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*18 outfits & tips!* What should grandma wear to a baby shower?

*18 outfits & tips!* What should grandma wear to a baby shower?

Wondering what should grandma wear to a baby shower? Look no further as here’s the right place to get inspired! 

Finally, the day has come.

You will soon level up to Grandma! Admit it, you have always imagined all possible ways to spoil your little angel, aren’t you?

When it comes to a baby shower, this is such a beautiful moment to celebrate the joy of your daughter’s pregnancy.

So whether that’s a fancy party or an intimate backyard gathering, you do want to give a thought to your outfit for this big day.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 non-cliche baby shower party outfit ideas that fit the baby shower vibes.

If you are ready, keep on reading!

1. What should grandma wear to a baby shower? Floral dress

To bring the best in a loving baby shower that is full of joy and hope, a delightful floral dress is fail-proof.

Some ladies may think the floral prints are only for young girls but guess what, it has always been one of the most popular choices for grandma’s wedding shower outfits.

All you need is to pick the right design and length that really serves you.

Think of a billowy midi floral dress that looks simple yet elegant.

Together with low heels or cute flats, this look is a 10/10.

2. Jazz up your look with a nice poncho

An all-over floral dress is not your cup of tea?

What about a poncho that instantly jazzes up your look with minimal effort?

What should grandma wear to baby shower
Source: Bayley.lewis

This is my mum’s favourite hack to brighten up her all-black look and that works wonders!

That said, to avoid looking all over the place, keep the rest of the outfit in solid hues to make the prints look more pop-up.

3. Pick the classic baby shower colors as failproof

This tip is not only for grandma-to-be but basically, all guests.

To blend in with the crowds, pay attention to the colors.

While we tend to wear dark hues when we get older, well, not on baby shower day.

All the decorations and theme colors surround soft and airy shades like baby blue, light pink, creamy yellow, or a tad of champagne gold.

PASTEL blue outfit baby shower grandma
Source: Pinterest

It will be best to dress in pastel shades to embrace the festive flare.

Side note, you can also go for neutral shades like beige for a sophisticated look.

4. Make it special with a thoughtful T-shirt

If the baby shower is more of the casual backyard party type, why not consider wearing a “Happiness is being a Grandma” shirt to express your excitement?

what to wear to baby shower as grandma

I promise it looks extra cute when you look back at the family photoshoot on that day! Such a mood booster.

Or else, stay with this tee down below!

grammy tee Etsy
Get this tee from Etsy

5. Wear a tunic for a comfy yet elegant baby shower look

So you have to go to a baby shower brunch and you want something extra tummy-forgiving but elegant at the same time. Is that possible?


what should grandma wear to baby shower
Source: 1,2

Throw on a tunic and you’re good to good!

They look irresistibly sophisticated and feminine together with just simple pairings like leggings and ankle boots.

If you want to dress it up, a structured handle bag or a nice clutch just seal the deal.

6. Culottes are best for summer baby showers

Want to look formal yet comfy in pants? Go for the flowy texture like chiffon that matches the dreamy baby shower vibes.

Featuring the gorgeously lightweight and billowy fabric, they are perfect for baking hot days.

Together with a dressy blouse, the whole get-up just looks sophisticated and expensive-looking.

Below I’ve handpicked a flattering one with an elastic waistband. The comfiness is 10/10. Check this out!

what to wear to baby shower grandma

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7. Jazz up your look with a neck scarf

So you’ve pinned down the dress, it’s time to accessorize yourself for this darling event!

What to wear in baby shower party
Source: 1,2

Besides earrings and necklaces, let’s not forget neck scarf is another flattering piece.

Not only it can add an extra layer of warmth to the look, but a statement piece like this just tells others you’ve given thought to your look.

And let’s not forget there are a ton of ways to tie a neck scarf – you will never get bored with them.

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Alright, now keep on reading!

8. What shoes should grandma wear to a baby shower

For footwear, comfort is key.

You will need to stay mobile during the baby shower and take family photos all day long so I’d say go for low heels and flats!

what shoes grandma wear to baby shower
Source: 50isnotold

Of course, sneakers can be done but that can appear too casual for a semi-formal party.

For a safe bet, consider wearing espadrilles sneakers or moccasin that looks more decent.

As a petite girl, I’ll stick with my all-time favorite – espadrille wedges for the extra height. Comfy yet flattering – such a dream.

If you are looking for a high-quality pair on a budget, check out my Amazon pick below!

What shoes should grandma wear to baby shower


So there you go ladies – the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what should grandma wear to a baby shower.

What do you think about these looks? I hope you’ve found your favorite!

As the saying goes “Your age doesn’t matter, your fashion sense does”, well, show them who’s the chic grandma-to-be!

By the way, if you want more wedding and baby shower outfit tips, feel free to check out this list below.

See you there gorgeous!

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