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Improve appearance + look pretty naturally 2023: Tip #20 is wild!

Improve appearance + look pretty naturally 2023: Tip #20 is wild!

Believe it or not, in a world where Botox and all kinds of cosmetic interventions are incredibly popular these days, many ladies still prefer a less invasive way to enhance facial appearance.

So here’s the question: How to look pretty naturally? Is that even possible? Well, it is!

Below, I’ve gathered 20 tips that I’ve all tried and they truly improve my appearance and figure!

Trust me, ladies, all little things adds up eventually and when you notice the difference in front of the mirror one day, you’ll be glad that you didn’t give up too soon.

If you are ready, Enjoy!

how to look really pretty naturally, improve appearance

1. Figure out what’s a feminine facial structure

This hit me really hard.

In my early 20s, I use a lot of makeup and I thought that can make me prettier.

But somehow I just didn’t feel right about all those heavy concealers and powder.

It takes me a long time to come across some studies that said that your facial appearance has to do with the feminine facial structure.

That’s why our universal beauty standard is all about big eyes and softening jawlines instead of masculine traits like big noses.

Knowing that thoroughly makes me able to really do my makeup in the right way.

I opt for dark brown mascara instead of the black one and contour the shape of my eyebrow and WOW, I just look so much different!

If you want to understand all facial feminine traits and how to contour them, these 6 tips are must-read.

2. Do face yoga to uplift your face

how to look really pretty naturally, improve appearance

I said it thousand times… Face yoga truly works if you are devoted enough to do it every day for few minutes.

Think about it, if we will do a workout for our arms and thighs and we see results, strengthing the muscle of the face is the same thing!

According to Healthline, face yoga helps to lift and firm the muscles under the skin, meaning that can smooth lines and wrinkles.

It also helps to boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage.

Search youtube videos about face yoga and you can find tons of them to follow.

Seriously, this is a true GEM. Harness the power really!

3. Sleek with silk or satin pillow to avoid wrinkles

I know many of you already know this so yes if you still using the traditional cotton pillow, swap it for a satin or silk one because every woman deserves smooth hair and wrinkles.

Finding the right silk pillow is a tough job (obviously some of them are scams) and I end up using this Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase from Amazon and finally see the real changes. This pillowcase is the absolute best if you have any kind of hair shedding or hair loss like me.

4. Apply body lotion

Don’t be those girls with a perfect faces but dry hands and legs. That said, I never think body lotion has to be expensive.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is my forever favorite, it has hyaluronic acid, and ceramides, and most importantly, fragrance-free.

Is that just me applying body lotion before sleep is such a soothing thing to do?

I love it.


If you are already using tretinoin, skip this point. I am personally still not yet mentally ready for tretinoin so I will use retinol instead.

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and it helps refine and resurface the skin to improve its appearance of texture.

I always have uneven skin tone but after using retinol, I feel like my face is brightening up and in general, look younger!

Again, I prefer affordable skincare products so Cerave Retinol Serum is my go-to.

Go check out the before and after from the reviews as it’s really powerful.

6. Apply Vitamin C serum before applying sunscreen in the morning

This is my last skincare tip, Vitamin C.

It is all thanks to the youtube algorithm that suggested to me Dr. Anthony Youn’s video. In his “The Two Products You CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT! ” Video, he said Vitamin C can prevent oxidation aka free radical damage.

Again, I listened and I use it regularly and now I am enjoying the glowing benefit.

I am now 26 and I seriously don’t understand why I can come across this info that late…I hate myself.

Vitamin C is quite pricey but again, I suggest you go for the affordable one when you first get started.

I would say a $19 TruSkin Vitamin C Serum is more than enough.

7. Apply your skin care in the RIGHT direction

This is basic but a useful tip for perfect skin. You will apply skincare every day so that really adds up.

Don’t be too harsh to your face and always apply it upwards to lift up the face.

8. Cook with avocado oil instead of vegetable oils

How to look good and promote beauty in a healthy way? The quote “You are what you eat” just pretty much explains everything.

I think we all know how eating healthy and minimizing sugar intake can make us look prettier, but what about oils that we actually consume a lot but are not really aware of?

Vegetable oils are rich in omega 6, if we consume too much, it will pose harm to our body cells. And as a result, increased inflammation in the body, and ages your skin.

Plus, most of them are GMO so they are really bad. I know it sounds dramatic but this is real.

If you can only make one change after reading these 20 tips, I would think changing the vegetable oil to real avocado oil (or other healthy oils depending on your choice) is the easiest yet the most important thing to implement.

9. Drink lemon water every day

You will drink water anyways, so why not add some lemon juice to it?

