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*2023*What to wear on a double date? 8 DOS & DON’TS!

*2023*What to wear on a double date? 8 DOS & DON’TS!

Wondering what to wear on a double date? This article is for you ladies! Sometimes, a double date is not that easy. 

That’s extra tough when your couple of friends kept saying the same inside joke over and over again, and all you and your boyfriend do is fake a good laugh.

On another side, the double date can be really fun too if you find a great match.

Want double happiness for Friday night? Call your couple of friends to come over and things will get 10 times wilder.

But still, for the first double date meeting, you want to dress appropriately for a good impression.

Believe it or not, there’s definitely something you should or should NOT wear.

In this article, I’ve gathered 8 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear on a double date.

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Enjoy my girls!


what to wear on a double date
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If you are meeting your partner’s couple friend for the first time, consider a put-together look even if that’s a casual backyard BBQ date.

Instead of throwing a round-neck tee and jogger pants that can look really laid-back, a cute romper or jumpsuit is always the winning option without looking overdressed.

Featuring the high-waist design and flowy fabric, these cuties are here to help you look chill and fun with minimal effort.



what to wear on a double date
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I LOVE wearing a shirt dress for the double date. Why? Because it always looks appropriate.

Featuring the collar and button-down, this lovely one-piece always makes you look casual but smart.

The best part? They are truly versatile. If you want to look sophisticated, opt for the midi shirt dress and loafers and you are all set.

Or else, you can dress down the look with a pair of white sneakers. That’s equally flattering.


what to wear on a double date
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When it comes to a formal setting like a fine dining double date, nothing works better than a classy and elegant look.

That being said, many combos can work really well.

Think of a halter neck jumpsuit or a boatneck satin dress that looks effortlessly expensive and polished.

If you prefer a two-piece set, teaming a knit top with a midi pleated skirt looks cute with a feminine touch.

Needless to say, this combo is having a moment right now. (Italian and French girls really love that)

Try it out!


what to wear on a double date
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I know this is a no-brainer, but trust me, we somehow will still underdress once in a blue moon.

If you don’t want to embarrass yourself and your couple of friends, dressing according to the occasion is KEY.

To play safe, below are some of the big No-nos:

  • Don’t wear leggings unless you are heading to the gym (That alone will drive your French girl insane…)
  • No dramatically oversized outfits that look like you’ve just overslept and stormed out the door
  • No PJs ( I mean… of course)

Disclaimer. These rules are really personal. But if that’s the first meeting, you better not take that risk!


what to wear on a double date
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As you have to dress to impress not only your boyfriend but 3 people in total, reaching a happy balance is never easy.

And you know what, the easiest way to upset another woman in the room is a revealing dress.

So ladies, whether that’s a tight bodycon dress that shows all the curves of your skin or a low-neck top that puts your cleavage in the spotlight, they are not the best choices.

Before you roll your eyes about this “strict” rule, let’s put yourself in others’ shoes.

Who wants to hang out with another lady who dresses distractingly sexy that my boyfriend can’t help but stare at her boobs the whole time?

I guess every girl should relate to that, isn’t it?

So if you want to make sure the double date is a pleasant one, save those flirty dresses for the other days.


what to wear on a double date
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Alright, this one is obvious. While matchy couple outfits can be fun and cute, you don’t know your couple friends’ take on that.

After all, that can feel quite embarrassing to hang out with two adults with the same custom shirt saying “Mr. Right” & “Mrs. Always Right”

Just imagine how awkward that can be.


what to wear on a double date
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If you are a tall girl and your couple of friends are way shorter than you, it’s a thoughtful act to switch out your high heels to a mid-low chunky one, or even a cute pair of flats.

It’s perfectly fine if you still want to wear high heels, just to make sure that won’t be an intimidating 7-inch stiletto.

That’s just not a good look.


what to wear on a double date
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If you want to present yourself as a likable and approachable girl, it’s probably not the best time to wear a chunky gold necklace, a big logo designer bag, a Gucci belt, and your sparkle Rolex watch all in the ONE outfit.

Don’t be that desperate girl that trying to prove herself through these items.

Even if this is not your real intention, you will certainly give out the wrong signals.

Of course, keeping your makeup refreshing and natural is key.

No aggressively long fake eyelashes, bold eyeshadow, and black lips that can look quite overwhelming for the first-time double date.


So ladies, here are the 8 tips if you wonder what to wear on a double date.

I hope you find these tips useful. I know some of the rules are strict, but leaving a good impression is all about the details.

Good luck ladies and wish you a smooth couple’s date!

Let’s have a quick recap first:

  • Wear a romper for a casual double date
  • The shirt dress is a versatile piece
  • Stay classy yet elegant for a fancy double-date dinner
  • Don’t underdress or overdress
  • Double date is not the time to flaunt your body
  • No matchy couple outfits
  • Be considerate when you pick the heels
  • Don’t be that flashy girl

By the way, if you are interested in more dating outfit ideas, high chance you will find the tips below useful!

See you there girls!

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