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*20 modest stylish looks!* What to REALLY wear to a christian concert?

*20 modest stylish looks!* What to REALLY wear to a christian concert?

Wondering what to wear to a Christian or worship concert? You’ve come to the right place! 

First thing first, let’s set the expectation right – wearing to a Christian concert is no different than any regular pop concert!

As a rule of thumb, you want something comfy so that you can dance like nobody is watching but at the same time, modernly stylish and fun. Of course, while it depends individually, a certain level of modesty is key too.

Below, I’ve gathered 20 Christian and worship concert outfit ideas.

For your convenience, the outfits in this article are mostly shoppable on Amazon with links attached.

Enjoy my loves!

1. What to wear to a worship concert?

If you’ve attended a Christian concert before, you will know the crowd is a mix of everything from casual sweatpants to nice midi dresses.

That said, a religious T-shirt is always top of the list. I am loving these minimalist Jesus shirts with the aesthetic font. Check them out below!

What to wear to a worship concert

2. Modest concert outfits: Statement outerwear

To enjoy the best time, a little sparkle never hurts!

To jazz up the graphic tee and Jean set, throw on a black sequin jacket and you’ll never feel like anything is missing from your outfit.

3. “His Grace is enough” tee for Christian concert

Who doesn’t appreciate a shirt adorned with positive affirmations?

what to wear to Christian concert

This “His grace is enough” shirt is bound to make you feel the best when worshiping.

4. When in doubt, wear a jumpsuit

Want to look chic with minimal effort? Throw on a fun print jumpsuit and you’re good to go!

Featuring high waist cuts and flare pants, this is how you elongate your figure and look taller and slimmer.

Speaking of the flattering choice, I’m loving this floral jumpsuit on Amazon. It’s curvy girl-approved and super stretchy ♥

wear jumpsuit for worshipping concert

5. Funny Jesus tee for religious concert

 Jesus tee for religious concert

Want to stand out from the crowd? This “Catch up with Jesus” shirt just scream the fun vibes to the fullest.

Be picture ready cause high chance many people want to take photos with you!

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Alright, now keep on reading!

6. Modest concert outfits in the fall

Wondering what to wear for a fall Christian outdoor concert?

A midi shirt dress and knee-high boots just look as modest as it looks classy and stylish.

To jazz up the look, think of patterns like polka dots and stripes for a dash of fun.

7. What to wear to a religious concert?

What to wear to a religious concert

“Today is going to be a Coffee and Jesus kind of day” tee.

Such a mood ♥♥♥

8. Layer up your concert look

When the days are chilly out there, let’s not forget layering up your look is always a nice choice!

So here’s the sweet mash-up for you: White turtleneck top, checkered midi dress, and platform converse for the concert.

Together with a messy low bun, this concert get-up is simple yet sweet.

9. When in doubt, add in animal prints

If you’re gravitating towards a cool-girl ensemble, I’d say lean into it.

You just can’t go wrong with a retro graphic tee, moto jacket, and animal print dress that scream “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it”.


Make sure your outerwear is not too tight for the arms area.

In the Christian concert, people always put their hands up to worship the god and a tight moto jacket may not be the best choice in this case.

Of course, you can always drape the jacket over your shoulder for a chic look!

10. What to wear to a Christian concert? Pleated midi skirt

A solid sweater top is too plain for a Christian concert?

Well, team it up with a satin pleated dusty pink skirt and a sleek envelope clutch for a feminine style and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit!

If you are petite, pretty up the look with pointy low-heeled pumps to extend your figure.

11. Wear pastels to a Christian concert

When it comes to a worshiping Christian concert, pastels are always flattering to wear.

From baby blue to buttermilk yellow, these uplifting shades are the ultimate mood boosters.

12. Poncho for indoor concert

For the indoor Christian concert, a shawl or poncho always comes in handy. One of the most forgiving ways to style them is to pair them with skinny jeans for a billowy yet slimming figure.

To add a dash of IT girl vibes, consider wearing a newsboy cap for a seriously chic look.

As for the summer days, a lightweight kimono is your safe bet.

After all, an indoor concert is air-conditioned and that can be freezing cold.

13. Wear shacket for a religious concert

Wear shacket for a religious concert

Not a poncho person? No worries.

Whether you are 16 or 36, a shacket is always the perfect layering piece.

For an effortlessly chic look, opt for the oversized one for a boxy silhouette.

14. Stay dressy in a pantsuit

To dress up for a formal Christian evening night, a well-fitted pantsuit just boosts the polishness tenfolds.

Instead of wearing regular dark shades like black and navy blue, embrace the classy neutral shades for a tasteful style.

15. T-shirt dress + baseball cap for a relaxed concert look

For the days that you don’t want to look too put-together, a T-shirt dress, and baseball cap are your golden formula.

16. What to wear to a Christian concert plus size

Want a dress that can hide your food baby? Well, this fun checkered peplum dress from Amazon is such a godsent.

What to wear to a christian concert plus size

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just covers your belly area completely and fakes an hourglass shape for you.

Whether you are wearing this cutie for a Christian concert or date night, this peplum dress is the best bet.

17. What to wear to a Christian concert in winter

As a girl, half of the fun in attending concerts is about trying new styles.

Graphic tee and velvet pants for a winter concert? Hell yes!

18. Feminine Christian concert outfit ideas

If spring can be pinned to only one outfit, THIS is the one.

Just irresistibly refreshing.

19. What shoes to wear to a Christian concert?

What shoes to wear to a Christian concert
Source: 1,2

If you are heading to a standing Christian concert, do yourself a favor – leave those high heels at home.

High chance you will feel grumpy from the knee pain for 3 hours straight.

Trust me, that’s a nightmare.

As a perfect alternative, go for low chunky heels or flats to enjoy the best time!

20. My best pick: Comfy espadrilles wedges

Comfy espadrilles wedges concert

As a petite girl, my favorite footwear is aesthetic espadrille wedges.

Featuring a durable cotton canvas and sturdy sole, they are comfy enough to walk all day long without sacrificing height.



So ladies, there you go the 20 outfit ideas if you wondering what to wear to a Christian or religious concert.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these looks get you inspired and now it’s time for you to pin down your final concert look!

If you are looking for more outfit tips and looks, I’m sure the articles below will help. See you there loves!

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