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*2023* 16 outfits to wear to toga party (Besides toga!)

*2023* 16 outfits to wear to toga party (Besides toga!)

Wondering what to wear to a toga or Greek-themed party? You’ve come to the right place!

Guess what, there’s a wide range of choices besides wearing a toga!

Undoubtedly, every woman on the planet loves to dress up, especially if it’s a theme party. And guess what, toga party is definitely one of the best of all.

how to dress greek-themed party
Source: Pinterest

Of course, you can wear a toga, but there are a ton of other creative ways to slay and stand out from the crowd as well.

Below, I’ve gathered 16 real-life toga party outfits and costume ideas from Instagram and Amazon along with some tips.

Without further ado, let’s begin this quest to find out the perfect solution to all your toga party dress-up queries!

1. White toga is not the only formula

Let’s talk about the basics, shall we?

All you need to do is wear a basic toga and transform it into a Greek goddess costume with an on-point braided hairstyle and a laurel reef crown that screams the vibes.

Added to this, wearing the similar hues of the sandals and the crown can make the whole get-up look like the whole set.

purple toga outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

Such a game-changer.

2. What to wear to a toga-themed party

These days, wearing a toga is not the only option for a toga party anymore.

Given that you finish up the look with the right footwear and accessories, you can for sure breathe in the Greek aesthetic in most white dresses!

That said, picking the right fabric for the dress is key.

Instead of going for the thick or mod, fabric like velvet, woven, or polyester, pick a flowy texture like chiffon or cotton for the airy goddess look.

3. Roman toga-themed party outfits

Of course, the glamorous silk and satin fabric is another popular choice for any kind of Roman and Greek theme parties.

Featuring a lush and shimmering texture, a satin dress just glams you up instantly and makes you feel like an elegant goddess.

To bring the best in the dress, I’d say go with the feminine violet or champagne hue to look extra refined.


4. Pick fun hues for the toga party

Want to have some fun with your toga party costume?

Then throw those boring white togas out of the scene and introduce a few fun colors to your look!

You can opt for some pastels, blues, and greys to blend your outfit with the Greek theme.

Moreover, you can also try adding some floral prints and patterns to your costume to freshen things up!

colorful toga dress party
Source: Pinterest

Just glam it up ladies!

5. What to wear to a toga party besides a toga

Although a white toga dress is all you need to pull off a stylish toga look, there are plenty of other options you can consider wearing other than the traditional route.

One fail-proof combo is a white halter crop top with a flared mini skirt.

Simply gorgeous.

So why wait? Girl you can make a unique style statement with this unconventional toga party outfit with your fashion game on point!

6. Cute toga party outfits

Toga party comes in all kinds of forms and formalities.

While some girls wanna dress to the T for some Instagrammable shot, some of you just want to keep things casual.

Here’s why I love this simple sleeveless T-shirt dress below.

Cute toga party outfits

This is such a versatile piece as you can rock this cutie from a toga party to a chill coffee date with friends.

The best part? The asymmetrical ruched design just camouflages the belly area perfectly and makes you feel the most confident.

Together with the rope braided updo and a stunning champagne gold tiara, this is how you look cute for a toga party with minimal effort.

Check out this cute white dress!

7. Tunic dress + gladiator sandals

Is that just me but this pleated tunic and knee-high nude gladiator sandals just look so high fashion? 

If you are getting bored of the traditional toga costume, definitely have to give this look a try.

Seriously, whether you have a Greek-themed party or not, this combo is a summer must-try.

8. Fancy white ruched bodycon dress

A white bodycon dress seems impossible to wear. This dress below is the exception!

white ruched bodycon dress
Shop Amazon!

The asymmetrical neckline is so aesthetic and one-of-a-kind.

More importantly, it draws eyes vertically and helps elongate your neck and make you look slimmer overall.

To look even more forgiving, a golden chain belt just comes in handy to contour the body proportion and define the waist.


As white dress tends to exaggerate things, picking the one with ruching details is incredibly helpful when it comes to distracting attention!

And also hiding rolls!

9. Elegant long toga

In the toga party where everyone is wearing the white toga in standard cut, this Grecian dress below is an artpiece.

elegant toga Etsy
Get this toga from Etsy

This cutting is just divine.

It comes with 8 colors from white to ruby red to indigo blue, check them out!

9. Slit wrap draped dress for a greek themed party

greek themed party outfits

Why this dress? The inverted V line is the most forgiving to elongate the legs!

10. College toga party outfits

Think out of the box people.

Who said you have to dress like a Greek goddess every single time?

11. What to wear to a toga party for guys

Have zero preparation for the coming party?

Throw this “Toga party security” fun tee that screams the “See people, at least I’ve tried my best” vibes!

I mean, humor is the best icebreaker at parties!

12. Modern chic toga party outfit ideas

Who said wearing a white dress has to look soft?

Spice thing up with the in-style waist bag just screams nothing but “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

This lady just demonstrate how adding a white corset belt can instantly shape a nice hourglass figure.

Such a game-changer.

13. Roman toga party outfit

There are a ton of toga costumes out there but when it comes to high-quality pieces, it’s super rare.

Roman toga party outfit

With this price, this stylish toga is unbeatable. The material is a mixture of stretchy polyester and a silky hand feel.

Trust me, you will be surprised by how stretchy it is. It doesn’t have a cheap costume look at all!

14. Greek goddess costume plus size

Of course, here’s my pick for plus-size queens! ♥

Greek goddess costume plus size

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This YSL clutch screams the IT girl vibes. The best part? The price is *so forgiving*
pheromone perfume
Obviously, this pheromone perfume (Amazon bestseller) is for the ladies who wanna spice things up (Got you gal!)
black girl dark skin makeup
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ysl mini shoulder bag
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15. Toga party costume accessories

So you’ve pinned down the dress, but guess what, you are not fully dressed until you throw on this dramatic piece on your head.

A statement golden crown never fails to add the wow factor you desire and ensure you look 100% selfie-perfect.

Can’t go wrong.

16. Leaf crown & more!

Don’t know what accessories to pick? I’d say get them all to look glam up from head to toe.

Leaf crown accessories

These 4 pieces of Grecian goddess leaf laurel accessories have the best quality.

If I really have to pick one, the upper arm cuff bracelet is my favorite – just exceptional ♥

17. Summer toga party outfit ideas for ladies

Don’t settle, my ladies. If you want to look extra flirty for the toga party, I’d say lean into it.

Embrace a sleek white co-ord set and a sheer kimono robe and Viola – you’re bound to make the guys weak at their knees.

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18. Golden footwear for a toga party

Depending on the style of the toga party, the footwear options may vary as well.

For an outdoor or casual toga party, high chance you will be on your feet a long time so I’ll say comfort is key.

Think gladiator flats or chunky heels that are iconic and comfy at the same time.

As for the girls who want to look the best with their bestie, embrace the golden high heels that really boost the greek goddess flare.

You do you!


So there you go – the 18 ancient greek & roman inspired outfits & costumes if you are wondering what to wear to a toga party with or beside a toga!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and now it’s time to settle on your final look!

As for some of you who want to check out my related articles, see you there below!

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