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*2023*What to wear to a ROCK concert over 40, 50 & Plus size?

*2023*What to wear to a ROCK concert over 40, 50 & Plus size?

Wondering what to wear to a rock concert over 40, 50, or plus size? You’ve come to the right place ladies!

First thing first, let me make this clear: You’re never too old for a rock concert. Never.

As a perfect blend of energetic performances, catchy rhythm, and insightful lyrics, rock concerts are rebellious yet addictive.

Such a wild dream.

what to wear rock concert over 40,50 plus size
Source: Whowhatwear

So this begs the question: How to dress for a rock concert without trying too hard as 40 years old or up lady?

I got your back.

Below, I’ve gathered 20 rock concert outfit ideas for females over 40 with all kinds of styles. The best part? They are extremely easy to incorporate into your daily ensemble.

If you are ready, enjoy!

1. What to wear to rock concerts over 40 & 50

When it comes to the essential elements of rock style, a statement fringe jacket has to be the one.

It just punches up a regular outfit with a dash of funkiness.

If you gravitate towards vintage wear, you can always find some hidden gems on Etsy!


The truth is, we are all perfect imperfections.

You want to learn these outfit hacks ONLY if you feel like it but are not pressured by others. Remember, we never have the need to “fix” our bodies!

You don’t have to be pretty like HER, you can be pretty like YOU.

And believe it or not, there’s still NOT ENOUGH plus-size content around Pinterest and other places on the internet …at all.

So ladies, before reading the tips, please help pin the pin below & support plus-size ladies ♥!

2. What to wear to rock concerts over 40 & 50

Want to brighten up the all-black look?

Throw on a long-fringed jacket for the ultimate cool-girl vibes.

what to wear to rock concert over 40 & 50
Get this fringed moto jacket on Amazon

Together with a sleek envelope clutch and combat boots, this look is effortlessly chic yet sophisticated.

3. What to wear to a rock concert in the summer

what to wear to a rock concert in summer
Get this fringed sleeveless vest on Amazon

Regardless of your age, a rock concert is always the perfect time for you to step out of your comfort zone.

A sleeveless fringed jacket just gives you totally different vibe for the summer rock concert.

Check out the reviews on Amazon. It’s such a high-quality piece.

4. What to wear to a rock concert plus size

A winning rock concert combo: Leopard prints, moto jacket, and bold red pants.

Not everyone can carry this tasteful look but a mature lady certainly can.

5. Rock concert fall and winter outfit

Want to pump up your standard black blazer boss lady kind of look?

Throw on an animal print scarf and leopard flats that tell others you’ve given a thought to your rock concert.

It’s never about the age, It’s about the style.

6. A classic band tee + blazer

Some colors just scream “Rock & Roll” more than others, opt for bold red, black, deep purple, and caramel to indulge the vibes.

7. Striped paper bag pants for a rock concert

For a lowkey rock concert outfit, pair up a classic roll tongue tee and striped pants just look stylish with minimal effort.


If you want extra comfort, definitely go for the paper bag pants.

8. What to wear to a heavy metal concert over 40 & 50

Yes, ladies, a velvet blazer is not only for Christmas but also for a rock or heavy metal concert.

Regardless of what you wear underneath, the lush velvet just makes you look so much more put-together.

Is that just me a lady over 40 knows how to rock a velvet blazer well.

9. What to wear to a rock concert over 40 & 50

If you want to dress your age with a bit of edge, this timeless double-breasted high-collar blazer is the perfect outerwear piece.

What to wear to a rock concert over 40 & 50
Get this double-breasted high-collar jacket on Amazon

Whether you dress it for a rock concert or a casual weekend, it’s always appropriate.

The best part? This jacket looks like a designer piece but the truth is you can find them on Amazon at the most affordable price! Check them out!

10. Dress rock and roll in a cropped velvet blazer

how to dress rock and roll winter
Get this velvet blazer on Amazon

If you want to look extra polished, go for the cropped velvet blazer for the best fit.

