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*2023* What to wear to a foam party? 16 real-life looks + pro tips!

*2023* What to wear to a foam party? 16 real-life looks + pro tips!

Wondering what to wear to a foam party and looking for a comprehensive guide to get inspired? You’ve come to the right place!

If you want to level up your summer experience, you just can’t go wrong with a “wet & wild” foam party.

Regardless of age, foam and bubble party is here to create an instant sensation and find our inner child back.

Whether you want to prank your friend by covering their hair with foam or simply want to enjoy the wild vibes, a foam party is your ultimate wonderland.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a foam party from a daytime summery look to a clubbing rave.

Without further ado, let’s get inspired!

1. What to wear to a foam party in a club

To enjoy your foam clubbing night to the fullest, picking the right outfit is key.

If a sexy swimsuit is not your thing, at least get yourself a cute crop top and shorts for the “Girls just wanna have fun” vibes!


You will get wet at the foam party so always opt for lightweight and quick-drying clothes.

2. When in doubt, wear bikini

If you want to go all-in, well, wear a bikini to feel the freedom.

Go for the vibrant hues for an extra pop of fun!

3. What to wear to a foam rave

If you want slightly more coverage, throw on hot pants always do the trick!

4. Summer foam party outfit ideas

Seriously, there are no rules for a foam party. Whether you wear a tank top or a one-piece, they are all flattering choices!


If you want to wear white, think again.

High chance your clothes will get dyed and your white shorts will become a pink shirt in just a few minutes!

5. What to wear to foam wonderland

I LOVE this red halter top but long jeans? Seriously? That’s a no-no.

The sturdy denim will WEIGHT YOU DOWN.

Girl, please don’t do this.

6. What to wear to a foam party in a club

If you are going to foam clubbing night with your girl pals, it’s always fun to have a dress code together for some instagrammable pics!

All these details are sure to create memories that last a lifetime.

7. What to wear to a foam rave?

What to wear to a foam rave

Feeling extra naughty? What about wearing black frame glasses with the spicy uniform set?

This outfit is bound to make the men weak at their knees.

8. What to wear to a foam party

For a daytime foam party, these unicorn floaties are your new bestie!

It’s okay to be a child once in a while!

9. What to wear to foam wonderland?

In case you wonder, you can definitely wear your regular clothes like a cami top and wrap skirt to the foam party.

That said, avoid wearing fabrics like suede and wool as they can easily get ruined. Of course, don’t wear your expensive clothes to the party – it’s just not worth it.

10. What to wear to a neon foam party?

Get tired of coming up with the dress code? Well, keep it simple by wearing a similar color tone!

11. Foam Party Miami outfits

Black sports bra and leopard print biker shorts?

This outfit is a 10/10.

12. Stay hot and fancy

This photo just proves nude bikini is irresistibly sexy.

I don’t have her body but at least I can get that pigtail braids.

13. Wear minimal makeup for a foam party

wear minimal makeup to foam party

I know it’s so tempting to go all-in with your makeup but hold on sis.

Your face will totally get ruined by the foam no matter how careful you are.

While a waterproof foundation and mascara can greatly help, keeping your makeup minimal is essential.

14. Stress-free hairstyle for a foam party

If you long have hair, you better tie them up for a stress-free look. Think of an easy high ponytail or messy bun.

As for footwear, heels are too slippery. Go for sneakers and flat shoes for better traction.

15. What shoes to wear to a foam party?

From a waterproof phone case (My best pick on Amazon HERE) to flat sandals, this outfit is perfect for a foam party.

If you don’t want to bring a purse, make sure your clothes have deep pockets!


Bring a jacket to put in the cloakroom as you will free FREEZING COLD when you get rid of the foam.

16. What to wear to a foam party in winter?

More often than not, clubbing foam parties are held during the summertime.

But if you are talking about the family foam party in winter, make sure you wear warm enough. From puffer jackets to beanies, they are all gonna be useful.


So ladies, there you go the 16 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a foam party.

I’m never a clubbing girl but there’s always about foam party that gets me every time. Now I’m almost 27 but I still think it’s super fun!

What do you think about these looks? I hope that get you inspired! And now, it’s time for you to create your one-of-a-kind look.

Looking for more party outfit ideas? Check out the article below! See you there my loves!

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