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2023!13 Black influencers’ Instagram (Fashion + more!)

2023!13 Black influencers’ Instagram (Fashion + more!)

Ladies, today we are talking about the 13 Black influencers on Instagram to follow this year!

As we all know, Lady Refines is all about promoting women’s empowerment and inclusivity. This year, we are publishing as much black women-oriented content as ever.

Of course, this highly black influencers follow list is one of the highest requested ones of all time!

To sparkle more “Black girl magic”, I’ve gathered 13 black influencers from all different industries to freshen up your Instagram feed – enjoy!

Follow the black content creators and help them get more shine!

1. Tomi Obebe from goodtomicha

Tomi Obebe black influencer instagram
Follow goodtomicha!

Need I say more? Tomi Obebe is such a sunshine.

This lady is a consistent content creator – building her audience group since 2015.

Her blog Goodtomicha started as an outlet and has transformed into a 6-figure business.

Besides fashion topics, Tomi also covers tips for other inspiring creators, travel, and even personal journey with chronic illness.

So yes, following Tomi is really like having another girlfriend! Check her out!

2. Janea Brown from jnaydaily

Janea Brown black women influencer instagram
Follow jnaydaily!

 When it comes to the plus-size black girl fashion, Janea Brown is your gal!

She is all about encouraging women to live their best life regardless the shape and size!

And can we talk about how chic her style is? THE BEST.

3. Nzinga Young from veganzinga

The truth is, femininity is way more than long hair and flowy dress.

Nzinga Young black influencer fashion instagram
Follow veganzinga !

Nzinga Young just shows you how diverse and fabulous a bald head lady is. Such an inspo.

And if you are vegan, definitely follow her – she practiced 25 years + meatless diet!

4. Cinneah E from fly.nanced

For my ambitious boss ladies out there – follow Cinneah E NOW.

Cinneah E plus size black influencer
Follow fly.nanced !

Cinneah is a successful product manager and she is dedicated to helping 9-5 hotties earn more and build wealth.

According to CNN Business, Black women’s wealth is 90% lower than White men’s.

It’s time to change that!

5. Chinyere Chi-Chi Adogu from the_real_chi

Chinyere Chi-Chi Adogu black influencer
Follow the_real_chi!

This NYC Based Content Creator is living her best life.

From fashion, and beauty to lifestyle and travel, this lady never fails to get you inspired!

And trust me, Chi-chi taste of the dress is INCREDIBLE. Reading her feed is like a rabbit hole.

Seriously, I literally bought a dress after reading one of her feeds…

6. Follow Jackie from jackieaina

If you haven’t followed Jackie, what are you doing in your life sis?

Jackie influencer
Follow Jackie from jackieaina!

Jackie is unapologetically the Queen.

Crowned as one of the most popular fashion and beauty content creator, her style is 100% aesthetic and scream the “Black girl magic” to the fullest.


7. Follow Kellie B from itsmekellieb

Kellie B black influencer plus size
Follow itsmekellieb !

This oh-so-chic New Yorker has the most exclusive taste in clothes.

From casual chic to flamboyant colorful outfits, Kellie’s creativity and confidence will influence you and get you inspired!

Ladies, when in doubt, remember life is too short to wear boring outfits.

8. Follow TY ALEXANDER from tyalexander

Without a doubt, Alexander is *so* talented.

TY ALEXANDER influencer black women
Follow TY ALEXANDER from tyalexander

As a DJ, podcaster, author, and OG influencer, Alexander just shows how attractive a sophisticated lady is.

Following her will for sure make you feel more driven and bold in making decisions!

9. Follow Jeniese H from jenesaisquoithe

Another plus-size black lady icon, Jeniese H!

Jeniese H plus size black women instagram
Follow Jeniese H from jenesaisquoithe

If you love modern sleek outfits or a boss lady look, you will love all the outfits from this Birmingham blogger.

And can you believe she is 40 already? Jeniese is here to prove your age is just a number.

Regardless of your age, be unapologetically passionate and stylish.

10. Follow Nikki from thenikkirossi

For the girls who love the feminine and cottage-core style, follow Nikki.

thenikkirossi black influencer instagram
Follow Nikki from thenikkirossi

Based in London and Paris, Nikki is one of the best girls delivering modern romantic inspo.

From a baby doll dress to aesthetic lace up espadrilles, Nikki’s style just scream the lovecore and angelcore in the best possible way.

11. Follow Lola Adesina from lola.desina

Lola Adesina is the whole package.

Lola Adesina black influencer
Follow Lola Adesina from lola.desina

From meaningful quotes to business thoughts to oh-so-fancy outfit inspo, Lola is bound to get you inspired and help you level up!

In one of her Instagram feed, she said “Every next level of your life will demand a different you”.

Get that daily dose of black girl magic!

12. Follow Golloria!

If you are a black girl and you love makeup (who doesn’t?!), follow Golloria ASAP!

Golloria black women makeup influencer
Follow Golloria !

This beauty Tiktoker tests ‘the darkest shade’ of the makeup brands so we don’t have to.

Golloria makes it clear that makeup should be accessible for all skin types – and that includes the ladies with very dark skin complexity.

From blush to concealer to highlighter, Gollorian tested every brand out and promotes inclusivity at her best.

Make sure you girls follow her on other Tiktok and Instagram – she is such a gem!

13. Follow Jordyn Rush from yourpaljordyn

Jordyn Rush black women influencer
Follow Jordyn Rush from yourpaljordyn

Jordyn is one happy mom sharing her day-to-day life, from fashion style to motherhood.

All her feeds are full of positive vibes and stuff that we can all relate to – follow her on IG!


So there you go – the 13 black women influencers and Instagram to follow this year.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve got inspired and love the diversity of black women on this list!

Looking for more black girls’ fashion outfit ideas? Check out our most popular reads below! See you loves!

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