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*2023*Conservative CHIC rave outfits!17+ outfit ideas

*2023*Conservative CHIC rave outfits!17+ outfit ideas

Looking for a conservative and modest rave outfit? You’ve come to the right place!

First thing first, let me reassure you are not alone.

After all, not everyone is comfortable rocking a bikini set or reflective chaps and that’s totally okay!

Believe it or not, wearing conservative doesn’t mean you look less like a cool kid.

To make sure you feel the best and the comfiest for the rave party, I’ve gathered 17 music festival outfit ideas.

Sounds good? Enjoy!

1. Wear tie dye top to a rave DJ party

Speaking of the rave culture, it’s a perfect blend of repetitive electronic music and social ideas like peace and love.

If you’ve joined a rave party before, you will know the high energy is just unstoppable.

That said, nothing serves better like a vibrant tie-dye graphic shirt that makes a statement.

Feel free to team it with a pair of acid-washed jeans for a modest look or have fun with leggings and biker shorts!

This graphic tee from Amazon is such a high-quality piece. The colors and design are 10/10. Check this out below for all versions!

rave DJ party tee dress

2. Conservative yet stylish rave outfits: Crochet dress

crochet dress rave party
Source: 1,2

Showing the skin out is definitely not the only way to look party-ready.

To show you’ve given a thought to your style, opt for a fun texture like a rainbow crochet dress will instantly put you on the right track.

Together with a neon green bag and platform boots, you just effortlessly stand out from the crowd.

knitted dress rave

This halter neck knitted dress just adds a dash of 80s retro flair to the look. As a vintage lover, I just can’t resist getting one!

Check them out!

For the girls who prefer to wear the poncho as a cover-up, you can always wear a slip-dress underneath for a modest look.

crochet poncho rave

3. A fashionista pink lady looking for a rave party

pink rave dress ladies

Want to dress like a hot pink lady? I bet you! As a no-brainer, a rave party is a perfect time to dress up.

While a neon pink dress can still seem too “ordinary” for a rave party looks, a dress with fun fringe trimming just boosts the playfulness tenfolds.

For a monochrome look, dig out your patterned sheer tights that scream “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

4. Go modest and metallic for the rave party

Of course, nothing makes a statement like a sequin and metallic dress. It’s fun, bright, and eye-catching.

To spice up the look, add the hoop earrings and choker necklace and you’ll instantly blend in with the crowd.

If you are looking for a dress in which all the sequins stayed in place and none dropped off, the below one is such a bargain.

Check out those stunning review photos!

sparkly dress

5. A versatile and conservative silver velvet T-shirt dress

If you gravitate towards loose-cutting clothes, a metallic T-shirt dress is fail-proof to look like a party queen.

But here’s one thing people always ask about: How to look flashy but not trashy in metallic clothes?

The answer is simple – pick the thick and high-quality fabric and avoid the cheap see-through one.

velvet T-shirt dress for modest rave outfit

I highly recommend this T-shirt dress above.

The combo of metallic shade and velvet goes surprisingly well, It just adds a touch of distinctive glam to a casual T-shirt dress. Love it.

6. Rave party conservative choice: Sparkly joggers

sparkly joggers modest rave

For a rave baddie look, here’s the sweet mash- up- crop top, silver color block jogger pants, chunky sneakers, and perhaps a crossbody bag. You’re welcome.

As a girl with food baby 24/7, jogger pants are the god-sent. And now I wear them both at home and at parties.

7. A failproof modest rave party outfit: Windbreaker set

windbreaker outfit ideas

So if you have no time to mix and match, the windbreaker co-ord set is for you.

They are gorgeously lightweight and breathable, which makes them perfect for the rave party where you have to dance and jump 24/7.

Of course, I am not talking about the functional windbreaker set for your jogging day.

Have fun with all the bright hues and designs!

8. When in doubt, wear rainbow

rainbow pants modest rave party
Source: 1,2

Rainbow outfits have been one of the most popular choices for rave parties.

So if you run out of ideas, keep it simple with a plain top and flared rainbow pants and you’ll never feel like missing anything.

9. Add an extra pop of fun with fun socks

When it comes to accessories, socks are a big part of it.

They come in all kinds of creative forms – Sparkly tights, striped knee-high socks… nothing is too over the top for a wild rave party.

If you are feeling greedy like I do, I highly recommend you layer up the pink fishnet and rainbow socks together.

I’ve tried it and surprisingly I feel like my legs appear to be slimmer!

10. Complete your EDM Party look with rave shoes

what shoes to wear rave party

There are 100 ways to dress up for a rave party but of all, you’ll need a pair of cool party shoes to complete the look.

Trust me, wearing the platform colorblock sneakers just carry you differently than the vans that you wear daily.

And if you want the ultimate mood booster shoes, go for the LED sneakers.

You just can’t be any cooler.

11. Focus on the makeup and hairstyle

rave party hairstyle
Source: 1,2

Last but not least, focus on your makeup and hairstyle. To look like a rave party queen, embrace the color, pop, and sparkle for a glam look.

Don’t forget to invest a good 10 minutes doing cute space buns and glitter roots. It’s all worth it when you take a selfie with your girl pals!


So there you go – the 11 conservative rave and EDM outfits ideas!

I hope this proves you looking modest for the rave party doesn’t have to sacrifice your style!

So yes, you know you can wear anything you want and look like a bombshell.

Now it’s time to pin down your final look!

By the way, if you want more party and modest-wear outfit tips, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful.

See you there!

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