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*2023*How to wear an asymmetrical poncho? 28 looks!

*2023*How to wear an asymmetrical poncho? 28 looks!

When it comes to the asymmetrical poncho, can we all agree that it is universally flattering for every woman out there?

The asymmetrical inverted V shape just adds a sense of effortlessness to our outfit.

Plus, wearing a poncho is always impeccable timing to show off our legs and our curves.

Whether you are petite or tall, the poncho can always get your look right on point!

So ladies, if you wondering how to wear an asymmetrical poncho in an urban-chic way. Here are the 6 foolproof ideas! Enjoy!


how to wear an asymmetrical poncho
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For a simple yet stylish look, teaming poncho and tights together is the unbeatable combination of all time.

As a poncho adds some volume to the upper body, it can look clumsy if you team it with baggy pants.

With the sleek inverted V lining, it just naturally elongates our legs visually and makes the thighs appear to be thinner.

That way, you can embrace the billowy silhouette in a put-together way.

Besides the black tights and skinny jeans, I saw many ladies’ style ponchos in faux leather leggings for an edgy look and that’s truly flattering!

It just looks perfect with the animal print poncho and adds a sense of coolness to this classic autumny outfit.

Pair it with a pair of combat boots and a beret, this is such a tasteful chic look.


how to wear an asymmetrical poncho
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If you are wondering if can you look casual in a poncho, the answer is YES!

While many people think you are only wearing a poncho during winter, let’s not forget there is the sheer weightless poncho for summertime.

Whenever you feel like you want to add an extra layer to the outfit, just throw on a poncho to spice up the look.

This is my most-worn style as it basically looks great with everything. For example, I will always pair the cropped poncho with my white cami top.

Finish off the look with skinny jeans and a pair of espadrilles sneakers, this is how you embrace an off-duty ensemble in a chic way.

Plus, a sheer poncho just adds a sense of femininity and softness to the look and makes my outfit less juvenile! So ladies, please try out this look during summertime!


how to wear an asymmetrical poncho
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Another equally flattering combo with a poncho is thigh-high boots.

While many people wonder how to avoid looking tacky in over-the-knee boots, the answer is simple – just try to pair it with a classy poncho instead of a bodycon mini dress!

If you want to look more united in this combo, try to match the colors of your poncho with the thigh-high boots.

That way, you will have the same hue from head to toe and that’s gonna make you look more poised.

As for a sophisticated look, try pairing the cream poncho with beige or grey thigh-high boots instead of the common black pairs, you will be pleasantly surprised by how elegant it looks!


how to wear an asymmetrical poncho
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Sometimes, wearing a long poncho can be slightly overwhelming if you are a petite girl like me.

If you feel like the poncho is too baggy for your height, belting the poncho up is always the quick fix.

Plus, it just accentuates your high waist area and helps you put the gorgeous curves in the spotlight.

For a dressy look, you can pair a darling clutch bag and a wool Dakota hat for a dash of contemporary spin.


how to wear an asymmetrical poncho
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For a high fashion look, opt for a loose, slouchy poncho style in a fail-proof way.

Instead of choosing bright tones like pink and red, neutral tones like grey, cream, and dusty blue is easier to pull off if you opt for the billowy silhouette.

For a formal workwear look, pair the poncho with the wide-leg cropped pants just look so sharp yet in style.

For the bottom, I will be more intentional about the fabrics as I don’t want to add too much bulk on top of the loose cutting.

Instead of the thick fabric like wool tweed or corduroy, silk and satin pants will be my favorite alternative here.

It just looks so glamorous yet surprisingly lightweight. And if you want to look expensive on a budget, satin pants are always no-brainer fashion items to invest in!


how to wear an asymmetrical poncho
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Last but not least, of course, we have to mention wearing a poncho in a monochrome way.

Pair with a similar shade of the same color, it’s so easy to look high fashion if you wear tone-on-tone.

If you want to show off the asymmetrical line of the poncho, remember to pair a darker shade for the bottom so the line won’t be subdued with the exact same color.

For footwear, the spontaneous slouchy boots can be a great option to further accentuate the high fashion vibes even more!

If you don’t want to mix and match yourself, you can consider wearing the poncho co-ord set.

The designs are gorgeous and some of them even have the stylish split pants design.


So ladies, here are the 6 ideas if you wonder how to wear an asymmetrical poncho! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear an asymmetrical poncho with tights and leggings
  • Wear sheer asymmetrical poncho for a casual look
  • Wear an asymmetrical poncho with boots for a chic look
  • Dress up the asymmetrical poncho with a belt
  • Opt for a loose cutting asymmetrical poncho for a high fashion look
  • Wear an asymmetrical poncho in a monochrome style

After these 6 tips, it’s time to get your feet wet in the asymmetrical poncho department.

Whether you want to be the edgy fashionista or classy lady, the poncho will work wonders for you!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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