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*2023* What to wear to brewery date? 27 combos+ dos & donts!

*2023* What to wear to brewery date? 27 combos+  dos & donts!

Wondering what to wear to a brewery date? Girls you are in the right place.

First thing first, who said the first date has to go fancy dining, and both are feeling nothing but rigid and awkward?

what to wear brewery date
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Believe it or not, a brewery date is such a fun option that is so underrated!

While there’s no specific dress code, to make sure your brewery journey is a pleasant one, there’s something you should and should NOT wear.

what to wear to brewery date outfit
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Since brewery date is casual, some girls think it’s hard to look cute. Well, that’s just not true. You can for sure look comfy without sacrificing your style.

That said, I’ve gathered 15 brewery outfit ideas to prove that.

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If you just want to loosen up and stay chill, a nice pair of denim jeans can never go wrong.

what to wear to a brewery date
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But does that mean you can’t spice up the look? Of course not!

For a date-ready look, go for a comfy yet flirty top like an off-shoulder blouse.

I mean, it’s just universally flattering to showcase your shoulder line, isn’t it?

winter brewery date outfit
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Or else, go for something light like a baby blue shirt works wonders as well.

If you are not wearing pastel hues for a spring brewery date, well, think again!


So that’s a date and you want to look cute without appearing to be trying too hard.

what to wear to a brewery date
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While that’s tricky, a nice co-ord set just seals the deal.

Throw on a navy blue stripe two-piece set and you will look instantly put together.

For a summer look, showing a stripe of skin around the waist just adds a little touch of fun. I’m sure your date will appreciate it.

white romper outfit
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Of course, comfort is key for a delightful brewery date.

As you will stand and walk a lot, opt for the forgiving A-line skirt rather than the bodycon one.

3. When in doubt, tank top

There’s something I can’t explain but a summery tank top just match perfectly with a brewery date.

Causal, cute with a dash of spice.

To look extra eye-catching, definitely go for a red top.

red tank top outfit idea
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Or else, team your tank dress with a baseball cap for some chill vibes!

baseball cap brewery date outfit
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4. A satin shirt for a brewery date

If this is not the most (lowkey) seductive look for a brewery date, I honestly don’t know what is.

satin shirt outfit idea
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Sis, see if your date is worth your effort or not.


Let’s be real, while the man doesn’t understand fashion, a one-piece dress is always lovely in their eyes.

what to wear to a brewery date
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If you are looking for a feminine and billowy silhouette, a lavender midi dress is sure to give him a big WOW. Extra bonus? You will feel like a goddess too!

Speaking of the length of the dress, it’s time to get practical.

You clearly don’t want to look overdressed with a floor-length one but you definitely don’t want to look easy with a bodycon mini dress.

For a happy balance, I’d say a slightly above-knee dress is chill enough.

Or else, a cute overall dress works well as well!

brewery date outfit idea
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Wondering what’s the charm of a shirt dress? It’s VERSATILE.

what to wear to a brewery date
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Despite the fact that it’s so lightweight and breathable for the outdoor brewery tour, you have no problem dressing it up and down.

While a blue-striped knee-length shirt dress looks sophisticated with a leather belt on, you can also look flirty with an oversized white shirt.

Trust me, no man can resist the room for imagination.


I’ve got a sweet mash-up for you: Fish and chips, pizza, and a sip of fall-inspiring beer.

what to wear to a brewery date
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To embrace these nostalgic vibes, what else is better than a nice pair of brown suede boots?

Complete your look with a wide beam hat and an asymmetrical fringe poncho top, you just look all chill and loosen up without sacrificing your style.

boots for brewery date outfit
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Always bring outerwear with you. Not only for the chilly days but all year round.

what to wear on a first date to a brewery
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The breweries are mostly air-conditioned so it’s better to get yourself a scarf or cardigan just in case.

By the way, many girls think it’s boring to wear a sweater on a winter date.

Well, not at all!

Whether that’s a flared-sleeve top or a ruffle body-hugging sweater, you can always find a way to look extra cute.

For me, an off-shoulder sweater works wonders with a black lace bralette underneath. Simple layering can always make you look effortlessly sassy.


While a dainty handle bag looks cute, admit it, it’s not the best choice when it comes to a brewery tour.

what to wear on a first date to a brewery
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You will have to try all kinds of beers, hop to different outhouse factories, and even get into the action to make your own bottle of beer.

That’s why it’s best to keep your hands free all the time.

I’d say a straw bag with a shoulder strap is always the winning option. It’s casual but definitely not boring.

Of course, any lightweight shoulder bag will work great.

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If you are wearing stilettos heels on a lazy Sunday brewery tour, girl you are being dramatic!

what to wear on a first date to a brewery
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A brewery tour involves many standing and walking and you certainly don’t want to torture yourself like that.

Instead, keep yourself comfy with sneakers.

If you want to spice things up, mid-low chunky heels will serve you right! These days I’m wearing my spaghetti sandals like it’s my job lol

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what to wear on a first date to a brewery
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The last reminder, a straw hat, and sunglasses are much needed.

Despite the fact that they finish your look with a perfect touch, they are here to give you the UV protection that you really NEED.

Trust me, you don’t want to look at your date with half-opened eyes all the time under the baking sun, that’s just not a good look.

A boho sunglasses and a wide-beam straw hat?

That’s a 10/10!


So there you go, girls! 15 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a brewery date.

So yes, you have no problem looking cute and sassy for a casual date for drinks!

And by the way, the choice of brewery date is already a good start. After all, it’s a lot easier to start the day when you know it will end with BEER. Cheers!

Let’s have a quick recap first:

  • Wear jeans for the brewery date
  • Stay cute with a romper & co-ord set
  • Look sweet & feminine in a one-piece dress
  • A shirt dress is a versatile choice
  • Wear boots for a winter brewery tour
  • Always bring outerwear for the brewery
  • Hands-free for brewery hopping
  • Comfortable yet cute footwear
  • Don’t forget your hats & sunglasses

Seriously, getting ready for the date is not as complicated as you thought! But if haven’t read these tips below, you are missing out! See you there girls and wish you a good date ahead!

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