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*2023*What to wear to a rap concert? 20 looks (things to AVOID)!

*2023*What to wear to a rap concert? 20 looks (things to AVOID)!

Wondering what to wear to a rap concert or rap festival?

Girl I got you covered.

There’s no denying that concerts are super fun.

But when it comes to rap concerts, it just hits you on a totally different level.

Your body is shaking with the bass from the speakers, people are screaming the lyrics of every single song.

The enthusiasm echoes all the way to the stage and you’re stunned by the incredible flow and energy of your favorite rapper.

what to wear rap concert
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After the most intensive 3 hours, you just walk out of the arena in a daze of amazement.

You feel alive again.

That said, if you want to fully enjoy the show, picking the right outfit is key.

Trust me, dressing like a stylish rapper girl just boosts the fun tenfold!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 20 rap & hip-hop concert outfits with practical tips.

For your convenience, some of the links are shopable on Amazon and other brands.

Enjoy my loves!

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I included ladies with all different shades of skin and sizes in this article – because this is what true beauty is!

what to wear rap concert

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1. Wear vibrant hues for a Rap concert

While the crowd of a rap concert is a mix of everything from a simple tee to a classic rapper look, people, in general, DO pay an effort in their outfits.

If you want to look put together with minimal effort, a fun color-block jumpsuit just screams the perfect vibes.

Chic yet carefree.

2. Dress up like a rapper in a statement band tee

Expect to see a ton of merch tees and band tees because well, this is a rap concert!

Looking for some high-quality rap print tee within the season? This one from Pretty Little Thing is such a hit.

how to dress up like a rapper
This one from Pretty Little Thing is sold out – get this equally dope tee on Amazon!

If you’re petite, feel free to rock this as an oversized T-shirt dress!

3. Cute rap concert outfit ideas

So here’s another hot combo for you: Crop top, slouchy pants, and comfy sneakers to ensure you can jump and shake like nobody is watching.


As we all know, you can get insanely sweaty in a rap concert and it’s SO important to keep yourself breezy and carefree.

High chance you will take off your jacket during the show but I highly suggest you bring one with you – you may need that at the beginning and the end of the show.

4. Gym set x Shacket

This gym set and shacket rap concert look just to prove you dressing stylish and comfy is not a dream.

For an extra pop of fun, liven up your look with a vivid green handbag!

I find a similar casual plaid oversized shacket on Amazon – check them out, girls.

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Alright, now keep on reading!

5. Summer Hip hop concert outfit

Is that just me but this baseball jersey just somehow screams the rapper vibes?

Definitely go for the oversized for an effortlessly chic style.

Similar baseball jersey here. Is that just me but whenever I throw on this kind of jersey I just feel like one of those cool girls in high school – anyone?

6. What to wear to a rap concert plus size

What to wear to a rap concert as a plus-size? Well, the choices are basically endless!

When the days are chilly out there, pair up a cropped moto jacket with a fun patterned dress and Vans just screams “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

7. Jazz up the look with fishnet tights

Tempted to wear a fishnet but feel overwhelmed?

Well, a rap festival is a perfect time to showcase your spicy get-up. People just go ALL IN with their outfits!

If you want to look more lowkey in fishnet tights, pick these pairs instead of these pairs. The visual difference is huge.

8. What to wear to a rap concert plus size

Cropped tee, plaid pants, and combat boots? Girl this look is a 10/10.

For your bag selection, a handy crossbody bag just serves the purpose – you never want to bring heavy for the concert.

etsy shop banner

Click the shop link ONLY if you’re the goal-setter! Enjoy!!

9. Add the hip-hop vibes with animal prints

what to wear to hip hop concert

Not sure what to wear for a rap concert? Well, animal prints are the ultimate failproof!

For the plus-size bae, I’ve handpicked this leopard peplum shirt for you.

Featuring the unique high-low design, it just elongates your legs and makes you appear to be taller and slimmer.

Trust me, you will look so put together when you team this cutie with skinny jeans and pumps. 


