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*2023*What to REALLY wear to a Pitbull concert? 16 outfits!

*2023*What to REALLY wear to a Pitbull concert? 16 outfits!

Wondering what to wear to the pitbull concert? You’ve come to the right place!

First thing first, if this is your first time going to a Pitbull concert, congrats as you’re bound to have the most memorable fun night!

Pitbull’s electrifying energy just fired up the crowds throughout the 90-minute set. NON STOP.

So ladies, make sure you are well-rested and hydrated the day before because you are going to dance and scream like nobody is watching.


To fully enjoy the concert, pinning down the right outfit is key. Ahead, I’ve gathered 20 pitbull concert outfit ideas. Enjoy!

1. What to wear to a pitbull concert

If you’ve been to the pitbull concert before, you will know the crowd is a mix of everything from a casual tee to a hot bodycon dress.

While there’s no specific attire, people tend to wear fun and stylish for the show.

Of course, fishnet tights with heavily distressed jeans are one of the most popular concert combos of all time.

Together with a retro tee and converse, this get-up is a 10/10.

2. Cutout dress is the new hit

This year, you’ll see cutout tops and dresses everywhere. It’s just in trend and flattering to pull on!

If you’re looking for a cute cut-out dress without going too over the top, this lovely piece below is just perfect.

The fabric is super stretchy and yes, it’s plus-size friendly!

what to wear to Pitbull concert
Get this cutout dress on Amazon

3. Western-inspired concert outfit

As I said, cut-out dress is all the rage these days.

To jazz up the look with a dash of western vibes, throw on a black felt hat and brown knee boots for a seriously chic style.

4. Leopard prints for the Pitbull concert

what to wear to Pitbull concert
Get this leopard shirt on Amazon

When it comes to Pitbull concerts, expect to see an entire spectrum of animal prints, especially the leopard.

For a subtle yet fun look, get this V-neck leopard shirt and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit!

I once hesitated about animal prints but god, they are the real mood booster.

Can’t be any more perfect for an energetic Pitbull night.

5. What to wear to Pitbull concert plus size

As for my curvy baes, this unique leopard shirt is a must-have.

what to wear to Pitbull concert plus size
Get this plus size leopard shirt on Amazon

Featuring the unique high-low cut, it draws people’s eyes vertically and extends your legs visually.

Whether you go for a date or a concert night, this top is the killer.

6. Pitbull concert outfits: Bodysuit

A bodycon biker short, oversized chambray shirt, and combat boots?

This concert look is as flattering as it’s comfy to jump and dance!

The best part? It’s seriously HOT.

7. Forgiving bodysuit for concerts and more

As a girl with a food baby 24/7, I am loving this biker short bodysuit.

what to wear to Pitbull concert
Get this biker short bodysuit on Amazon

The fabric is stretchy yet supportive enough to sculpt my figure and accentuate my curves. Whenever I put this on, I just feel so good and confident!

That said, this piece is low-cut. If you don’t want to show cleavage, this may not for you.

8. How to dress like Pitbull rapper

Going concert with your besties and want to do something fun? Well, what about dressing like Pitbull for some memorable shoots?

You guys are bound to have a blast!

9. Go for a simple black-and-white Pitbull look

You probably will meet so many “Pitbull” throughout the concert!

10. Dusty pink bodycon for a fun concert look

what to wear to concert Pitbull
Get this dusty pink bodycon dress on Amazon

This dusty pink bodycon dress is dedicated to my plus-size girls.

The shade, the self-tie design, and the flattering cuts, everything is so. on. point.

For footwear, pairing it with thigh-high boots will certainly look great!

11. Baseball cap + sport bra for hot concert night

Regardless of the seasons, concerts can be unbelievably hot and stuffy.

To feel the most carefree, throwing on a baseball cap and sports bra will just seal the deal.

12. Bomber jacket as the perfect outerwear

Who said you have to sacrifice style on the chill days?

what to wear to concert Pitbull
Get this bomber jacket on Amazon

Here’s the sweet mash-up for you: Bucket hat, tube top, and cropped bomber jacket as the stylish layering piece.

13. Stay chic in a T-shirt dress with minimal effort

When my belly is bloated during those days, a slouchy T-shirt dress is what I crave. Stylish, breezy, and stress-free.

Of course, make sure you pick a fun shirt so you won’t look too laidback. Check out my pick below!

what to wear to concert Pitbull
Get this T-shirt dress on Amazon

14. Crop tops for Pitbull concert

Whether you go for all-black or pastel hues, do it in crop tops!

15. Snake print T-shirt dress

This snake print T-shirt dress just screams “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it”.

what to wear to concert Pitbull
Get this animal print dress on Amazon

Stay calm and be the hottie of the crowd.

16. What shoes to wear to a pitbull concert?

I get it, you’re so tempted to bring your A-game to the Pitbull concert and rock your night.

But hold on sis, let’s not forget your stiletto heels DO come with a price.

what shoes to wear to concert Pitbull
Source: 1,2

If you don’t want your knee pain to ruin your night, go for the comfy low chunky heels or sneakers!

The rule of thumb is, if you can’t dance in those shoes, they aren’t for the concert night!


So there you go the 16 fun outfit ideas and tips if you are wondering what to wear to the Pitbull concert.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you get inspired and now it’s your turn to create your look!

I hope you enjoy the concert and remember: Screaming all of the lyrics to your favorite songs!

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