[2022] 18 second date outfit BACK BY SCIENCE

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Surprise surprise, this article is all about what to wear on a second date.

It just drives me crazy when no one talks about how freaking important a second date is.

It’s a make-it-or-break-it situation.

If the first date is about getting an initial feeling whether you like this guy or not, the second date is about getting a confirmation and have more serious and deeper communication.

Trust me, that can be even more nerve-inducing and confusing for some people.

Vice versa, we certainly want to dress well, look well and keep the great vibes going.

To make sure everything is on point, I’ve gathered 9 second date outfit ideas!

Take a deep breath, you’ve got this!


what to wear on a second date, second date outfit ideas
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As we all know, the first date is all about looking our absolute best. If you look all glam up for your first date.

Perhaps it’s time to show another side of you for the second date.

Vice versa, if you are more on the casual side for the first date, spice up the look with a lovely cocktail dress just give him a WOW factor. After all, men enjoy visual stimulation when it comes to their potential partners.

Of course, you don’t want to wear something totally different.

A feminine bodycon dress for the first date and a baddie girl look with jogger pants and chunky sneakers is too much of a contrast.

What I mean is keeping your own style with a little twist.

That just kinda signals him you are not a rigid girl and you certainly have many things to be discovered.


what to wear on a second date, second date outfit ideas
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Alright, so this is the second date and perhaps you both are expecting more physical attachment.

That said, what else is better than a sexy red dress that exudes the confidence like a real grown lady?

From the psychology research in 2016, it’s found that red clothes make ladies more attractive and desirable to men.

But ladies, wear it in caution. After all, men interpreted red outfits as a sign that you are more open to sex.

Yes, that’s back by science. So unless you are really into him, reconsider your outfit choice.

Or else, go for a classic red lip that can make you appear to be sexier as well.


what to wear on a second date, second date outfit ideas
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If you are not into bold colors like red, no worries as there are many other ways to express your sensualness.

You definitely want to look attractive in an elegant way.

After all, we all know how things escalate real fast from a sexy goddess to a desperate girl who is looking cheap. That said, keeping things in balance is key.

If you are wearing an open-back sweater, keep the rest of your look modest to balance things out.

Speaking of my favorite killer look, the oversized boyfriend shirt dress is such a winner.

This simple ensemble just leaves some room for imagination.

Trust me, this is irresistible to a man. Together with a belt and knee-high boots, gal you are ready to score your third date.


what to wear on a second date, second date outfit ideas
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If the first date is all about bringing our A-game, the second date is about letting loose and showcasing the carefree side.

For relaxing outdoor dates like a picnic or lake date, you certainly want to look cute and comfy.

While it’s totally fine to wear a round neck tee and skinny jeans, let’s spice up things a little bit with a curve-hugging denim midi dress or a refreshing white monochrome look to show that you’ve actually given a thought to your look.

Casual but not too casual. Men do appreciate that.


what to wear on a second date, second date outfit ideas
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I know this sounds silly but I do find this useful- wearing something makes you appear to be more touchable.

As mentioned before, a second date may involve more physical interaction like kissing and hugging.

Instead of wearing fabric like faux leather and glitter dress, go for the darling fabric like silk, satin, and fluffy sherpa jacket just subconsciously trigger the urge to interact with you more.

Plus, that just leaves a good impression when he hugs you the first few times.

Of course, this tip is minor so it’s completely optional, hopefully, some girls will find it useful though!


what to wear on a second date, second date outfit ideas
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If you need a last-minute dating outfit, a co-ord set is here to back you up.

All you need to do is pick a cute bag and universally flattering nude heels and you are ready to storm out the door.

Or else, the romper is my other favorite during the summer days.

Featuring lightweight fabric, it just gives you a billowy silhouette on hot summer days.

If you want to look put together in 10 minutes, one piece will seal the deal.


what to wear on a second date, second date outfit ideas
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Every great ensemble needs a great pair of shoes, and that’s extra important when it comes to dating.

But here’s the thing, you want to be comfy but cute at the same time.

Instead of wearing your errands bestie – driving mocs or high platform slippers, let’s pay extra effort and switch it to the animal print flats that are equally comfy.

So some girls may wonder: Can I wear stiletto heels? I’d say – AVOID IT! After all, that’s not a good look when you are suffering feet pain all day long, isn’t it?

A perfect alternative would be ankle heels with thin spaghetti straps. These darlings are as sexy as it’s wearable, such a dream.


what to wear on a second date, second date outfit ideas
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Looking impressive sometimes is not about the big statement, rather, it’s all about details.

If you didn’t style your hair for the first date, come on, let’s try something different this time.

Whether that’s a cute high bun or a dainty pearl hair clip, you’ll be bound to feel fabulous.

And guess what, your date will sense your positive vibes too.


what to wear on a second date, second date outfit ideas
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As the sayings go “To be prepared is half the victory.” This is just so right.

Even if you are not planning to go to his place after the date, well, your thought can change after a dreamy fancy date night!

So get yourself prepared so you have a choice that time. Plus, you just feel more secure when everything is ready, isn’t it?

That said, here are what you need:

  • Lovely yet comfy lingerie ( That just carry you differently as a confidence booster)
  • Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturising Lip Balm – keep your lips pleasant to look at
  • Mint Dental Floss after lunch/ dinner (Trust me, you’ll need this)
  • Pheromone perfume – for magnificent sexual scent (Don’t judge ladies, sometimes I just need some chemical boost) Update: 2 Jan 2022, so far 128 ladies purchased this one lol seriously?
  • Tissue (and you can lend to your date as well)
  • Phone charger
  • Bandages for your feet pain (Needless to say, 3M Nexcare Bandages is the only brand that has legit stronghold)

I hope these tips work!


So ladies, here are the 9 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear on the second date.

I know how nerve-wracking the second dates are, my final practical tip is to expect LESS! So we won’t get disappointed!

Just enjoy dressing up and go with the glow and you will be all fine.

Here’s the recap:

  • Go for a slightly different style than the first date
  • Boost your attractiveness in red
  • Loosen up with a touch of flirtiness
  • Go casual but feminine for the second date
  • Make yourself even more touchable
  • Go for co-ord set when in rush
  • Wear comfy yet aesthetic shoes for dating
  • Freshen up your hairstyle
  • Get prepared for the unknown

Ladies, if you find these tips useful, you HAVE TO read my 10 first date tips.

Most of the tips are different from this article so go check it out!


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