Not only it’s refreshing to drink in the morning, but it’s also the cheapest detoxifier you can get. If you want gradient skin, do it!

Of course, organic lemon is always better. It was slightly expensive but I do think it is worth the money.

10. Wash your hair with apple vinegar

This 1-minute video pretty much sums up every day.

If you don’t give it a go, girl you are missing out!

11. Good posture to look at the phone

How to look pretty and beautiful naturally? What about NOT looking at your phone like the lady below?

how to look really beautiful naturally, improve appearance

You may not aware of that but trust me, sometimes we will really look at the phone like this.

As a girl with a double chin, this tip is huge.

12. Use castor oil for long eyelashes 

how to look really pretty naturally, improve appearance
Source: Jennifer Myers

This caster oil is another amazing thing I discovered. Believe it or not, I’ve tried it and it works. Not in a dramatic way but I am happy with the result.

But that said, I don’t think it’s for everyone, if you are not patient enough, don’t waste your money.

13. Use perfume with pheromones! 💋💋💋

If you are already using perfume, why not use the one with pheromones that make you extra attractive?

Pheromones are the physical sexual scent that is proven by science. I will recommend this one from Amazon.

Check the reviews and I’m sure you will buy it too… you know, just in case.

Don’t judge ladies, sometimes we just need some extra boost for the dates.

14. Don’t cross the leg if you want perfect slim legs 


Why do we need extra pressure on the body and worsen the circulatory of our legs?

That is just not worth it at all. Plus, it will lead to bad posture and more underlying health concerns.

I know you think I’m being too dramatic, but guess what, when you are in your 50s and you will know this little habit backfires you.

Google it yourself for more details really.

I’ll be honest, I still cross my leg sometimes even though I know it’s bad. But at least now I am aware of that, progress is key isn’t it?

15. Use the nose contouring tool – especially if u are a teenager!!👩🏻

I always thought it was a lie until my cousin used it and really make a difference. So yes, a nose-shaper clip is worth the hype, especially since you are still in your growing phase.

My nose is okay so I can’t recommend to you guys which one to buy. Check on Amazon and you’ll find a ton of them!

16. Eat more nuts & fish oil

Eating healthy fats won’t make you fat, sugar will. Nuts are extremely important to provide the right nutrients that support your hair and skin growth.

My favorite has to be the academia nuts as it has a rich Omega 3, which is really RARE!

And guess what, don’t be surprised if your breast size is increased! Again, you are what you eat.


Colors make a difference and there are countless research states that wearing a red dress is appear to be attractive in people’s eyes.

It also exudes a sense of confidence and it’s so irresistible in men’s eyes.

If red is too bold for you, pastel hues are another lovely choice. Think pastel pink, baby blue, lavender that make you look sweet and darling.

Seriously, the right color is a real mood booster and carries you differently.

In a world where we love wearing black for the slimming effect, wearing pastel hues just sets you apart from others! It’s extremely feminine.

18. Wearing an off-shoulder top more

Why off-shoulder? Because it’s universally flattering regardless of your shape and size.

By showcasing the shoulder line, you just look sexy in an elegant way.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, wearing off-shoulder just make my face appear to be smaller. How amazing is that?

It’s pity that if you have a broad shoulder, you should avoid it.

But for the other girls, ROCK THEM!

19. Voluminous hairstyle

how to look really pretty naturally, improve appearance
Source: 1,2

A woman is always attractive when she has voluminous glowy hair as it symbolizes good health.

If you have thin hair like me, consider curling it for the illusion!

I will always put all my hair on one side, not only it can open up my face but I can show my shoulder lines when I’m wearing an off-shoulder top too.



We want to look prettier not think we are not enough.

We want to look attractive and beautiful because we truly enjoy it! We deserve to spoil and pamper ourselves with all good food, skincare, and habits.

Don’t let anyone shame you about that!

And guess what,

You don’t have to be pretty like her, you can be pretty like… YOU :’)


So here are my 20 glow-up tips if you wonder how to look really pretty naturally and improve your appearance.

That’s a long read indeed! What are your thoughts about these tips? I have to admit I get a little bit emotional about the last point.

If you want more women to feel empowered and learn these beauty tips like you, please help me share this post, you can never imagine how much it means to me :’)!

It’s such a good feeling to see other women keep bettering themselves, it’s the prettiest and most empowering moment ❤️❤️❤️

Feel free to pin it!

how to look really pretty naturally, improve appearance

UPDATE – Dec 2022 :

I can’t believe this article got 2.1k shares within a week! I mean, girl power is a real thing.

Thanks to every single one of you -for being so kind and generous to share this pin for letting more girls know these tips❤️

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