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*2023*Chinese skincare secrets!✨11 tips + 1 SECRET POWDER

*2023*Chinese skincare secrets!✨11 tips + 1 SECRET POWDER

Ladies, have you ever wondered why the Chinese seem always to have good skin

I just can’t stop but wonder if there are any skincare secrets behind those 38-years old lady who just looks like a teenage girl.

I mean, it’s mind-blowing.

Despite the fact that they are blessed with perfect skin genes, Chinese girls, in general, are truly devoted to skincare.

To make this article legit, I’ve done a ton of research and asked all my Chinese friends around.

Below, I’ve gathered 12 Chinese and Asian skincare tips.


1. Eat sesame for hair growth

Source: 1

Rich in anti-inflammatory properties like rich omega fatty acids, sesame not only helps the skin but also contributes to the growth of hair.

Plus, it’s one of the few foods that has methionine in it, which can prevent the growth of grey hair when you age.

How cool is that?

That’s why black sesame soup is one of the signature Chinese desserts. They are simply delicious.

2. Chinese drink herbal tea

Source: 1

Chinese drink tea just like the French drink wine.

Besides the well-known green tea, they also consume traditional Chinese tea like Pu’er and Long Jing.

These teas are all packed with antioxidants like polyphenols, and again, keep the face stay glowy and youthful.

3. Chinese prioritize sunscreen protection

Every culture has its own beauty standard and when it comes to Chinese culture, there’s a famous quote like this “A white complexation is powerful enough to hide three fault’s in one’s face”.

So yes, the whiter the skin, the prettier, and UV protection is in their blood.

From reapplying sunscreen several times a day to wearing long sleeves and Anti-UV gloves when driving, they minimalize the risk of DNA damage to the skin cells and they just look younger and less pre-mature wrinkles in general.

4. Gua Sha to de-puff a bloated face

Source: 1,2

Just like the body, our face needs massage too and the Chinese definitely know this well.

It has been widely proven that Face Gua sha can help relieve tension and reduce the puffiness of the face by boosting blood circulation and lymphatic function.

Whenever I feel puffy in the morning, I will use my jade roller for a quick 10-minute Gua sha.

Not only does it really get the instant result, it just feels so good. Such a wonderful stress release.

5. Facial Acupuncture


If you want to improve facial texture in a non-invasive way, definitely give Chinese acupuncture a go.

Chinese beauty culture focus on natural therapy and most of the treatment barely has any side effects.

The needles on the face are actually not painful and they can trigger the micro-traumas to the skin and trigger the generation of collagen.

Someone asked me if face acupuncture is a woo-woo thing, I confidently say they are the real deal.

6. Eat and sleep early

Chinese prefer early dinner around 5:30 pm to 6 pm and sleep from around 9:30 to 11 pm.

Yes, that includes teenagers! And guess what, some of them will take a nap in the afternoon.

We all know how sleep works wonders for our skin so it’s not surprising when Chinese girls look like 18 in their 30s – they clearly do the fundamental things right.

7. Drink warm water ALL THE TIME

Believe it or not, iced water is a big no-no in Chinese eyes.

As our body temperature is around 37°C, anything too cold will cause a drastic temperature change in the body and the Chinese believe that’s not a good way to treat the body.

Instead, they drink water to balance out the coldness.

9. Hot foot bath and massage

Chinese loves all the things that can accelerate blood circulation and that includes a wonderful foot bath and foot massage.

It is believed that massaging the feet regularly can improve overall health and prevent illness.

If you want to maximize the benefit, add some Epsom salt to the foot bath for the magnesium boost.

10. Chinese prefer natural makeup

Needless to say, too much makeup on the face can create lots of skin problems like irritations and acne.

That said, Chinese girls prefer looking natural and sweet in general and powder baking and heavy contouring are never their things.

Some of them even don’t wear makeup on daily basis.

So yes, less is more.

11. De-puff eyes with boiled eggs

The hard-boiled eye remedy probably works better than any other way to soothe swollen eyes.

If you don’t follow any other tips in this article, at least learn this hack. Check out this 1-minute youtube video below!

12. Pearl powder for the ultimate glow

Source: Hudabeauty

In Chinese eyes, pearls are incredibly versatile.

Besides wearing pearls as glamourous necklaces and earrings, pearls can also be crushed into powder form and apply it on the face!

Besides promoting new skin cell growth, you can also mix it with your night cream and enjoy the natural glow the next morning.

I’ve been using this Luz Pearl Powder bought from Amazon and this thing is the BOMB! My face just somehow looks glowy out of nowhere!

Ladies, give this pearl powder a go. I’m pretty not many know this yet!

Alternatively, you can also eat it to boost the immune system.

You can add it to your smoothie or any beverage as it’s tasteless. So yes, pearls are way more practical than you thought!


So ladies, here are the 12 Chinese skincare tips and secrets. What are your thoughts on that?

At the end of the day, having good skin has no shortcuts and cliche things like a good diet and lifestyle always win.

As the saying goes “The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin”, let’s do it together ladies!

By the way, if you are interested in glow-up and beauty tips, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful!

See you there!

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