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What to wear to an alternative & indie concert?14 outfits in 2023!

What to wear to an alternative & indie concert?14 outfits in 2023!

Wondering what to wear to an alternative & Indie concert? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Obviously, concert is way more than just the music itself. It’s all about the good friends, good vibes and the nighttime escape from all the pressure and worries.

Once the show is on, you just feel alive again.

That being said, when it comes to an alternative rock and indie concert, dressing up is a big part of the fun.

Seriously, the right outfit just boost your mood in an instant and make you feel even more engaged in the concert night!

In this article, I’ve gathered all 14 alternative or indie conert outfit ideas from casual to dressy together with some styling tips here and there.

Enjoy my loves!

1. ALT fashion: Graphic tee

Characterized by non-mainstream edgy styles, graphic tee is always the key when it comes to ALT fashion.

To really scream the edgy vibes, think the abstract or street art tees that look really one of a kind.

ALT fashion Graphic tee
Source: Pinterest

If you want to turn your graphic tee to a crop top, wear a sport bra underneath and tuck it underneath just work wonders!

Together with the black leather belt and pointy boots, this is how you rock an alternative concert in a casual yet stylish way.

And for the ladies who love oversized tee, this one below is just super cute (yet savage).

alternative fashion graphic tee
Get this aesthetic graphic tee on Amazon

A blended alien and smily face with the quote “You do you”?

Just shut up and take my money.

2. Alternative concert outfit ideas for petite girls

As a 5″3 girl myself, I test it countlessly that dress the whole body in similar shade can really elongate your figure visually and make you appear to be taller.

alternative concert outfits monochrome
Source: Pinterest

Vice versa, if you wear too many color in the same outfit, your body will be divided into different blocks and draw eyes horizontally – which is not forgiving.

And can we take a moment appreciate her style? This side braided pink hair look is everything.

3. What to wear to an alternative concert? Layer up

If you’ve been to some alternative concert, you can tell some people layer up the tops like this.

What to wear to an alternative concert
Source: Pinterest

As a safe bet, layer up the two tops in the similar color scheme.

Like this girl above layer her black and white graphic tee with a long sleeve high neck top – so it looks like a set.

Of course, you can layer up in all different colors and patterns! After all, in the ALT world, you dress what you want.

Be a free spirit people!

black and white alternative fashion outfit
Source: Pinterest

Another aesthetic combo, a white long sleeve top with black lace cami.

This lady just turn an otherwise feminine look to an “Iook at me – I got attitude” type of get-up.


4. Plus size alternative concert outfit ideas

For my plus size alt queens out there, this look below is for you.

Plus size alternative concert outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

Instead of doing all-black, what about add some spice to the look with a chic black and white checkered skirt?

Trust me, this lowkey alt look is as minimalist as it’s ultra forgiving.

thick thighs and thin patience graphic tee
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I just can’t help but included this fun quote tee! I bought one for my mum and now she is wearing it like an uniform.


5. Plus size indie rock concert outfit ideas

Another failproof ALT combo:

Plus size indie rock concert outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

If you want to rock the all-black look, consider styling the outfit with different textures and patterns to avoid looking too matchy matchy.


Wearing a belt bag is actually a convenient choice for alternaive concert.

The best part? It just look effortlessly chic and match with all kinds of possible outfits.

6. Alternative black girl concert outfit

alternative black girl concert outfits
Source: Pinterest

A classic ALT combo: pairing dark clothing with fishnet tights and boots.

Rock this savage school girl look with full confidence ladies!


23 BLACK GIRL concert outfit ideas (include plus size + real-life looks!)

7. Casual Corset belt ALT rock look

The truth is, figuring what to wear to a rock alternative concert can be easier than you expected.

This look below is so concert ready:

Casual Corset belt ALT rock look
Check out aliamethyst_ on IG!

I’d say stick with your regular top and jeans and throw on a corset belt that instanly boost the alt fashion tenfolds.

Sometimes it’s really not about the outfit but how you style around it!

8. Colorblock top x dungaree

Another classic alt concert combo: A colorblock top with denim dungaree.

Colorblock top and dungaree
Source: Pinterest

To add in the edgy vibes, the high platform black boots are the must-have for sure.

9. Artsy shirt for indie concert

To add in the whimsy vibes, think out of the box when it comes to styling your onesies.

what to wear to indie concert
Source: Pinterest

To look effortlessly chic, let’s not forget an artsy floral shirt always seal the deal.


Want to look cooler?

Leave One Side of Your Denim Overalls Hanging Open.

10. Crochet belt as the spice

Crochet belt and black acid wash denim always look cool.

Always is and always will be.

11. Mesh top and animal prints

Remember, looking alternative is all about express yourself, including the fun and wild side of you.

And sometimes that means a black mesh tee and zebra prints dress.

A confident lady always know animal print is their best friend.

12. Indie concert look: Velvet dress

Time is too short to not trying out glamourous fabric.

Think velvet, satin and silk that looks naturally so dressed up.

indie concert velvet dress
Get this velvet lace dress on Amazon

I can imagine how good it looks to team this red velvet dress with a biker jacket and perhaps sheer tights and combat boots. (Perhaps also a chocker!)

This is how you rock a winter alternative concert ladies!

13. GO ALL IN for the ALT concert

For the hardcore alternative concert fans, this look is for you.

alt concert black girl outfit
Source: Pinterest

You don’t need to follow trends to be stylish.

14. What shoes to wear to alternative concert

What shoes to wear to alternative concert
Get these combat boots on Amazon!

If you are looking for combat boots, this pair is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s like the regular combat boots but with a dash of alt spice.

The best part? You can actually feel comfy walking them even with this platform!


When you are going to concert, just do yourself a favour and not wearing silettos or open toe shoes.

We are know how crowded the venue is – protect your feet ladies!

If you want some extra height, low chunky heels, wedge and high platforms will work.


So there you go ladies: The 14 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to alternative or indie concert.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve get inspired and now it’s time to pin down your favourite get-up in your coming concert!

And for the ladies who are looking for other concert outfits, check our my other popular articles down below.

See you loves!

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