You have to suck your belly for the entire 2 hours
  • No mini dress – Save them for the Friday clubbing nights with your girl pals
  • Bring a scarf or poncho ALL YEAR ROUND: The theatre is air-conditioned all year round and it can be freezing cold


So there you go people – the 14 outfit ideas and tips if you are wondering what to wear to the Hamilton musical.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and now it’s time to create your one-of-a-kind look!

Regardless of your age, keep Young Scrappy & Hungry! (Famous quote from Hamilton) 

Looking for more musical outfit tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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