11. A patterned top for the rock concert

What to wear to the heavy metal band concert? An all-black look is always failproof.

Think a modern patterned shirt, silver bucket belt, and faux leather pants that scream “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it” without appearing to be trying too hard.

12. What to wear to a rock concert plus size

If a velvet blazer is not your thing, let’s not forget a cape blazer can easily add rock and roll vibes as well.

It just gives you the modern boxy silhouette and makes you feel like a rock queen.

A statement chunky necklace and animal print boots will complete this rocker girl look impeccably.

13. Pay extra effort to your jeans

Seriously, leave your daily skinny jeans at home and try out some ripped, acid wash, and bell-bottom jeans that give out a different vibe.

For me, my favorite is these bootcut jeans from Amazon.

ripped jeans rock and roll outfits
Get these bootcut jeans on Amazon

The cutting is perfect and it just makes my legs look way longer and hide my thick calves perfectly.

We all know how hard it is to find the right jeans online but this brand really delivers. Get these bootcut jeans on Amazon

14. What to wear to a summer rock concert plus size

Debuting a classic rocker girl style doesn’t have to look complicated.

Sometimes all you need is a “Rock & Roll” T-shirt dress and a pair of pink cowboy boots that oozes edge and glamour!

Less is more.

15. Dress feminine and Rock & Roll at the same time

Can rocker chic and feminine style co-exist? Hell YES!

Wear your satin cami top and denim jeans and throw on a faux fur jacket to feel extra fancy.

Girl you just exude the funky vibes in the most darling way.

16. A faux leather newsboy cap is a must-have

Regardless of the weather, I wear my faux leather newsboy cap for rock concerts as a uniform.

I don’t know how to explain it, this type of hat just makes me feel so put-together.

Give this a go and ROCK ON.

17. A faux fur jacket that screams rocker girl vibes

You won’t go to rock concerts often so please take this chance to wear whatever hype you up!

For the winter days, a faux fur cropped coat is always a nice option.

Trust me you will love this version of you. Classy yet savage.

Go for the dark forest green shade if you don’t want to look too over the top.

This is so random… BUT

hey ladies, why not quickly do an affirmation and feel instantly better?

This new year, I’m trying not only to share fashion tips but come up with ways to instill body positivity in all women who are reading my articles – aka YOU!

Instead of just reading it, say it loud or murmur the quotes (if you are in public) to maximize the effect.

Ready? Here we go.

I love my body. She is my forever home and sanctuary.

Sassy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude.

Work out because I love my body – not because I hate it.

I can love myself and change my body at the same time. No guilt about that.

It is completely normal to have tummy rolls. I come to realize that social media isn’t showing the reality… at all.

My happiest moments in life had nothing to do with the way my body looked.

I don’t have to be pretty like her, I can be pretty like …ME.

I AM perfect imperfection.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that makes you feel better (as you deserved).

Please help me pass the body positivity message in your community. #womenhelpwomen

Alright, now keep on reading!

18. Classy outfits for rock concerts over 40 & 50

If you are new to the rocker girl department, get your feet wet in a neutral color like beige so you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

A light brown moto jacket and studded back leggings just give you the rocker vibes with a feminine blend.

19. Stay subtle with accessories

Of course, you’ll always need a rocker necklace to finish up your look.

accessories for rock concert
Get this choker on Amazon

If you’re so over with the skull symbol and chunky metal chain necklace, this subtle one from Amazon is your best pick.

This versatile choker is perfect for boho wear as well!

20. Guitar earrings for a rock concert

My other favorite is cute guitar earrings.

Guitar earrings for a rock concert
Get these guitar earrings on Amazon

It has the most perfect size and wearing this type of earring always makes my face appear to be smaller. LOVE.


So ladies, there you go the 20 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to rock concerts over 40, 50, and plus size.

I hope these inspo prove your age and shape are just a number and nothing more! Find that inner rocker girl in you and spoil yourself with some exciting chic looks!

You deserve it, girl.

If you are looking for more outfits over 40 & 50 and plus size styling tips, these articles below are for you. See you there my loves!

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