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2023 Black girl only♥️ 28 back to school outfits to OUTSHINE YOUR ENEMY!

2023 Black girl only♥️ 28 back to school outfits to OUTSHINE YOUR ENEMY!

Ladies, this post is not only for the first day of school outfits but a complete guide for everyday teenage girls outfits to school.

I mean, who wants to look cute for only one day if you look cute EVERY DAY?

You know, the privilege of being a teenage girl is you can try out all kinds of fashion styles and all darling hues.

From a soft girl aesthetic to a bougie look, the combos are endless.

That said, I’ve gathered 10 black teenage girls back-to-school outfit ideas.

If you want to outshine one another (the bitch you hate in school, we all have one), these 10 fashion essentials will never fail to disappoint you.


1. Embrace school girl aesthetic with a pleated skirt

black teenage girl back to school outfit ideas
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If an aesthetic schoolgirl look can only be pinned to one garment only, that has to be the pleated mini skirt.

Not only it’s always in style with its classic plaid, it just goes with EVERYTHING and elongates your legs visually.

Whether you team it with a crisp white tee for summer or an argyle sweater for the chill days, it just looks cute AF.

By the way, if you think plaids are too sweet for your style, opt for the solid hue.

Together with a nice pair of combat boots, you just look cute but not too girly!


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2. Teenage girl in ripped jeans for school

black teenage girl outfit ideas for school
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Ripped jeans aren’t allowed in schools but I think it really depends on how revealing it looks.

If that’s a baddie-style tripped jeans that show a ton of skin, that’s a no-go.

But if your jeans only have a slight cut around the knee area, I guess that’s okay.

Or else, mom jeans are another cute choice. I love teaming them with my high platform converse top.

3. Go comfy but chic in leggings for school

black teenage girl outfit ideas for school
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Want to look comfortable for school with minimal effort? Get yourself a pair of leggings and you’ll be all set.

To spice up the look, a cute top is KEY. I’ll always go for the oversized graphic hoodie for a dash of laid-back vibes.

Alternatively, if you want to elongate your legs visually, teaming it with a crop top is a no-brainer to accentuate your high waist area.

These days, pairing mid-calf socks with leggings is such a chic combo.

To maximize the color contrast, team the white socks with black leggings just look gorgeous.

Try it out, girls!

4. Stay casual with sweatpants

black teenage girl outfit ideas for school
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Can you wear sweatpants to school? Of course. After all, comfort is what matters.

Don’t worry, wearing sweatpants DOES NOT mean you’re giving up yourself, it really depends on how to style it.

Instead of going with another slouchy tee, why not go for a monochromatic look?

Not only it’s stylish, putting on a similar shade just unites your figure and makes you look taller visually.

Another tip, I’d say wear a high ponytail if you have a chubby face like me. Why?

Because that can elongate your face and contour the round cheeks altogether.

Truly, that makes a difference.

5. A bougie teenage schoolgirl

black teenage girl outfit ideas for school
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Well, that’s tricky but is this possible? YES.

Of course, I’m not telling you to buy designer bags and chunky earrings to flaunt around.

What I mean is harness the power of neutrals. Think hues like beige, dark brown, and cream, these sophisticated hues can truly elevate your style.

Bougie girl is more than the outfits so please take care of your hair as well!

A real bougie will always have glowy, healthy hair and have her hairstyle on point.

The easiest hack is adding a delicate headband, it just signals people you’ve given a thought to your style.

6. Go for a soft girl pastel look to school

black teenage girl outfit ideas for school
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If the bougie look isn’t your thing, let’s not forget pastel is the new black.

Seriously, no one can carry those romantic floral hues better than a sweet 16.

And guess what, many studios have shown that wearing pastels can make you appear to be more approachable and likable to other boys and girls.

A cute dusty pink denim jacket set? It just screams “Bad vibes don’t go with me”!

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7. Academia aesthetic outfit for my black girls

black teenage girl outfit ideas for school
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Can you dress like a grade A student without sacrificing your style?

An academic aesthetic look just works wonders.

Whether that’s dark academia or soft academia style, get experimental with them to create your one-of-a-kind style.

For classy vibes, choose dark colors like deep red, browns, and patterns like plaids.

If you don’t have a good vintage watch, at least get yourself a black high-neck top, plaid dress pants, and oxford shoes.


8. Overalls as a refreshing yet sexy blend

black teenage girl outfit ideas for school
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Believe it or not, Overalls aren’t only for 6-year-olds, you can look flattering as a teenager as well!

To make this less juvenile, go for the black and dark blue hues instead of the light-washed denim just to seal the deal.

If you pair them with an off-shoulder top or a crop top, that’s how you add the right dose of spiciness.

As a petite girl, I love wearing denim overalls and flared jeans as the bell bottom just elongates my legs like magic.


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9. Layer things up for a fall back to school look

black teenage girl outfit ideas for school
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There are thousands of combos if you layer the look but I’d say teaming a pinafore dress with a high-neck top is such a JEM.

For a beige monochrome look that screams fall vibes, team a beige beret with the plaid pinafore dress is definitely too darling for school.

If you want to boost the aesthetic, definitely wear the beige socks for the matchy-matchy look.

10. Cute black girl back-to-school hairstyles

black teenage girl outfit ideas for school
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Last but not least, let’s talk about hairstyles. Why is that important?

Because that just makes you look cute and stylish even in a white tee and jeans.

Despite my favorite – the super high and super easy ponytail (this is irresistible), you can always do some quick and easy updos.

Think a twisted Up-bun and a sleek updo that looks extra polished.

And of course, the braided top knot is another amazing choice for school, it just screams “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.


So ladies, here are the 10 black teenage girls back to school outfit ideas.

What do you think about these thoughts? Whether you are in middle school or college, I’m sure these fashion essentials will work wonders!

By the way, please kindly re-pin the pin below so more black girls can enjoy the content dedicated for them♥ Would really appreciate that!

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See you there!

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