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*2023* 18 looks to wear to an arcade & Dave and Buster’s date!

*2023* 18 looks to wear to an arcade & Dave and Buster’s date!

Wondering what to wear to an arcade date or a Dave and Buster’s date? You’ve come to the right place!

If you want to add a touch of fun and retro vibes to the date, going to an arcade or sports bar like Dave and Buster’s is bound to be a blast.

With a ton of core games and facilities, for you to explore and play with, it can instantly ease the typical awkwardness of the first date.

arcade date outfit
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And guess what, physical touch comes unbelievably naturally when you guys are playing games together.

So probably you have the last question in mind: What to wear to the arcade and Dave and Buster’s? I’ve got your back.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 dating outfits from the casual to nostalgic style along with some practical tips. Sound good?

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Keep on reading!

1. Wear casual jeans for an arcade date

Want to dance like nobody is watching? I bet you!

arcade date outfits
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To embrace the fun vibes and make sure you can enjoy the fullest experience, wearing jeans will put you on the right track.

As a no-brainer, going to an arcade requires you to stay active 24/7.

arcade date outfit jeans
Source: Pinterest

From playing classic games like Pop-A-shot, and air hockey to billiard tables, pair up a cute crop top and distressed jeans that will make you feel the comfiest.

arcade date outfit idea
Source: Pinterest

I love these crayon shades jeans – just match the arcade bar perfectly!

2. Color block windbreaker for a Dave and Buster’s date

Looking for the right outerwear for Dave and Buster’s date?

I’d say stay casual chic with a denim jacket and shacket.

But if you want to add a dose of nostalgia to your get-up, a 90s color block windbreaker is just perfect for some aesthetic arcade photo shoot.

windbreaker arcade date outfit idea
Source: Pinterest

If you think Etsy’s ones are too pricey, I’ve handpicked a nice alternative from Amazon.

With this pricing, designs, and quality, this one is unbeatable.

Check them out below!

what to wear to arcade date outfits

3. Embrace oversized outfits for an arcade date

Whether you are petite or tall, you can’t ignore the fact that this year is all about baggy styles.

what to wear to arcade date outfits
Source: 1,2

Not only they are stylish, but the loose-cutting design also allows you to jump and dance freely in the game bar.

So yes, to complete a wonderfully unfussy look, I highly recommend going for an oversized checkered shirt or baggy joggers.

Many girls ask me can petite girls wear oversized, my answer is a big fat YES if you pick the right cut.

But that said, to avoid looking all over the place, you should pick only one baggy item as a statement piece.

Black girl outfit idea arcade date
Source: Pinterest

Wear a baggy top with baggy pants together is the big No-no.

4. Dress retro for Dave and Buster’s date

Both teens and adults love arcades, why? Because it’s the wonderland that allows us to tap into our inner child world.

what to wear to Dave and Buster's date
Source: 1,2

So it makes sense why a retro look has always been the popular attire for an arcade date.

Think of a color block sweater, a dungaree dress, and a pair of old Converse that bring you back to the good old days.

Of course, you can always get creative with your nostalgic look.

From parachute pants, and acid-wash jeans to suspenders, you can go as funky and bold as you want in this wonderland!

These white sunnies are everything.

dave and buster's date outfit idea
Source: Pinterest

5. Baddie styles for the fun arcade games

For all the hot baddies out there, don’t worry, I won’t miss you out!

what to wear to arcade date outfits
Source: 1,2

As a perfect blend of street style and sporty look, you will need statement tracksuits, short leggings, chunky sneakers, and more.

In a fun place like Dave and Busters which is filled with all kinds of neon and vibrant hues, it just echos with bold colorful accessories.

So ladies, don’t hesitate to wear the Barbie pink hair clip and chunky necklaces – it’s time to add some zing to your style!

This look is everything.

6. When in doubt, wear a hat

Gravitate towards cool-girl style? Lean into it.

If you don’t have a resting bitch face to strike a pose, at least your hat can add a dash of edginess to your style.

what to wear to Dave and Buster's date
Source: 1,2

From classic baseball caps to trendy bucket hats to beanies, they will all do the tricks.

But that said, if you have a big head or chubby cheeks like me, avoid the beanie.

Sorry for the tough love but I do think wide-beam hats look best with a round face – it just makes the face look smaller by comparison!

what hat to wear arcade date?

Need I say more? This ghost cartoon hat is so freaking cute.

7. Stay strong on the hair game

So you’ve pinned down your outfit, and now it’s time to play with the hairstyle!

what to wear to arcade date outfits
Source: 1,2

Think of a cute high bun or fishtail braid that tells others you’ve given thought to your look.

They are the real mood-boosters.

Feeling a bit laid back in a graphic T-shirt dress? Pull on a high ponytail and you’ll never feel anything missing from your look.

dave and buster outfit hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Trust me, you will feel so much more put together!

8. When in doubt, gogo boots

arcade date gogo boots
Source: Pinterest

✨ This is giving the arcade doll vibes ✨

8. Add an extra pop of fun with socks

Feeling too ordinary in sneakers?

arcade date outfit
Source: Pinterest

Well, what about getting creative with a pair of striped knee-high socks that will boost youthfulness tenfold?

To look cute on the arcade date, it’s time to dig out some catchy socks.

Need some inspo? Below are some best-selling socks from Amazon. Enjoy!

The aesthetic of these glitter socks is unbeatable.

9. Comfy sneakers for an arcade date

Speaking of the arcade date, forget about the high heels and go for sneakers or low-heel sandals for comfort.

I seldom recommend shoes and bags on a budget in the past. Why? Because I just can’t find any that are cheap but look good at the same time!

These days, I discovered a new brand Charles & Keith. Their bags and shoes just hold high quality at super affordable prices! No wonder it’s all the rage in the US now. 

The best part is, that this brand was founded with a vision to empower women to express themselves freely through fashion.

Let’s why they keep their shoes in an affordable price range, check out some of my favorites below!

what to wear to arcade date

The off-white boots and the Perline Beaded Platform Loafers – Black

Both are now sold out, but I think they will restock them soon! 

The IT girls’ must-have, no explaining is needed.

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10. My favorite arcade date look

I’ve come across this pin and love the style from this girl!

What do you think?! Comment down below!

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Obviously, this pheromone perfume (Amazon bestseller) is for the ladies who wanna spice things up (Got you gal!)
black girl dark skin makeup
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ysl mini shoulder bag
Get this YSL mini shoulder bag on Net-A-porter


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to the arcade & Dave and Buster’s date.

What are your thoughts on that? Now it’s time to pin down your favorite look and surprise your date!

As for the girls who want more dating outfit tips, definitely read through the articles listed below.

Even if this is not your first, second, or third date, I’m sure you will find the science behind it useful in the future! See you there!

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