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How to really improve appearance & look beautiful 2023? 38 Creative ways!

How to really improve appearance & look beautiful 2023? 38 Creative ways!

While we can’t change our face drastically, how to improve our appearance? Is that possible? HELL YES.

Today, I am talking all about getting a better facial structure, and look beautiful and youthful.

That said if you are already bored of reading another article suggesting “look at the mirror and repeat”. I look beautiful” ten times, here I’ve gathered 38 practical glow-up tips that truly make a difference.

From beauty hacks to clothes to diet to skincare, I’ve got you all covered.

If you are ready to level up your appearance and look prettier naturally, go get your tea first because it’s a LONG read!

1. Blow drying your hair with cold air

If cold hair can get the job done, why use warm wind that will damage your hair?

And guess what, according to Ariane Jones, a stylist at Drybar in Manhattan, she said cold air can locks the hairstyle and help fight the frizz.

This change just can’t be more effortless, isn’t it?

2. Don’t use a towel to dry hair

According to celebrity hairstylist Monae Everett, the coarse texture and dryness of the cotton towel can lead to dry hair and worsen split ends.

If you want glowy hair, always use Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap ( I pick mine from Amazon, check out the review!) or air-drying (if you have time.)

3. Wear body-hugging clothes

I am not necessarily referring to the sexy bodycon dress, but in general, a fitted garment that goes with your curves.

Compared to baggy clothes, showcasing your curves just exude a sense of confidence and femininity.

We may not have the best body, but really, WHO CARES?

4. Wear long-line earrings to elongate the face

Source: 1,2

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I do find wearing long-line earrings can draw my eyes vertically and elongate my face as a result.

It makes my face appear to be smaller as well!

5. Wear thinner belts than the thick belt

If you are petite, wearing a thick belt will ruin your body proportion and draw attention to the center area.

As a result, you will look shorter visually. As a 5’3 girl, the thin belt is a no-brainer for me.

6. Wear the right sizes of clothes

I don’t know why but we often tend to size down instead of picking the actual size.

That’s a really toxic habit. It’s time to realize this problem and pick the size L dress.

I mean, you just can’t look any more put together in a well-fitted dress that holds your body in place!

7. Switch out round-toe to pointy-toe shoes

That can elongate your legs visually. As a petite lady, I am obsessed with this tip!

8. Use perfume with pheromones

This is a secret weapon and uses it with caution.

If you want to be more sexually attractive, switch out your ordinary perfume with the one with pheromones.

I will recommend this one from Amazon. Check the reviews here – don’t get too excited!

9. Improve appearance on zoom & facetime

To look better in your zoom call, making your makeup more obvious is key.

That said, switching your nude lipstick to a red one just boosts the look tenfolds.

Also, get your webcam to eye level so your face won’t appear to be awkward.

10. Improve the appearance of legs

Despite the dry brushing, you want to improve leg circulation.

Stretch your legs before bed always help and please, don’t cross your legs anymore!

11. Don’t frown too much

Frowning will definitely create permanent facial creases in long term.

When you get the creases developed in the middle of the eyebrows, you will be shocked at how it ages you and make you appear to be sad and worried even if you aren’t at all.

So ladies, don’t make frowning a habit!

Being more attentive to facial expressions always helps.

12. Wear sunglasses more often

Admit it, we just don’t wear sunglasses enough.

UV exists not only on baking hot days but also on cloudy and rainy days.

Not only does it prevents the delicate skin area around the eyes, but it also minimizes the chance of wrinkles developing.

Believe it or not, we always frown when it’s shiny and we just don’t realize it at all!

Well, I think this is pretty convincing why we have to wear sunglasses more often!

13. Re-apply sunscreen more

If you are reading this, high chance you will apply sunscreen daily.

But what about taking a step further to re-apply one more time in a day?

Without reapplication, your skin will still get damaged to a high extent.

For the lazy girls out there, use the sunscreen spray for reapplication!

Easy piecey.

14. A real UV umbrella

It drives me crazy when a lady holds the umbrella and thinks it’s well-protected under the sun but turns out the umbrella is not UV-blocking at all.

Now, THIS is a UV umbrella.

Inner fabric canopy with black vinyl that blocks the UV, now we are talking.

15. Wear gloves while driving

You will need these sunblock fingerless gloves, your hands will truly appreciate that.

16. Avoid blue light for better skin

If you are all for preventing premature aging like me, avoid blue light.

There are tons of research that find out that blue light results in changes in skin cells.

In other words, leads to cell shrinkage and loss of collagen. (scream!)

 “Spending four eight-hour workdays in front of a computer exposes you to the same amount of energy as 20 minutes in the mid-day sun. BAZZER Magazine

I know many ladies already have the Anti-Blue light iPhone glass, if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

As for MacBook glass, I am still hunting for the right one, comment down below if you have some nice choices!

Really appreciate that!

17. Clean your face with warm water instead of hot water

Same with the shower. Hot water will make your skin dry.

In the past, I washed my face with warm water while showering with hot water, and the difference is real.

I’ve learned from my mistake though.

