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*2023* 20 Heavy metal concerts outfit to Slipknot & more!

*2023* 20 Heavy metal concerts outfit to Slipknot & more!

Wondering what to wear to the slipknot, Metallica, or other heavy metal concerts?

Well, look no further because this post is here to walk you through all possible looks with some practical tips!

Nothing is more exhilarating than going to a concert. And when it comes to heavy metal concerts, the vibes are on another level.

The wildness and energy are just unbelievable.

Trust me, you will need a day or two to recover after the show, both physically and mentally.

To make sure you enjoy the show to the fullest, picking the right outfit is key.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 20 slipknots heavy metal concert looks with all different styles.

For your convenience, some of the outfits are shoppable through links.


1. What to wear to a metal concert? Denim + band tee

Call me cliche but seriously, you just can’t go wrong wearing a band tee to the slipknot concert.

Before, there was a silly rule telling you can’t wear the band’s merch when you go to the concert. These days, people just don’t care anymore.

It’s the perfect timing to show the rocker girl vibes so wear whatever you want to!

2. Black lips for slipknot concert

Feeling extra spicy? This cut-out band tank top is just perfect. (Black lips also help too!)

Whether you team it with casual jeans or leather pants, it just seals the deal.

3. What to wear to a heavy metal festival

If you are looking for something lightweight, and comfy with a tad of spiciness, this graphic tee below is for you.

What to wear to a heavy metal festival
Get this fun graphic top on Amazon

4. Metal concert outfit ideas: Fishnet

Of course, fishnet tights are another popular look for heavy metal concerts like Slipknot.

Go for a grunge look with fishnet tights and over knee socks just scream “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”

A rock concert is always the time to go rebellious.

Step out of your comfort zone! I mean, you may like your new look!

5. What to wear to the Metallica concert

When in doubt, go for anything with skull elements and you will feel part of the gang.

To stay cool with minimal effort, throw on this skull graphic with a rock hand sign and you’ll never feel anything from your outfit.

What to wear to the Metallica concert
Get this skull graphic tank top on Amazon

6. What to wear to a metal concert guys

To grab people’s attention, a sarcastic quote T-shirt is always fun to wear to the concert.

What to wear to a metal concert guys
Get this funny concert shirt on Amazon

If you are a gamer, this unisex “I paused my game to be here” tee is such a gem.

Whether you buy it for your boyfriend or wear it yourself, you guys are bound to have a great time.

7. What to wear to a heavy metal concert female?

If your jeans aren’t ripped enough, well, let’s pay an extra effort. Think heavily distressed jeans and sheer black tights.

A slipknot concert can be wild and you certainly want your outfit to keep up with that.

8. Winter metal concert ideas

If the days are chilly out there, I say layer up your look.

A white long sleeve top with a black lace cami top and plaid pants just looks grunge in the best way.

9. Stylish metal concert outfits: Low black top

The crowd at a heavy metal concert is a mix of everything. From super rock and roll to a fashionista look, it’s all doable.

Stylish metal concert outfits
Get this black rib scoop neck bodysuit on Pretty Little Thing

If you to give your chest a boost, get this modern square neck blacktop to feel the best.

10. Metal concert outfit ideas: Statement pants

Step out of your comfort zone with this car racer girl look.

That statement of black and white checkered pant is to die for.

11. Chain belt for your jeans

Want to look concert-ready with your regular clothes? Throw on a chain belt and people will think you’ve given thought to your outfit.

As a budget-friendly choice, this belt from Amazon has the best quality.

12. What to wear to a mosh pit concert

If your love for the band is the “mosh pit” ticket level, you want to make sure you dress super comfy as you can.

After all, you will need to run and jump the whole time. It’s like doing HIIT for 3 hours straight – I’m not even kidding here.

For bottoms, I’d recommend the biker shorts for the mosh pit that are super stretchy and breathable.

What to wear to a mosh pit concert
Get these fun animal prints biker shorts on Pretty Little Thing !

13. What to wear to a mosh pit

So yes, I hope I’ve convinced you that mosh pit is pretty intense.


Make sure you are hydrated and rest well the night before.

You know, all the aggressive dancing, screaming, and the death of the wall (people bumping into each other), this thing is crazy.

Definitely not a good idea to bring your expensive designer clothes to the show. As for me, I will wear sweatpants for the concert! They are GREAT.

What to wear to a mosh pit
Get this sweatpant on Pretty Little Thing

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14. What to wear to a slipknot concert

Want to go matchy with your girl pals? This sexy fishnet bolero hoodie is here to spice up your look.

What to wear to a slipknot concert
Get this bolero fishnet hoodie on Amazon

Whether you team it with a sports bra or a cami top, they are equally flattering.

15. Dress chill for the rock & roll concert

If you gravitate towards a billowy silhouette, lean into it.

For a low-key look, a black tunic shirt and leopard leggings are the golden formula.

16. Graphic tee + biker shorts for a rock concert

This getup just proves to you how to look both chic and comfy for a heavy metal concert.


17. What to wear to a heavy metal concert ladies

Also, consider your purse situation.

Avoid wearing a big bag to the concert as the scene can soon become uncontrollable.

It’s best to wear clothes with deep pockets so you can put your phone and wallet. Or else, go for the handy crossbody bag.

This bum bag from Pretty Little Things is perfect for storing ID cards, phones, and wallets.

What to wear to a heavy metal concert ladies
Get this thin bum bag on Pretty Little Thing

This sleek design just goes well with every outfit. LOVE.

18. Spice up your look with a choker

There are a ton of accessories you can wear to a heavy metal concert but for the failproof, go for the choker necklace that screams the vibes.

choker metal concert outfit
Get this aesthetic black choker on Amazon

19. What shoes to wear to the slipknot concert

If you are not seated and you are planning to wear open-toe shoes, THINK AGAIN.

A lot of people are going to step on your feet so it’s best to wear hard-toe shoes like Dr. Martin or converse.


Remember to tie your shoes TIGHT if you are in the mosh pit. You can end up losing your shoes. (Someone from Reddit said that)

20. Go ALL-IN with the makeup for the slipknot concert

If you are a die-hard slip-knot fan, go all-in with the makeup.

It just makes the whole concert experience more fun and those instagrammable shots are SO WORTH IT.


So there you go the 20 outfits if you are wondering what to wear to the heavy metal concerts like Slipknot and Metallica.

I hope these looks and tips get you inspired!

At concerts, there’s a sense of togetherness that gets me every time. We barely know each other yet we all feel united in the same way.

So now it’s time to pin down your look, forget all the stress behind it, and enjoy the show!

For more concert outfits and tips, see you in the articles below!

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