If you are looking for my slimming picks from tops, pants, and dresses (both regular & plus size babes), check out my budget picks page here! (I am pretty you will enjoy my GODDESS ESSENTIALS picks!)

10. What to wear to a rap concert plus size

For the summer rap festival, a lightweight leopard print poncho just spices up any of your outfits in a refreshing way.

Such a mood booster.

11. Cute rap concert outfit ideas

If a perfect concert look makes you satisfied, well, then matching your get-up with your bestie is double the happiness!

Whether that’s fishnet tights, booty shorts, or heavily ripped jeans, they all seal the deal.

12. Black girl rap concert outfit ideas

For a classic rapper girl look, it’s time to dig out your statement necklace. It just looks pops up with the all-black look.


If you know a high chance you will experience mosh pits in the concert, this checklist is for you.

  • Wear sneakers and make sure they’re tight (Someone on Reddit said he lost a shoe in the mosh)
  • Don’t wear a high ponytail or high bun (People behind you will hate you so much)
  • Don’t wear a hat (100% you’ll lose it)
  • Put your phone in the front pocket (for safety reasons)

2023 Update:

If some of you request – here are the latest black girl concert outfits ideas post with 28 looks~ Enjoy loves!

13. A chunky necklace is a must-have

Just shut up and take my money. I need this “Thug life” shirt.

And maybe that gold necklace too.

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ MY OCT PICKS !! ʕ•̬͡•ʔ

(Continue scrolling for the article!)

ysl clutch
This YSL clutch screams the IT girl vibes. The best part? The price is *so forgiving*
pheromone perfume
Obviously, this pheromone perfume (Amazon bestseller) is for the ladies who wanna spice things up (Got you gal!)
black girl dark skin makeup
Get a FENTY BEAUTY contour stick on Sephora ♡ (REAL inclusivity brand)
ysl mini shoulder bag
Get this YSL mini shoulder bag on Net-A-porter

14. Pandana screams rapper vibes

Rapper fashion styles come and go but the bandana is here to stay.

Simply tie it around your head, knot it under your hair, and wear it like a headscarf.

Together with a fun pair of aviator sunglasses, this is how to step out of your comfort zone!

15. What to wear to a rap concert in winter

If you’re heading to a winter rap concert, time to dig out your cool boots and graphic sweater!


Want to look taller? Matching the top and shoes in the same hue always helps.

It just elongates your figure from head to toe. Easy trick but useful!

16. What to wear to a rap festival?

To stand out from the all-black crowd, a pair of bold orange boots just scream “Bye-bye! Competition!”

17. What to wear to the hip-hop festival?

Want to showcase your hourglass figure? This onesie jumpsuit will be your new bestie!

What to wear to hip hop festival

To accentuate your high waist area, definitely wear the waist belt. It just screams fashionista vibes!

18. Patchwork jeans that scream concert chic

Yes, ladies, patchwork jeans are all the rage these days. You can certainly see people rock them in concerts!

what to wear to rap concert girl

Get these patchwork jeans on Amazon! They are thick thigh friendly with a slimming bootcut design.

19. Hip hop concert outfit ideas plus size

Feeling extra flirty? Why not go with an oversized fishnet shirt for a confidence boost?

Whether you team it with a cami top or sports bra, you’re bound to feel the best.

hip hop plus size concert outfit ideas

20. What to wear to a rap concert in winter?

So here’s one more outfit combo for your winter rap concert:

Beanie, retro sunglasses, slouchy band tee, and faux leather pants.

Be the coolest girl in the room!

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I included ladies with all different shades of skin and sizes in this article – because this is what true beauty is!

what to wear rap concert

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So ladies, there you go the 20 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a rap concert or rap festival.

I hope these looks get you inspired!

As the saying quotes “Concerts are where the dreamer goes”. It’s time to dump all your worries away and have fun!

For me, experiencing mosh pit in a rap concert is one of the most memorable experiences!

For more concert outfit looks, definitely check out the articles below too!

New tips are included!

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