18. Fasting for younger facial appearance

Source: Reddit

Fasting is definitely having a moment these days and it’s really worth doing.

You don’t have to go extreme like the 36 hours fast if you are a beginner, but you can certainly eat your breakfast 2 hours later and dinner 1 hour earlier to slowly reap the benefits.

For me, I love to do 24 hours fast once in a while just to trigger autophagy, aka cell recycling.

Search more “fasting before and after photos” and I’m pretty sure you will be ON FIRE.

I know it sounds weird but once you fully know powerful this is, you will soon be addicted to it!

19. Eat more whole food and less processed food

It’s cliche but you know this is how you get that real flow and body.

You are what you eat. And that’s powerful.

20. Drink green tea for antioxidant

Tea is amazing. It’s soothing, it’s yummy and most importantly, it’s packed with antioxidants that make our skin looks younger.

Speaking of my favorite, organic green tea is the real GEM.

According to Healthline, green tea extract can help with acne, glow your face, and may also prevent skin cancer.

This is unbeatable.

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21. Drink collagen

While applying collagen topically is useful (in my opinion after researching), drinking collagen is how you really get that bouncy youthful skin.

Taking collagen powder as a supplement in long term is one of the smartest investments you can do for your overall beauty.

22. Fish Oil for Omega 3

As an excellent source of Omega 3, fish oil subdues breakouts and minimizes signs of aging.

That said, always choose the wild-caught and Non-GMO one, this Elite Omega-3 Gems from Carlson is such a high-quality choice.



I know this one is hard. I love yogurt too.

But a ton of research has shown the correlation between dairy and acne development.

I don’t know about you but after stopping consuming dairy for 2 weeks, my face just looks less puffy!

I am pretty sure that’s because of the diary as I searched on youtube are there any people experiencing that change too?

24. Consume organic food

You will regret buying snacks but you will never regret buying organic food.

This is an act of self-love really.

25. Replace sugar with sweeteners

If you are still using white or brown sugar, oh girl, you don’t need that extra calories and negative effect on the skin when you are a wide range of sweeteners to replace.

That said, not all sweeteners are good, I’ll only use monk fruit sweetener and Erythritol.

Xylitol is really not my thing.

26. Eat fruit in the morning rather than at night

We all know eating fruits help with the skin but does that mean we can eat as much fruit as we want? HELL NO.

Please don’t forget fruit contains fructose and you can get fat when you eat too much.

I will highly recommend you eat the fruit in the morning rather than at night so your body can fully digest the sugar.

As for my favorite, blueberries have to be the one. Low GI and high antioxidant package.

This really makes me look forward to my lunch! (aka breakfast)

27. Eat more nuts

Nuts have healthy fats and glow your skin and hair to another level. And guess what, that promotes breast growth as well. (I notice the difference when I consume more healthy fats).

But be aware, those salted macadamia nuts and pistachios are too “binge-eating” friendly, (Yup they are evil in that sense).

28. Take care the digestion & bloating

Is your digestion matter to your facial appearance? YES.

When your gut re-absorbs these toxins, which can show up in your skin with all those redness, and pimples.

So ladies, figure out why you are bloating, and record all the things you eat to find out the reason!

29. Drink apple vinegar to control weight gain

Needless to say, apple vinegar is the real GEM.

According to Healthline, it lowers blood sugar and healthier cholesterol levels, so yes, it helps control weight gain.

30. Rinse your hair with apple vinegar


Why? Because apple vinegar (I buy from Amazon here)balances hair and scalp pH and makes your hair smoother and shinier.

I don’t know about you but when I realized that, I was so thrilled!

Search youtube videos to see amazing results.

31. Trim your hair once in a while

Maintain that hair glow girl!

32. Weird Volume Tips and Tricks for Your Hair + Hairline

I really hate when my hair is so damn flat and these volume tips save me. Watch it NOW.

33. Highlight for creating voluminous hair illusion

Harness the power of colors. That can really create layers and dimensions to your hair and create that voluminous look.

34. Switch black eyeliner to the dark brown one

Don’t get me wrong, both black and eyeliners are pretty.

But black sometimes can look too sharp for me, I will always prefer dark brown for a softer and more approachable look.

My friends all appreciate this hack!

35. Apply body lotion & hand cream before sleep

Your hand is not busy when you are sleeping, so why not utilize those time to take care of them?

36. Caster oil for long eyelashes

This caster oil is the best thing I discovered. Believe it or not, I’ve tried it and it works. Not in a dramatic way but I am happy with the result.

37. Use clean beauty products

Your skin deserves non-toxic ingredients, say no to parabens and formaldehyde, and your face deserves better.

The products with clean ingredients:

38. Dry brushing for perfect skin

Dry brushing can get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow. While there’s no scientific proof that it reduces cellulite, it definitely makes it less obvious – and that’s enough for me!


So ladies, above are the 38 ways to improve your appearance and look good and beautiful!

Which one you would give a shot at? Comment down below! I will keep updating the tips so please feel free to pin it for later! ❤️

If you think this article is informative, well, high chance you will find the tips below useful!

See you there gorgeous!

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